Birthright Week 2

Time for a second week of Birthright discussion! Do you like this book chat idea? Do you feel you need a new post per discussion prompt or are you ok with five prompts during the week? Any and all feedback is welcome as we figure this out!

MARCH 30: I do like a man with a plan. And Jake is full of them, isn’t he?  I enjoyed their rhythm in work and conversation. You?

MARCH 31: I’m not sure how to describe my reaction to these lines. Sympathy for everyone involved is at the forefront, especially for Callie who is so pulled in many emotional directions.

APRIL 1 — Doug was so impatient and brusque when we met him, but these few lines gave him all my sympathy. So torn between past and present.

APRIL 2 — Courtship banter, Doug and Lana style. 

APRIL 6 — for some reason I missed Friday! Sorry about that.
Lana’s observation is on the nose, but it’s fun to watch Callie and Jake wind around to the same conclusion together (we know they did separately).

APRIL 7: When her mothers meet, we see how nature AND nurture made Callie the woman she is.

APRIL 8: Dialogue always draws me in (can’t you tell with the quotes?). I loved how Lana flirted with Doug, from the start.

APRIL 10 Last graphic from Birthright. We’ll close with a declaration of love, Jake-style.


23 thoughts on “Birthright Week 2”

  1. Love the book chat. I’m ok with the five prompts a week. But that’s just me. I’m open to anything also. So if it changes, I’ll adapt.

  2. Their cooking breakfast is one of the best love scenes ever. Gets me right in the feels, every single time! Not much talking, it’s just the way they work together, whether they want to or not.

  3. I need to dig through the books I inherited from my sister and find this one. I know she has all of Nora’s books up until my sister died in 2014.
    I’m curious to see if I’ve read it. I read so many books, I can’t keep up.

  4. This is an old book? I don’t remember it …. have to go thru & find it ….. I have been rereading a lot . Fixing to read Chesapeake series for 3rd time! When I had to downsize , only kept my Nora books, so I still have a few of new ones not read yet! Awesome! Thanks for some great reading … thanks, Laura….

    1. I’ve read Chesapeake 3 times myself – it’s wonderful. I think most read is The McKade Brothers – I absolutely adore them.

  5. This was a book I really enjoyed, atmosphere resonated with two impossible, but human people. How many of us find out that what we thought was a given fact turns out to be false.

    Thanks Laura for your idea. Still want to know how NR predicted current crisis! Its always amazing when life follows fiction, I remember reading JDR some years ago about the Urban Wars, thinking that would never happen, thankfully not war but some really scary times. Mind yourselves everybody.

    1. Hi Maggs,

      She honestly didn’t predict it, just did thorough research on how pandemics spread and this unfolded exactly the way she researched. The Doom, of course, was amplified by magic.


    2. This argument goes around lately. So many Writers being pointed as having predicted and written about this (or other) pandemic and all that comes from it 🙃
      It’s called anti-mimesis and is a philosophical position. Its most notable proponent is Oscar Wilde, who opined in The Decay of Lying that “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life”.
      But no prediction, just amazing Gifts from Writers in writing about such things in a way that make us perceive them more in detail and be more attentive when they happen in “our time” 🙂
      Take Care 🌈

  6. I loved their rhythm. I enjoyed the breakfast choreography. Even though they are no longer a “couple,” they still have that couple’s shorthand. It’s still obvious they still care for each other, and are there for each other – Jake more so for Callie since she is the one having all the unexpected personal issues.

  7. Anyway, you want it, Laura. How ever many prompts you want. You’re doing great. I’m a big fan of book discussions. It’s why I loved the fan sites when I finally found one. Jake is without a doubt one of Nora’s sexiest heroes and is a member of my “Roarke & other dreamboats” club. I was always sad that Jen claimed all the “good” ones on Adwoff when it was around. Jake starts out pretty darn good, but in the tradition of Nora’s style, his additional growth is fun to follow. It’s a hallmark of Nora’s work: character growth

  8. Had to go get this book And read it! Worth the buy as always. They are so good together. They definitely act like there still married but this time around are taking it slower and getting to know each other better! Getting better at communicating with each other. I can’t begin to imagine what Callie is going thru when finding out about her biological parents. It’s also good to see that her brother Doug is understanding about family relationships and love and not focusing on the old bad stuff.

    Not sure I saw 5 hints?

  9. Anyway it suits you and your time is fine for me. I love this ideia, I love endless discussions where we cover every aspect of the characters, stories and settings… so no risk of overdoing 😉
    I want to be Suzanne the day I grow up. To go through so much and still survive it’s overwhelming. I cried through the letter reading – thinking about the despair, hope of Suz doing it, and in the somewhat normalcy (understandable) of Calli while reading it. There are major events that I read and then put down the book – one was the letter reading, the other will be on the two mothers’ meeting. So Norish and so overwhelming for me.
    I love Jake too. What about that detail of keeping the Vegas’ wedding pic???? 😍😍😍😍
    I believe I already said this – there isn’t a character or scene on this book that isn’t absolutely perfect. In all their quirks and gestures.
    Sometimes when I read a Nora book I notice this or that character or scene that Nora didn’t like or want enough to dwell on him, her or it. In here there isn’t any. She gave all The Norish Gift to each and all 🎁🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  10. Thank you everyone for participating in this chat. This was one of the first of Nora’s stand alone novels that I read years ago. It was a borrowed copy so I don’t have it on hand to re-read, but you all have inspired me to get my own copy and read it again. It’s been so long that it will be like reading it for the first time! Thank you Laura for starting this chat, it’s nice to have like minds to discuss these excellent stories Nora has written for us to enjoy. Love and good health to all!

  11. I really enjoyed this book and can’t believe I hadn’t read it before now! (I was convinced I had until I borrowed it for a “re-read”) I feel for these characters so much. I can’t imagine having everything you thought you knew about yourself being upended the way it was for Callie.

    I wish I had more time to engage here. I hope I will in a couple of months. Thank you for everything, Laura. It’s always fun to catch up with the blog even I I don’t have time to participate.

  12. I thought I had missed this one. Went through my nook and there it was! Love rereading it. I love their dance. I’m going to temper my reading with some gardening. The rains have eased up and I have several planters begging for something.

  13. Thank you, Laura, for the focus on this book!! Somehow I had missed it—and I have sooo enjoyed it. Great read. Last year I read/reread all the Eve books as I had missed the earlier ones. I think I will do the same now for the other books—I know I’ve read all the trilogies and stand-alones since the trilogies began…but time to go backwards. ❤️

  14. So many things to talk about: Nora’s detail relating to her characters’ world has always given me such enjoyment. The details about archaeology and anthropology and the digs are so correct and enjoyable at the same time. It took me back to my college days. Loved it! Also, she weaves her story levels so artfully and teaches me so much about a truly professional writer’s skill. Thanks, Laura, for selecting this book. It was a pleasure to read it again.

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