Day Twelve: Sorrento

As clear and perfect a day as you could ask for, with the light pure, the breeze gentle. Rather than the soft, subtle blur of horizon, the line between sea and sky is sharp and defined between the two shades of blue. The sky’s cloudless, just a perfect sweep, with the mountains far across the sea standing out against it.

A view of the villa. Photo by Nora.
A view of the villa. Photo by Nora.
Cacti with a view Photo by Nora.
Cacti with a view Photo by Nora.
Lots of boats skimming, and more huddled near our little knuckles of islands. We think there must be snorkeling there.
Kat and I do our thing–hit all the notes with cardio, mat work, band work. We are righteous girls! We split– since there seems to be interest in what we’re doing–between Cize with Shaun T along with his brutal little 8 minute abs, and the full 50 of a Ten Minute Solutions Pilates deal (with bands).
While we workout–and starting earlier–we have many visitors. The gardener, the Saturday complement of housekeepers, the laundry pick-up, the florist who replaces the faded white lilies that greeted us with fresh and lovely white hydrangeas. And the guy who cleans the pool.
Once we’re done, they’re done, I settle down outside to work awhile. It’s never quite work when you sit outside with sea views. Kat’s catching up on work of her own at the kitchen table, Jason’s housed in the living room with his laptop, BW’s stretched out with a book.
When work’s done for me, I decide it’s bellini time–after all, we have lovely fresh peaches brought back by Jason and Kat from a market run just this morning. It seems a fine time to wander around a bit, see how BW’s doing under his pool umbrella. And why not a little snack of bread and cheese and fruit to go with the bellini? And a book in the lounging area where I can see all I can see.
We’re going to walk to the village for dinner–and before we’ll work up an appetite by climbing that steep little road up to the lookout point. BW’s talked about another panorama restaurant, but we’re not sure if we’d have to drive to it, and really want the walk.

It’s cool enough Jason and I opt for hoodie and sweater respectively. The walk’s as pretty as ever, and the climb up that road steeper than it seemed the first time! I think because I’ve done it all at once this round. But the view is so beyond worth it, even if it takes a couple minutes to suck my breath back. We still have good light, and those clear skies. All the hills climbing up, Sorrento spread out with the sea, houses climbing, shrubs clinging.

The view never gets old. Photo by Kat.
The view never gets old. Photo by Kat.
Cars in haphazard pattern. With a view. Photo by Kat.
Cars in haphazard pattern. With a view. Photo by Kat.
The stairs down. Photo by j a-b.
The stairs down. Photo by j a-b.


Kat volunteers to venture up what’s no more than a track to see what’s up there. She comes down again to happily report BW’s restaurant is up there, and just across the road. Pleased with our luck we climb up, cross over and hit the restaurant pretty much the minute it opens its doors for dinner.
We have a table on the big covered porch, overlooking both the lookout view and as it just sweeps along, the view we get from our villa. We’ll dine on our eagle perch overlooking all.
We try what they call deviled potatoes as an appetizer. They’re fries, spiced up with red pepper and some grated cheese, and just wonderful. The local red–an almost embarrassing five Euro for the bottle–is just as wonderful. Salads all around, with a dressing as fresh as the day. I go for the penne alla’arribiata–I like the bite. Others come in as we sit, and before long many tables are occupied. I think our waiter is also the owner. He’s warm and friendly and helps to interpret the Neapolitan saying on the menu. It’s something about the hour is good, the day is perfect.

I absolutely agree.IMG_0358

All my google translate gets is "Nora happy" and we know she is. Photo by Kat.
All my google translate gets is “Nora happy” and we know she is. Photo by Kat.

Night’s fallen, the lights of Sorrento are glittering far, far below, and we need to make another market stop–tomatoes, more gelato!, some soft drinks. Jason and Kat head out as the market closes (more or less) at nine-thirty. Its hours are very casual. BW and I follow shortly after, and not until we do, do I think about the flashlight home in my purse. But there’s enough moon–the half slice is growing fat–to light our way down the track, down the steep little road and onto the more lighted road of the village.

A night view. Photo by j a-b.
A night view. Photo by j a-b.
Photo by Kat.
Photo by Kat.
Evening walk. Photo by Kat.
Evening walk. Photo by Kat.

The market is bright and cheerful, the man who sits the counter happy and helpful. We buy those big, gorgeous tomatoes, an onion–we still have eggs and BW is thinking of Sunday breakfast–more of the peppery cheese Kat and I like especially, a little of this, a little of that. And the young among us haul it back.

Some market selections. Photo by Kat.
Some market selections. Photo by Kat.
Cheese! Photo by Kat.
Cheese! Photo by Kat.
A couple of village dogs come over to say hello–one is very shy but we get our fingers licked before they watch us move on. I see bats zipping–and our Kat has her first sighting thereof. Their shadows swoop over the road, their bodies zoom through the little streetlights. Eat those bugs, I think. Feast.
Home again, and into pjs. I find though the mind was sure, the system says nope, you just can’t fit in any of that strawberry and lemon gelato after all. We watch some Olympic diving, some fencing. We have some puzzlement over the fencing rules, but watch until the US girls take the bronze.
I’ve got just enough left in me for a few pages of my book, then turn the lights out.
I woke to another lovely day–clear again with a thin smear of pale purple between the blue and the rose.
When the others wake, I expect Kat and BW will make that Sunday omelette before we choose today’s workout. Maybe we can talk the guys into some family yoga. I’ll work some more, I think, a couple hours. And tonight we have a chef coming to prepare our dinner here. It’ll be fun to watch someone cook–maybe get some pointers.
Tomorrow is Pompeii–and we’ll leave here early to try to beat the heat. So today is for home and no schedule at all.
Note from Laura — for those who asked:
Some of the haul -- non gift category. Photo by Nora.
Some of the haul — non gift category. Photo by Nora.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. So glad they are coming through now. Nora is happy, and it sounds like the others are as well.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. The pictures have been so beautiful!! I feel like I’ve been with you on this whole trip. Love you Nora!!! Thank you for sharing!!❤️❤️❤️???

  3. Thank you for another wonderful day. Thank you for the pictures especially of the market and the shopping goodies. I was going to ask but wasn’t sure you’d like to show us. Glad someone did. Hope the omelette was good this morning. ?

  4. Sounds delish and scenery gorgeous!! Thank you all for sharing!! I love it!

  5. Sounds as if you have truly had a walking tour of Italy or at least your little slice of it. Enjoy your chef-prepared meal this evening. I’m sure it will be delightful. The photos have captured the essence of your trip, but I wonder how many items you’ve bought that somehow missed the photo;) Christmas gifts perhaps?

  6. The potatoes with cheese does sound wonderful. But then I like anything with cheese. I’m glad you’re having a good time.

  7. Have you ever tried any of the ‘Les Mills Body Combat’ workouts? Fierce. Your alter-ego might enjoy them.

  8. Love the photos, and especially the food stories. Living vicariously through your adventures.

  9. The photos and descriptions generate intense envy. That said, the one photo of the stairs going down was enough to give me pause. Just looking made me dizzy. You are tough!

  10. So envious. It has been far too long since I was in Sorrento. The photos are gorgeous. Glad you are all having a relaxing and enjoyable time.

  11. Excellent pictures. All of y’all take great photos. I, cannot! Lol. I’m a cheeseaholic so I’d have been buying as much of that cheese as I could. ? I’m having a great time seeing Italy through your words and pictures. Thank you for sharing ❤️

  12. Love all the intense color! Food, sky, clothes, so much color! That picture of the walkway at night gave me the shivers – so moody looking. The walkway steps made my knees twinge – do you get double points on your fitbit if you’re climbing instead of walking horizontally?

  13. Thank you for being so generous of your time to post a great travel log. It’s just another reason your fans love you. Kat and Laura are getting their own fans from those of us who appreciate all their hard work. So, many thanks to all of Team Nora!

  14. You are an inspiration to me, in more ways than 1. I need to do resistance training- with bands. If it helps with abs, all the better. Is there one you can recommend? I’m also scared for you- it’s not easy climbing down steep stairs at night- but with some of a bottle of red in you? Whoaa mama mia!

  15. The vacation seems to be getting even more enjoyable, that’s great!
    Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. It makes me want to visit there.

  16. Excellent pictures. I just can’t get over the view. I would think you would never want to go inside!

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