Come Sundown discussion thread

Today’s the day!  Come Sundown is in stores and on e-readers everywhere.  And this is the place to discuss every single bit of it.

What did you think of Bodine Longbow?  Callen Skinner? Alice, her mother and sister?  And Sundown?

Share all your thoughts.  Spoilers very much ahead.


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  1. I am waiting till I get I get to Boonesboro on the 15th so I can buy it from TTP. SO EXCITED!!! Happy birthday to me ?

    1. I was so happy to be able to get my copy the day it was released up here in Northern Minnesota. I loved it. the women in this book were s strong, but so were the men. They complemented each other very very well. My only complaint was that it was over too fast. I would love to find more books written with these characters. I have been a Nora Roberts fan since the Early days of the MacGregors and the O’Hurleys. The Royalty of Cordinia, the Donovans and the and the MacKades. I feel like I have been reading Nora Roberts most of my life, and I have so many of the original books. Nora Roberts was the first author I spent months waiting for the next book to come out. Thanks for making my reading enjoyable.

      1. Wow! Its great to hear about another Nora aholic who remembers the beginning saga’s. I also started as a fan with the MacGregors and O’Hurley’s——–in fact, they are my favorite NR books except the In Death series. I actually have not only ready EVERY single NR book, but I actually own them. And, to me , Nora is my favorite “celebrity”. I actually drove 8 hours (one way) last November to attend her Ladies Night Out and FINALLY meet her in person—— then drove the 8 hours home the next morning. My family thought I was insane. It was one of the best experiences of my life but poor Nora probably thought I was nuts, I actually got teary when I finally met her and got a photo with her. Nothing is better than when I buy a new NR book and spend the next 5-6 hours being transported to another city/country/experience. Thank you SO much Nora for not only your imagination but for your continued hard work giving us , your fans, so many hours of enjoyment thru your books!


    I have waited to review this book that I received from St Martins Press. I have not read any other reviews, and after having read the book, I see no reason to read any.

    I believe that COME SUNDOWN is the best book ever written by Nora Roberts. I loved the characters. The story was fast paced and intensely riveting. I was left wanting to continue to visit the people that had become my “book” friends.

    I will not be describing the plot and characters. There are plenty of description available. But … I love all the Bodines! They felt real while reading, and for while after I was done.

    As a long time reader if Nora Roberts books, I was prepared to like Ultimatum from the beginning. I was totally not prepared to for the intensity of feelings that this book generated.

    1. Buffy, you’re killing me here! Now I am really excited to read it. Thanks for posting – best book ever? This is huge!

      1. I also think it is the best book she has written. For me, the book belongs to sundown

        1. Its the best book she’s ever written. I couldn’t put it down. I hope she is going to do a sequel.

    2. Yes I agree , love the characters this might be considered the best book to date. Only gets better from the first page on!

      1. I agree and while reading I could absolutely see a book for jess and chase. I mean surely there is a dark alternative reason why the city girl left the big manhattan right

    3. I agree with the best book ever, and I’ve read all her books.

    4. I don’t read Nora Roberts as a rule, dismissing her as a romance writer. LOVED LOVED LOVED this book. I have read and re-read it. It is wonderfully written and moves quickly to capture the reader. I could read more books featuring these captivating characters; I hope they will be forthcoming

  3. Montana!! Nora draws the perfect visual pictures!

    I’m so happy 🙂 get to escape for a few hours.
    Thank you!

  4. I loved Bo and her mama and the grandmama’s. Strong women but caring women.
    I hurt so bad for Alice. My heart was wrenching the whole book for her. For what she went through.
    To me this is now my favorite book by Nora. I’ve read it twice already.
    Nora just gets better with age.
    Now I can’t wait for Year One and Secret In Death!
    Thank you Nora for an unforgettable experience in reading COME SUNDOWN.

  5. Waiting for my copy from Turn the Page. Looking forward to it.

  6. Most heartbreaking book ever!!!! I don’t believe I’ve ever cried so hard from reading a book! Or watching a movie! But, goodness, it was so good!

  7. Nora is at the top of her game I thoroughly enjoyed this book and have spent most of my day reading, no one does family like Nora, thank you.

  8. This book was just heartbreaking to me. Poor Alice. But it also gave an incite into the resilience of the human spirit. I loved the relationships between the women of the family through the four generations.

  9. Ooh, I had it on my calendar as coming out next week. Off to Kobo to buy.

  10. Loved it. Strong women. I think I would like a new series about this family.

  11. My favorite thing about this book is how she went back and forth between now and the beginning of Alice being kidnapped and showed what Alice went through to turn out the way she is now. The only problem I have discovered about having an ARC is that now I have no more Nora to read and have to wait for the next one.

    1. When I need (like comfort food) a Nora book, I return to the oldies on my shelf and revisit the characters in the first books she wrote. I am again reading the MacGregors. Love you Nora!

  12. Best book! Cried, prayed and cried some more! Strong women! Love the story, even thru the tears.

  13. Another masterful book with strong, resilient women. The flashback scenes about Alice’s captivity were hard to read. Were they hard to write? Loved the combo of a ranch and a resort. I also loved all the options visitors had at the resort. It would be a great resort to visit. I wanted more, but I know every story has to end on a positive note, even if there are some open issues. Looking forward to more books, stories and strong, resilient women.

  14. I want to visit the resort. I love the visual image of Montana.
    Only started reading last night.

    1. The resort sounds suspiciously like the one that Nora visited, what was it, last year, on vacation. Even down to the ATV rides to the ghost town (Garnet, in this case).

  15. Please, no more animals dying (by abuse/neglect). I always tell people that the difference between romantic suspense and suspense is the lack of gratuitous violence towards animals.

    1. But Alice’s situation was ok? The story dictates what happens. I appreciate people’s love for all animals, but in fiction things do happen to both people and animals.


    2. That’s actually not the difference between romantic suspense and suspense, by any means. And it wasn’t gratuitous–it had a point and a purpose, a particularly important one.

      1. I shivered when I read the story about the puppy. But it goes to show you how that kid’s mind worked.

  16. My heart goes out to Alice – and to the Bodines who, when they find her, unite to be there for her. The main romance between Bo and Callen was unique compared to other heroes and heroines, but this story was mainly about family – its dynamics, issues, and its united front to love and help each other. Enjoyed this new book very much – makes me want to visit a resort like the one described in the book.

  17. As always great book by Nora. We expect no less from her. All of us read/hear about women like Alice Bodine , but forget it soon . Nora took us deep inside Alice’s life , showed us every aspect of her . Alice acted stupidly but she had to pay a very heavy price for it.
    I feel the book is more about human resilience than anything else.
    Love how some tlc from Alice’s family brings her back . Shows that family & friends are essential for a rich & fulfilling life.
    Thanks Nora for giving us all a chance to visit new people & places with every story. Stay blessed Nora.

  18. Come Sundown has become one of my favourite Nora’s books. The story stayed with me for a long time after I finished reading it. Thank you Nora for a wonderful getaway.

  19. I really enjoyed the entire story and one tiny thing that had me giggling helplessly was when Bodine was dealing with the snooty chef in a phone call. Reminded me vividly of Nora’s hilarious blog post about the foodie dinner with the guest chef who paraded around the dining area with her herbs and how Nora was grateful she had eaten a grilled cheese for lunch. Thank you, Nora!

  20. Wow, simply Wow.
    Intense and I never saw it coming!
    BTW, I am a horse person, and Loved Sundowns personality…
    Thanks Nora for another great escape for a while .

  21. I have to agree with all who said it was one, if not the best, Nora Roberts book. This story was riveting and I could not put it down. If someone gave me this book to read without telling me who the author was, I would have immediately known it was Nora Roberts. The descriptions of sunsets….people….places….things but mostly what people feel. Just perfection. You are there…you see and you certainly feel. Loved it! It was an emotional experience.

  22. Does anybody know if this will be done in paperback. My aunt wants to read it but with her hands she has a hard time holding the hardback book.

    1. The paperback edition follows in about a year. We don’t have the 2018 calendar yet, but I would think May.


          1. I have thought about that but she lives in a small town and doesn’t have internet. They have just now taught her how to get to facebook on her phone so……

          2. I have thought about that but she lives in a small town and doesn’t have internet. They have just now taught her how to get to facebook on her phone so……
            Don’t know if this posted double or not…..

    2. Try getting her a Kindle. I like that it is light weight and you can adjust size and depending on the chosen font darkness of print.

    3. I whole heartedly recommend the audiobook for your aunt. Generally, (other than a Susan Erickson), the narrators for Nora’s books are hit or miss (most miss), but this one?!?! Excellent excellent excellent. Elisabeth Rodgers is fantastic (and if I could say, needs to re-record the other modern suspense novels of Nora immediately).

    4. Get her the book on audio. Elisabeth Rodgers was the narrator and she was over the top good! She nailed every character.

    5. Consider the audible version of the book. It was a great performance.

  23. Totally and completely loved this book!!! It surrounded me while I read it. One of my very favorite things about “The Liar” was the strong family so I was thrilled to see that in this book as well. I love the family dynamics and they all were a unit but also took in even more family with Jessie and Cal.

    I really loved the relationship with Bo and Cal but I have to admit that I fell head over heels in love with Cal over his relationship with Alice! It was just wonderful.

    So many little things to love about this one, Grammy’s shirts were hilarious and I could gush for days about Sundown.

    Alice’s story was gripping and I found it very hard not to skip ahead to read those parts of the book that told about her captivity, some of the finest writing I have ever read. I will look forward to reading this one again. Can’t thank you enough for the way it touched my heart.

  24. I got the book on the first day of release and started reading right away. I enjoyed reading about Bo and her family, but what is to become of Alice? What will the new house project uncover for Bo and Callen? Who’s getting married next and when? Where are Alice’s babies? So many questions. Nora, can you give us some more in a series?

    1. I agree .. I was left with more questions then answers .. Were are Alice’s Daughters 5 of them ?

  25. I don’t know that it was her best EVER, but I really enjoyed it. Couldn’t put it down. Yay Nora!

  26. I have to agree, this is by far the best book ever of Nora Roberts. I absolutely loved every moment of it. I’ve read it twice already. Alice’s story had me in tears and my heart broke for her. But she’s a survivor! I want more!

  27. I had a petty moment when buying this book. I knew it was coming out and I awaited for the alert from my bookstore, to advise me my copy had arrived. I didn’t receive my alert. Instead, I saw the book on the shelf in a department store and out of sheer pettiness, bought the book from there. My bookstore sent me the alert 2 days later, when I’d already finished the book and so I contacted them to let my copy go on the shelf. They were not amused. They were not even close to happy. They threatened to remove me from advance alerts in the future. I simply smiled, told them they could go ahead and do that, as I had waited months for this book to be released and they had failed to let me know it was in; though they contacted my neighbor that hers was set aside for collection, on release day. *insert crickets*… I’m about to start a second read, as the first time pulled me in so fiercely that I ended up speed reading and I’d like to savor it this time. I hope to, anyway. The mention of cattle ranching, made me want to re read Montana sky, which I had only recently finished again and the mention of zulies made me want to dig through my cases of books to retrieve chasing fire, which I’ve not read in a while. I own many of Nora’s books and there’s still a great many more I’m yet to acquire but I’m working on it! My best friend and sister of choice, lives in West Virginia and as soon as I’m able, I’m visiting her (im Australian) and we’re doing a road trip to Boonsboro, as we’re both Nora fans. We’re staying at the inn, shopping at TTP and gifts, eating at vesta and taking it all in. What better way to spend our first meeting, than to immerse ourselves in a shared passion? But I digress… read this book and let it carry you to that cellar, the resort, the shack and Bodine house. Let it soak you in the strength of the grannies and let it break your heart a little at the childlike wonder of the returned Alice Bodine. You won’t regret it and you certainly won’t forget it.

    1. Loved your comments, both about your bookstore (what good does it do to be on an advance alerts list if you don’t receive advance alerts – duh) and the book. I just know you and your sister/friend will have a fabulous time in Boonsboro. I hope to visit some day, too.

  28. In many books the supporting characters are there just to move the main love story along. Not in Come Sundown. I found each character had their own story to tell, and they wound together to create a masterpiece of a book. The setting of the Ranch/Resort had it’s own vibe, Sundown himself had a story. The dynamics of this family and the layers of the generations makes this one of my all time favorite Nora books. Thank you.

    1. I LOVED Sundown himself. Nora’s really good at writing about trick horses, like the one in….oh, the final book of the Dream trilogy (I get them mixed up, is it Holding the Dream?).

  29. Just finished the book . It’s great, love all the characters not just Cal & Bodine . Thanks Nora for a great reading

  30. I’m new to the Nora Roberts bandwagon, but I’m enjoying the ride so far after reading a few of her books. I was excited about this one because of the Montana setting since I live here. I liked Alice’s character the most and found some of the dialogue between her sister and niece awful – the “what happened to her is terrible but she made mistakes that got her there” talk. Really?! Following these remarks with “…but she didn’t deserve what happened to her” didn’t negate the prior conversations. At all. She left home at 18, does anyone remember being 18? She tried coming home a few years later and was kidnapped and held prisoner for 26 years. Wow. Let’s discuss what a selfish teenager she was again. it was so strange. The overall story was good and I adored Cora, Jess, Chance, Cal and Sundown, but the ‘perfect’ Momma and daughter were not my favorites.

    1. Alice was a selfish brat at 18 who created a scene around herself on the day of her sisters wedding. Of course she didn’t deserve what happened to her but, it doesn’t negate what came before. I am so tired of this politically correct world, where just saying “sorry” is supposed to make everything all better. Alice was on her way home when she was kidnapped, and she had grown up, some but she still had amends to make. Anyway, great book, as usual Nora. Thanks for all of the places you’ve taken me to and the people you’ve introduced me to.

      1. No one deserves to be treated the way Alice was. “She had amends to make” Her freedom taken away for 25 yrs, beaten, violated, giving birth on a cellar floor, having your baby taken from you. Thank God you are not my Judge and Jury.

      2. The fact that we are having this discussion at all is a testament to Nora’s writing. Nobody is complaining about the writing or the character development, and we are so far into the story that we actually disagree with one of the characters! Its wonderful.

        That said, the issue is real. I am the least politically correct person alive and I agree that the character put herself in harm’s way. She certainly regretted it soon, and that is a cautionary tale for sure. But its important to remember that bad things happen to good people too, and making it about someone’s risky behavior makes us forget to blame the people that do the bad things, and gives us the false hope that we can actually prevent bad things by our own behavior, which we can’t.

  31. Loved the book.

    I like that Nora doesn’t insult the reader by constantly repeating – having characters wallow in the same angst throughout the book – as though the reader can’t remember from one chapter to the next . She builds the characters through their stories so we know and feel their pain without being told to do so.

    I love her use of strong multi-generational families full of love that endures, of women who are strong without being bratty or stupidly arrogant. I like how the men and women support one another and appreciate each others strengths without being false or sappy.

    The only thing I’m left with is a need to know the rest of the family’s stories.

  32. I loved Come Sundown. It was my first Nora Roberts book and I devoured it. The Montana setting was fabulous—the jargon, daily life, entertainment and atmosphere. Reading about it was a gratifying experience. The setting was almost like its own character to me. I really appreciated Nora’s use of dialogue amongst the characters. I got such a great feel for their personalities through the dialogue. Cal Skinner, Miss Fancy and Sundown were my favorites. I did like Bodine and Alice as well. An outstanding book that was hard for me to put down.

  33. I agree this was one of Nora’s best. The Witness is still my favorite. I’ve been a fan from the beginning and have all her books from Irish Thoroughbred forward. Some of them are looking pretty bedraggled, as I read them over and over, especially as a palate cleanser after reading someone else’s book that ended up being disappointing. Nora never disappoints.

    1. I know! I’m in the middle of a book that’s already disappointing. The plot has me hooked, but it’s stilted. Plus, it evidently takes place in the past, but the time frame is never mentioned. It mentions a brand of car that was brand new, but that company went defunct in 1958! So after this I’m going to re-read the Boonsboro trilogy (I started this book AFTER I finished Come Sundown). I may not even finish it.

  34. I Loved, Loved, Loved this one! I can’t believe how much I cried throughout, but it was absolutely wonderful. Thank-you for another keeper!

    please don’t print this part, it’s more of a personal note:
    When people ask me how I go on after losing my child, I can’t really line up my thoughts and feelings to explain to anybody what I have going on inside. And while my experience was so very different than what Alice went through, I wanted to let Nora know that I think she got Alice just right.

  35. Ah, the Mistress of Romantic Suspense has outdone herself . . . again. “Come Sundown” has to be one of the all-time greats for our Ms. Roberts. Am I right, or can this wonder-of-the-page really scene-paint? I actually saw those sunsets, trail heads and horse paddocks. And the characters – whew! Each a refreshingly new face with quirks and foibles that are altogether human. Bodine reminded me a lot of Parker from the Brides quartet, but that was a good thing. And of course, Sundown . . . only a person who’s been around animals can know that the traits assigned to him are oh, so possible – and most likely probable.

    Once again, thank you, Ms. Roberts. As far as I’m concerned, you knocked this one out of the park. (And thanks, too, to BW for his beautiful pictures that made up the interior of the book. What an eye.)

    1. I totally agree with all you said! She grand slammed this one and BW does have a great eye with his photos.

  36. I took my time reading it, finished it last Saturday , lent it to a friend. I will return it next week to the public library. I found it an enjoyable read. Thank you

  37. I really enjoy this book. I hope there is a follow up. I would love to see Alice with a little more happiest. Maybe reunite her with her children. And give her someone to love.

  38. Thank you for writing such a good book! I love all the strong women in it. Besides the excellent romance and suspense in it, I liked that you had information on the extremism of the so called “true patriot” movement.

  39. Just finished.. non-stop reading. I absolutely loved this book. I cried, my heart broke for Alice. The friendship between Cal and Alice made me cry and made my heart smile. The relationship between the Moms and daughters and friends – Fancy/Cora/Reenie/Alice/Bo/Jessica/Chelsea; such strong women. I would like a sequel hopefully a trilogy – Chase and Jessica; Rory and Chelsea and maybe Alice finding her children. This book filled me with such emotion. You never fail Nora! I love all of your books. Waiting on the next one.

  40. I wish Alice had been the one to shoot “Sir.” I would have liked for him to know he had not broken her spirit before he went down. And all of Alice’s children need to know about her!

    Just saying…

    1. Oops – didn’t mean to post twice. This one. An be deleted.

  41. I would have loved for Alice to have been he one to kill “Sir.” He also needed to know he had not broken her spirit before he went down. And I would have liked some closure about Alice’s children. Too quick a resolution with unanswered questions for me.

    1. I enjoy reading Nora Roberts books, her writing is very descriptive. I applaud Alice for getting away and the way her story was written, would like to some followup about the whereabouts of her children. Did not like some of the dialogue about how Alice was selfish. She was young and trying to find her place in the world. Did not enjoy the charactor Bodine too much, liked the other family members, though. The ending seemed too rushed

  42. Just started part 4…I’m reading it at work during lunch and leaving it there so I don’t finish it in one sitting.

    One thing puzzles me, though. This is Montana. Land of cowboys and ranchers. So I found myself going “what the???” to see HALTERS constantly referred to as “head collars.” No Westerner ever calls a halter a head collar. That is strictly a British or European term. English horse or Western horse, in America, and especially in the West, including Montana, horses wear HALTERS. The riding lessons were a little confusing too. Were people riding English or Western? While show people tend to use lope/canter fairly interchangeably, they are actually different gaits speed and frame-wise, and there is a Big difference between a trot and a jog. Western horses always jog. You may EXTEND the jog, but trots need to be posted. Trots were not meant to be ridden sitting unless you are doing dressage. I know Nora has written quite a lot about horses in various of her books, and I’ve never seen her confuse things ike this before. And even if she did, where the heck was the editor?
    ‘One of the things I love best about Nora’s stories is that they feel so REAL. You can believe that what ever she is writing about, that’s how it is. I know it’s not much to get excited about, but it was such a glaring error (yes, error.) that it threw me for a loop. 50+ yrs of showing and riding saddle seat, hunter, western and side saddle and now as a licensed horse show judge; I have come to expect Nora to get things right and it left me sad and confused. I know she knows better. What happened?

  43. As a survivor of sexual abuse, I find myself wishing there had been some sort of a warning. While my circumstances were not as bad as Alice’s, it hit me hard. I have read and reread so many of Nora’s books, but this will not be one of them.

  44. Loved this book even though some parts were so hard to get through and/or left me crying. Alice’s misery at having her children taken from her…so heartbreaking. Her relationship with Cal and Sundown, her reuniting with her Mom…have the tissues ready. Love your stories and style of writing Nora, nobody does it better!

  45. I think my first introduction to Nora Roberts was Montana Says, hope I have the name right. This reminded me of some of that, big mountain cowboy country, ranch life. This was such a great story, never disappointed. Really hoping that Nora will consider adding another story to this Montana Ranch/Resort family. I want to hear more about all of them, weddings, adventures, whatever. How about another book, same characters?

  46. I have loved her work but this was the best. I really hope she has a sequel to it. Such interesting and great variety of characters I listened to the audio book and felt like I was right there in Montana. Please, another one. Joan

  47. Does anyone know what the next book after come sundown is….i need more of the bodines saga

    1. Year One is next. You can preorder from Turn The Page, Amazon etc. Happy reading.

  48. I was wondering if anyone’s drawn a family tree for these characters? I keep getting them all confused and it is distracting me from the story.

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