Day Sixteen: Sorrento

Shaun T’s our man today as clouds roll and the sun goes in and out. We decide to try his bonus section. It’s not easy to sweat and laugh–because you just can’t make your feet, your hands, your body remember the moves–but we manage. In fact, we manage the two bonus routines for better than 60 minutes. And smooth and soothe and stretch it out with Rodney for 20 minutes of yoga. [Workout list is here.]

I’m done–but Kat’s still revved. I clean up, and when I come back to set up at the kitchen table to work, she’s still rocking it on the patio.

You go, baby!

By the time she’s finished, and she must’ve done around another HOUR out there, the sky’s gone moody and broody. Smoky clouds over the near hills, trailing and swirling. We’ve having a much cooler day, with rain patterning, and the view from our perch forms a huge curtain of soft, spooky white. No land visible past our little islands–as if we might be the ones floating now through the mists and smoke.

Stormy morning. Photo by Nora.
Stormy morning. Photo by Nora.

A good day to be tucked in. The calico comes to curl up for a nap on the kitchen door mat.

The calico cat -- posing for Kat.
The calico cat — posing for Kat.

We share our cookies with the housekeeper, have a fun, interesting conversation in bits of language, with some hand language and props. She approves the cookies, and the ‘moat’ Kat (I mentioned KatGyer) created to protect them from ants. One large-ish shallow bowl stacked with a smaller one inside, topped by the cookie plate. Add some soapy water to bottom bowl. If ants come calling, they hit the moat, not the cookies.

With afternoon the blue breaks through, in little pieces at first, then spreading. The haze lifts, sweeps away as it swept in. Jason heats up what he calls his pizzagana–his leftover pizza from the night before. BW surfaces from downstairs, and Kat makes a lovely platter of cheese and bread and salami while I finish up at the keyboard for the day.

The view from indoors, Photo by j a-b.
The view from indoors, Photo by j a-b.

I believe it’s glass of wine time–probably long past! And with wine and the revived sunshine, a nice walk about. I could have picked another two pounds of figs easily. I really hope someone does.

We mostly laze through the late afternoon. It’s good to vacate on a vacation, so we decide to eat at home. Time to make another pot of red sauce, more tomatoes and mozzerella. We have big tubes of pasta to boil, and with Kat and Jason willing to walk to the market, more supplies. (And more wine!)

Red sauce. It's what's good for you. Photo by Nora.
Red sauce. It’s what’s good for you. Photo by Nora.

A pretty little cucumber, a lovely red pepper, some fresh bread to go with the garlic-butter-herb mix Kat’s made. She makes more fresh lemonade–mmm–Jason chops, I stir. We create ourselves a very fine meal for dining on the patio.

Dinner's on. Photo by Kat.
Dinner’s on. Photo by Kat.

The moon rises as we eat. It becomes a full, perfect, fat white ball in a sky of deep, twilight blue. Stunning. Stunning enough it draws us away from the food and toward the cameras. I’m not sure any photo can replicate the sheer beauty, the way the moon sails up from the horizon, first just the rounded top of the sphere, then more and more until it hangs full over sea and land. Or the way it glides in and out of clouds, shoots a silver, shining streak over the water. How it seems to glow whiter and whiter as the sky deepens to night-black.

La bella luna.

La luna -- as seen by Nora.
La luna — as seen by Nora.
La luna -- as seen by Kat.
La luna — as seen by Kat.
La luna -- as seen by BW.
La luna — as seen by BW.
La Luna -- as seen by j a-b.
La Luna — as seen by j a-b.

After the meal, after group KP, I wander out to admire it several times. How often will I have the chance to enjoy a full white moon sailing over the Med?

It’s been a lovely, quiet day of mists and rain, sun and blue, and a breathless moon over dark seas.

La luna through a fish eye lens. Photo by j a-b.
La luna through a fish eye lens. Photo by j a-b.

Soft breezes this morning. Kat and BW have an outing planned. I don’t know if Jason’s going with them, but I’m happy right here, away from those snaking roads.


17 thoughts on “Day Sixteen: Sorrento”

  1. Beautiful Day!! Loved everything about your day!! Food sounds delicious..the table is magnificently set! Thank you Nora!!

  2. After reading your posts I wish I could go on vacation with Kat. She is amazing! The ant moat story and homemade fig newtons were over the top. I would ask her to leave Shaun T at home however because I do not like excessive sweating! Thanks for sharing your vacation adventures with us. Safe travels.

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos. So happy you recognized the wonder and beauty of it and enjoyed the moment.

  4. Really enjoying your blog! Have been to Sorrento and loved it! Would love to go back. Your villa is beautiful!

  5. I love all the pictures of the moon. The way you all got the reflection of the moon on the water is really cool. The one I think is the most interesting is the way Jason captured the moon behind the house and plants. Keep up the good pictures.

  6. Sorento is my very favorite place in Italy. Don’t u think the vegetables especially the tomatoes taste different? I wonder if the volcanic soil. So much tastier

  7. You managed two pictures of the calico – she’s nearly family! Loved the beautiful words and the gorgeous pictures.

  8. Nora,
    I am not sure what is on for our menu today but what ever it is will not be as wonderful as your meal and definitely not as gorgeous with the full fat moon. How gorgeous that is and how different thru all of the photos. I just love the moon. Luna… now that is a name that really sticks.
    I still have my foot propped up, nurse has come and gone and so my plans for the day is Netflix or I might re-read the Villa again. One of my favorites. Of course a nice nap sounds good too. One of my favorite things is to read until I get sleepy and then dream of all the places and events of your blog. Love how you share it all with us. Have fun in all your doing. Beth

  9. You all take great photos, but as far as La Luna goes, my fav is Jason’s with the perspective of the plants & terraces. You really picked a lovely villa to stay in. It really beats staying in a sterile hotel for a few nights.You did Italy the right way.

    Speaking of picking, your Jason really picked a winner. It’s so lovely to have a daughter-in-law like Kat- it’s a testimony to both of you, that you like each other so much- enough to go spend so much time on vacation together.

    1. Yes I love those photos, just gorgeous!!! I am finally catching up on your vacation blog and finding it quite wonderful as usual. Thank you so much and I can almost taste the fig newtons as well, never had them made with fresh figs.

  10. The beautiful pics, oh how I wish I was there. The sea is awesome. Can’t wait to here more of your vacation., until tomorrow.

  11. I haven’t had a vacation in more than 20 years and so appreciate you sharing yours with us! Love the moon shots, especially the view that included the gorgeous flower bush and the balcony! 🙂

  12. Love the pretty moon so bright over the water! What a lovely holiday you have been on these past few weeks.

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