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    1. Enjoying Bay of sighs, a reward to myself after difficult week end !! Delighted and its difficult to put down as its weekday ? let you know how much I enjoyed reading

  1. Haven’t read it yet as I like to read NR trilogies in one go but I just had to say I LOVE the cover!

    1. Absolutely cannot wait to read it. Nora is my most favorite author, and love her trilogies.

    2. I, too, read them all in one go, so it’s a waiting game for me. When the first one comes, okay, no biggie, I have other stuff in the TBR stack. When the second one arrives, I start to get antsy . . . can’t wait for the third so I can begin my dive into another of Nora’s worlds.

      Waiting for the third one now, with bated breath.

  2. Already 21% through my digital copy. Annika is my favorite so excited to read her part. Love the different countries too.

  3. I just started it and can’t wait to get further in. The people who can wait until all three are out are amazing to me. I have to read them as they come out and then reread them all at once.

    1. I can not wait to read each one as it comes out. When the next one comes out, I re-read the earlier ones. Soooo, I am still anxiously waiting for the 3rd one. Love this!!!

  4. I always go back and read the previous book(s) just before I read the new one. Can’t wait to read Bay of Sighs!

  5. Can’t wait to start reading! And hope you guys had a great trip 🙂

    Btw, not sure if it’s just me but I can’t get the chronological booklist to load – the page with the links to the PDFs loads, but then the complete list won’t open (the JD list will), it just says page not found???

  6. Reading The Obsession right now and the first book in this trilogy as I anxiously await my copy from the library! Can not wait to read Bay of Sighs!

  7. So amazing! Started reading last night at midnight, definitely perk to third shift work, and it’s fabulous!! Then again, all of her books are! Of course now I’m desperate for Island of Glass. Laura, be sure to let us know when you get your arc copy, I need to start planning my B&E!!

      1. Maybe you should have a contest later, with the arc copy as the grand prize.

  8. Just received my copy in the mail today and I want to just open the cover and dive in but I always let my daughter read them before I do. Can’t wait. I always pre-order Nora’s books so I get them on release day.

  9. At the cottage and can’t get to the book store until tomorrow. Just reread Stars of Fortune and will have to wait one more long day before starting on Bay of Sighs. SIGH!

  10. I picked up a copy yesterday but am going to make myself wait. I’ve just started re-creating The Born In Trilogy. So caught up with Maggie, I won’t be able to put it down 😀

  11. When mine arrived on Saturday, I just set it aside with the first one. Will wait for the third one and then gladly take a walk into another of Nora’s fine literary creations.

    Thanks, Nora, for keeping us all so happy and out of trouble. (See, if we didn’t have you, we’d all be raising it somewhere else!)

  12. Just finished it! Another winner, but than everything Nora writes is just gold to me.

  13. Unfortunately the bookstore I was going to get it , did not have it., & they were not getting it, all I coul think was Nora Roberts is a Ny times bestselling author & the best. This is a bookstore that has been around for over 50 years in my city. When I came home I ordered the bay of sighs from Amazon I had money left on a free gift certificate, & I pre ordered the island of glas?
    Unfortunately the independent bookstore I loved as a kid & as an adult has changed hands & not as good as it used to be?

  14. Just finished Morrigan’s trilogy for the 4th time (it’s my absolute fav) rereading the Key Trilogy-on book
    3, and can’t wait to dive into Book 2 Bay of Sighs!??

    1. If you loved the Circle Trilogy (Morrigan’s Cross, Valley of Silence etc) you will love Bay of Sighs – Guardians Trilogy…..very similar, in all aspects. I finished it on Tues. , the day I downloaded it to my Kindle. The ending was abrupt, but luckily there is an excerpt from Island of Glass in the Kindle edition and it tied up “loose ends” and set the stage for the final book in the trilogy….. I know Guardians won’t disappoint.

      1. I just finished it & felt it ended abruptly too!! Loved it & cNt wait for the final book but man that ending!

  15. Received Bay of sighs today and am diving right in . Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us.

  16. Loved it! I loved all the pop culture references to different movies. And how Annika is trying to learn all the wierd English phrases, like Damn Skippy! ?

  17. Is this a new trilogy? What is the name of the first book. Can’t believe I’ve missed one.

  18. Just finished the Audible copy of Bay of Sighs and it was as wonderful as I thought it would be. Damn Skippy I laughed, cried and cheered throughout the book. This is an excellent trilogy and I await the final book with such eagerness. Thank you for the joy this book brought me.

  19. Spent a ALL Day reading it. Could not read fast enough! loved it!!!! Now to audio book to really enjoy every line and every moment.

  20. I love this trilogy so far. Like many others I love reading about the different countries, the sights and sounds. I love most of the characters, can’t wait to read Riley and Doyle’s story and the conclusion of the trilogy. Even though I love the characters there are some I like more than others. I know I’m in the minority here but I just can’t get into Anika. Love the mermaid aspect, just not the character. Can’t put my finger on why, but again LOVING this series so far!

  21. I’m not even a quarter of the way through it yet, and I love it already. I was excited to be able to read from Annika’s point of view, anyway. She’s so joyous, and everything is so new to her. And I haven’t been disappointed. And her thinking through phrases is wonderful – such as Drill Sergeant/Drill Sergeant Major, and a** and hole, and the whole balls references while Riley was just off the phone about the boat in the beginning. And she has no guile at all, and no filter. I love that about her. I’m going to enjoy reading how she brings Sawyer around.

  22. I want this series so bad but I don’t have the first one yet. It is on my Birthday or Christmas wish list…. I have told everyone this is what I want when they ask me! When will the last book be out. I don’t want to know what these are about so I will skip this thread for now…. sad for me but I want to begin and end all in 3 books…… Don’t have too much fun without me tho lol.

  23. Okay, it’s nearly 2am and I’m still listening (it arrived late). The (para)phrase “and in the distance dogs began to bark” had me laughing so hard, I’ve still tears on my cheeks. I guess I have to stop and finish it tomorrow, I’m just too punchy. Loving this story!

  24. Thank you, Nora, for your amazing creativity, sense of humor, and ability to make it come alive for your readers. Just loved this book and so looking forward to the final book!

  25. I started the book last night after I received it from Amazon. So far I am 5 chapters in I had to work today. I am enjoying it.
    There is something about a book by Nora Roberts that just takes you to the place. You have a gift . Thank you for sharing it.

  26. Ok…. at chapter 8 when stating “Bruce and pals” I could only think Finding Nemo with the shark named Brucie. Had no clue about the mechanical sharks name for Jaws. LOL

  27. The people that wait for all three to come out confuse me. I really don’t know how they do it. They definitely have more patience than I.

  28. I so enjoyed this read…it was the perfect book to enjoy that slow smooth read where you could take one phrase at a time and just savor it…and then POW…the action started and you just had to plow to the ending to see how it was going to end.
    Let me say that the scenes between Anni and Sawyer were just so funny..I mean sex between the mermaid and the time traveler…honestly Nora..how you think these things up is just amazing and majorly entertaining.
    Again, as always, your characters are so deep and multilayered…by this book we have really gotten to know them all. And, the kicker is that they headed off to County Clare…not sure if this is the right timing…but maybe Roarke’s grandparents, the farmers, got to see the house that Bran Built.
    It was such a delightful read…and now I will go back to do a reread on The Stars of Fortune….just amazing.

  29. I love Annika. Her goodness and love of all is something to aspire to (and needed). They both jumped off the page for me.

  30. I just loved this one. I am so taken with all the character and I just love how they all get along so well. There is just something special about Annika, I just love how she looks at things and big her heart is in regards to everything, she makes me smile so much. I can’t wait for #3 in December.

  31. This was an amazing book and I had so much fun reading it – good thing I know all the marvel and TV references – I love the interplay of the characters. Look forward to the wind up with Doyle & Riley, and finding the ice star.

  32. Just finished Bay of Sighs , amazing. Can’t wait till Island of Glass comes out in December. Doyle and Riley are going to be an amazing read.

  33. I have read this one twice already. I can’t wait for Island of Glass. I love all of your trilogies and have read them over and over. I have quite the collection now as I never get rid of any of my books. They are like good friends I get to visit over and over.

  34. Just finished this and as always Nora did not disappoint loved it!! As always was better than the 1st, Can not wait for Island of Glass, awesome Author!!!

  35. The cover is amazing! I LOVE this story! These stories keep me sane and out of my comfort zone and make me want to travel to all these places! Ireland is definitely tops on my bucket list! Thanks so much for your amazing imagination!

  36. I am just about to burst for book three!!!! I love everything Nora writes. It’s my escape from daily life….teenage boys, work, house cleaning….. Is there any way to speed up the days?

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