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A note from Nora on reprints

A reader posted a comment on Facebook that started out:
Why is it that you not writing very many new books but publishing older books under a different title.  This should be called fraud.  When your fans think they are buying a new book and start to read it and find they just bought a book they had already read…
Nora saw the comment and took the time to answer a little more fully:
Though I’ve addressed this issue before, it’s been  some time. I realize there are many, many readers who don’t know how copyrights  work, and when there are so many reprints, repackaged, with title changes, the  confusion and annoyance leads those who don’t know to assume I’m doing  it.
I get that, but . . .
As long as a publisher keeps a book in  print–somewhere–they retain the rights. A book must be out of print for a  certain number of years, contractually, before the writer can ask for the rights  back. I don’t have the rights to the books Silhouette repackages, reprints,  re-titles. I have no control, at all, over the reprints. Changes in copyright  laws mean that–I think it’s 33 years after initial publication, whether or not  the book is in print– the author can request, during a certain window and in  writing, for the rights back.
At this point, I’m simply not in control of the rights  or the publication of the Silhouette titles. We do everything we can to let the  readers know what’s new. The new titles are listed on my website. The new titles  have the NR logo in the corner of every book. I also encourage readers to check  the copyright page, see when the book was published.
I understand, absolutely, the upset of thinking you’re  buying a brand new story, then realizing you brought a reprint, repackaged with  a new umbrella title. I hope you’ll understand I can’t do anything about  it.
It’s great for a brand new reader to discover an  author through a reprint. Not so great to feel you got stung, as a long-time  reader, because the cover and title changed on you. Please, look for the NR  logo, check for the list and schedule of new releases, and flip  to the copyright page if you’re just not sure.
Believe me, I value readers, and don’t want any to  feel I’m taking advantage of them.

Quick note from Nora

Hi to all!
I wanted to address the wantings and wishings that the trilogy  books come out all at once, or one right after the next. I’ve twice done  trilogies that came out in sequential months. It was fun, and a challenge.  However, in general, my trilogies span six month per book. The first reason for  this is — pretty simply — I have to write the books. I’m a fairly speedy  writer in the big scheme, but not so speedy I can write as fast as you guys can  read. There’s the research, the head-scratching, the blank-staring, the  what-comes-nexting and everything else that goes into getting a story down. And  even after all that, the book must be edited, put in production, a cover must be  created and so on. This all takes considerable time.
Add in, I don’t just write the trilogies, but two-full length In  Death books and a stand-alone Roberts hardcover every year–with a novella  tossed in now and again. They all take time, for me to write, for the publisher  to produce and schedule.
Even if I rushed it all, or was somehow able to write 24/7,  ignoring actual life, I just couldn’t write as fast as you can  read!
It’s incredibly flattering, exceptionally satisfying for me, as a  writer, to know readers are eager and anxious for my next book. It’s such a  tremendous compliment. I wish I could give you more, but I can only thank you  for the compliment, and continue to write the best books I can write, at the  pace I can write them.
When the wait’s over, I hope you’ll enjoy Shadow Spell as much as  you have Dark Witch. And when THAT wait’s over, I hope you’ll enjoy Blood  Magick–which I’m working on right now. In fact, I’d better get back to  it.

Nora/JD’s 2014 release schedule

We always wait until the last new release of a given year is on the shelves/securely in e-readers before announcing Nora/JD’s release schedule for the upcoming year.  This way, the last book gets as much attention as the first one.

New releases: 

FEBRUARY       Concealed in Death (hc)

APRIL                The Collector (hc)

MAY                   Shadow Spell  Book 2 of The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy (tr)

SEPTEMBER     Festive in Death (hc)

NOVEMBER       Blood Magick Book 3 of The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy (tr)

Please note that there is NO In Death novella in 2014, but there will be one in 2015.


Reprints  — The 2014 reprints feature mass market editions of The Witness, Thankless in DeathConcealed in Death and The Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy as well as gorgeous trade editions of The Villa, the In the Garden and The Gallaghers of Ardmore trilogies.  In addition Vision in White will be released in a deluxe hardcover edition with a ribbon bookmark in time for Valentine’s Day.

Blue Dahlia (tr)

Vision in White (hc)
Black Rose (tr)
The Witness (mm)

Thankless n Death (mm)
Red Lily (tr)

Whiskey Beach (tr)

The Next Always (mm)

The Last Boyfriend (mm)

The Villa (tr)
The Perfect Hope (mm)

Concealed in Death (mm)

Jewels of the Sun (tr)

Tears of the Moon (tr)

Heart of the Sea (tr)

Key:  hc  = hardcover   tr = trade    mm = mass market paperback

Dates are subject to change.

Nora’s Halloween 3 QQ

As Nora’s deep in the Christmas season with Eve and Roarke in 2060, she only has time for Quick Questions so I came up with a Halloween/autumn themed 3 QQ for a little bit of a treat:

What’s your favorite Halloween candy?
Nora and Kat (the glamorous witch) after the 10/26 signing.

Dots–those little boxes of them–probably top my list  of Halloween candy, with mini bags of M&Ms close  behind.

What was your favorite Halloween costume, ever?


I made the boys Batman and Robin one year. Sewed the  little Bat cowl, dyed diapers for the pants, got tights, drew the emblems on  dyed shirts. They were young enough to think they were cool instead of lame and  home-made. Sweet.

What are your favorite fall flowers?

I like toad lilies–they’re interesting and  unexpected. I wonder if mine are blooming. And I like the way hosta foliage goes  gold this time of year (if the deer didn’t get to them  first).
We’ll have a few more 3 QQs through the rest of the year, but for now, I’ll let Nora get back to the writing.

3 QQ for Ellen Dugan

3 QQ is an ongoing blog feature in which we ask authors joining Nora for an upcoming Turn the Page Bookstore signing some questions about their current release, upcoming books and anything else that strikes our fancy

The next Turn the Page signing will be magical indeed!  Nora is signing Dark Witch, the first book in her brand new Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy And she’ll be surrounded by magickal authors, including — for the third time — Ellen Dugan, the Garden Witch. Ellen is a woman of many dimensions: she’s a Master Gardener, a psychic-clairvoyant and a practicing Witch for over three decades.  It’s always fun when she visits TTP! 

de_witchery150Q: You updated one of your best loved books, Garden Witchery, for it’s 10th anniversary publication.  What was the most striking thing that’s changed since it was released in 2003 (for you or for the gardening world)?

Gardening and green living is so popular and trendy these days. Also folks are so much more open to the idea of a little witchery, and the folklore and the mystery of herbs and flowers. What has changed for me is that when I wrote Garden Witchery my kids were all in middle school and high school. Now they are grown and out of the nest! I realized last year that Garden Witchery was coming up on it’s 10th anniversary and I thought about how my gardens and life had changed over the past ten years. Honestly, that sparked the idea to pitch a 10th anniversary edition to Llewellyn with a brand new chapter and a “In the Garden a Decade Later” epilogue. It was a way to honor where I began as an author.

Q: This is your third signing at Turn the Page.  What’s the most fun about visiting western Maryland?

Well the first time I was here I carpooled with a couple of other authors and we got seriously lost after leaving the event.  As in at one point I made the driver pull over and called the hotel to talk us in. What should have been a hour trip ended up being almost three. The second time I came to Maryland my driver knew exactly where he was going and I got to sit back and enjoy the scenery, which was spectacular. That time I only asked them to pull over so I could get out and take photos of the trees, mountains and a few historic houses. LOL!  I am really looking forward to seeing Maryland with it’s autumn colors in full swing.

Q:What are your essential tools for celebrating Samhain?  

For me Samhain, pronounced (Sow-wen), is celebrated late in the evening of the 31of October. This is the Witches’ New Year and I always perform a quiet and solitary ritual to honor my ancestors. Typically I gather photos of my ancestors, (my grandparents and great grandparents) who have all passed over. I set up an altar and decorate it with supplies from my magickal gardens.

I use chrysanthemums for protection and to ward off the wandering ghosts that Samhain is famous for, fresh rosemary for remembrance, roses for love, and sprigs of oak leaves and acorns for wisdom and knowledge. I light white and black votive candles and of course a jack o’lantern. Then I sit and take time to acknowledge the people who I am descended from, and to remember sweet memories of my grandparents. I offer my thanks for another magickal year and get ready to start a new year when the sun rises the next morning. Sometimes the most profound rituals are quiet and simple. The best “tools” are actually your own magickal intention.

Bonus Q: what’s your favorite Halloween candy?

Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate. (Dark Chocolate anything honestly)

Even if you can’t make it to the signing, you can take advantage of Turn the Page’s Virtual Signing feature by ordering a book and having your favorite author personalize it for you before the event is finished.

And where else can you find Ellen besides the signing? Well she’s on Facebook and Pinterest (it’s a gorgeous page). Enjoy!




3 QQ for Carolyn Turgeon

3 QQ is an ongoing blog feature in which we ask authors joining Nora for an upcoming Turn the Page Bookstore signing some questions about their current release, upcoming books and anything else that strikes our fancy

The next Turn the Page signing will be magical indeed!  Nora is signing Dark Witch, the first book in her brand new Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy.  And she’ll be surrounded by magickal authors, including Carolyn Turgeon, carolyn turgeona writer who takes a modern twist on classic fairy tales including Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story, Mermaid (a retelling of the Little Mermaid) and her middle-grade novel The Next Full Moon (her version of the Swan Maiden).

tc-god-sm tc-mermaid-sm





1.  The loose theme for this signing is magick and romance.  How do you fit those two elements into your writing?

My books are mostly retellings of fairy tales, so there’s always some magick in them. Even my first novel, Rain Village, which is not a fairy tale, is about the real-world magic of the circus and of stories and of meeting the person who sees something beautiful in you that you can’t see yourself.  There’s a scene in that book where our protagonist hears “The Lady of Shalott” for the first time and is so overwhelmed and transported that the woman speaking has to stop and comfort her, remind her that it isn’t real. I love those earthbound moments of magic as much as the fantasy ones—the mermaids drinking magic potions, the swan removing their feathered robes and becoming maidens, the witches turning men into stags. As for romance, there’s always a prince, though in my books he might not always be as perfect (or faithful) as the prince most girls long for. Most princes aren’t, after all. At least in my latest book, The Fairest of Them All, there’s a hot brooding falconer around to pick up the slack.

So this witchy, autumnal signing is right up my alley, and I hope to come away with some new tricks and spells, not to mention a signed copy of Dark Witch!

2. Your latest book, Fairest of Them All, pulls from two seemingly disparate fairy tales.  What’s the allure in retelling fairy tales for you?


Well, I love fairy tales, first of all, I love that mix of glitter and beauty with darkness and horror that seems to be at the heart of most of them. And I also love the idea that there are stories we’ve told and retold for centuries, that live in our blood and bones, and that as a writer you can go in and remake them, illuminating their hidden parts. In my case, I’ve focused on minor female characters and on imagining what it would be like to be them. What would it be like to be the godmother sending Cinderella to the ball (would you be jealous? would you consider going in her place, the way my character does?) or the stepmother of Snow White or the human princess competing with the little mermaid for the prince? I like to focus on the complicated relationships between the women in these tales and to find some way to bring them together.  The Fairest of Them All is my first mash-up, though; in it, Rapunzel grows up to be Snow White’s stepmother. When you start looking at these female characters and what limited options they have, their stories really start to blur together. How else is a Rapunzel or a Cinderella going to end up, after a decade or two have gone by? In the traditional fairy tale, I don’t think that any of these women end up well.

3. Do you do anything special for Halloween?

I more do special things to celebrate autumn than to celebrate Halloween. I actually spent the last few Halloweens in places like Iceland and Nicaragua. This year, though, I’ll be home in Pennsylvania where I can do (and have been doing) all the beautiful autumn-y things I love, like going to fall festivals and driving by spooky cornfields and walking through corn mazes and bobbing for apples and going on hayrides. Okay, I might not really bob for apples, except in my heart.  I also like going to stores and buying all the spice candles and glittery pumpkins and spiders and ravens.

Bonus Q: What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

This question made my heart flutter.  Probably candy corn, since I only associate it with Halloween (and awesomeness).

And when I was a kid in Illinois, I loved the crazy sticky popcorn balls the neighbor lady made.

Even if you can’t make it to the signing, you can take advantage of Turn the Page’s Virtual Signing feature by ordering a book and having your favorite author personalize it for you before the event is finished.

And where else can you find Carolyn besides the signing? Well she’s on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


3 QQ for Tess Whitehurst

3 QQ is an ongoing blog feature in which we ask authors who are joining Nora for an upcoming Turn the Page Bookstore signing some questions about their current release, upcoming books and anything else that strikes our fancy.

This Saturday, October 26, from noon – 2 pm, Turn the Page will be lit up with love and magic.  Nora is signing Dark Witch, the first book in her brand new Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy. And she’ll be surrounded by magickal writers, including Tess Whitehurst, a feng shui expert and writer whose message is we are completely empowered to heal ourselves and others, to live bravely, and to experience the life of our dreams.

1. What was the evolution of your latest book, Magical Fashionista?

I had been practicing feng shui professionally for years, and writing books about it. And I see feng shui as interacting with your environment consciously in order to create positive change in every area of your life – as seeing even the most mundane housekeeping act as a way to experience joy and present moment awareness.wt_magical150 But then one day it came to my attention that when it came to my wardrobe and self care practices, I wasn’t exactly interacting with them consciously in order to create positive change in my life. In fact, I was sort of dismissing them as unimportant – as simply one more thing on the to-do list. I had been working with the idea of healing my relationship to my body and sexuality, and when I read about the way that many survivors of childhood sexual abuse (of which I am one) disconnect with their bodies and feel uncomfortable simply being in their own skin, I realized that’s how I had been feeling, so I decided to change that.  What I realized was that something as simple as washing oneself with love, or dressing oneself in fabrics and colors that feel good against the skin, can have a profound impact on everything we experience and an how we process the world around us. When we take the time to recognize ourselves as beautiful and treat ourselves like gold, magic happens. This is where the idea for the book originated, and as I wrote it, I had a great time interweaving the ideas of conscious fashion and self care with the principles of feng shui, astrology, psychology, and more.

2. You have two blogs — Magical Housekeeping and Magical Fashionista —  which at first may seem to like two different streams of energy, but  they aren’t.  How are they similar and how are they different?

Magical Housekeeping focuses a bit more on the home environment, while Magical Fashionista focuses more on the hygiene and personal style side of things. And, there’s a lot of crossover in the concepts, because, as Kahil Gibran wrote in The Prophet, “Your house is your larger body.” My favorite thing to write and teach about is the point of power between the seen and unseen worlds – in other words, the way that we can lovingly interact with the everyday things in our physical world (like nature, our home, or our wardrobe) in order to create positive change in our spiritual and emotional world. Which, of course, in turn affects the physical world again – because everything is connected. And that’s what I call working magic.

3. Your other 2013 release is The Magic of Flowers. After the bounty of spring and summer, what are your favorite fall blooms?


Ahh, chrysanthemums and marigolds! I love fall blooms because they are all about bolstering our energy, shining light into the darkness, and illuminating our hearts even as the days get shorter and colder. Sort of like the holidays. Plus, I just love fall – it’s the best

Bonus Q — What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

Mmm, Allison’s Gourmet Artisan Vegan Caramels.

Even if you can’t make it to the signing, you can take advantage of Turn the Page’s Virtual Signing feature by ordering a book and having your favorite author personalize it for you before the event is finished.

And where else can you find Tess besides the blogs?  Well she’s on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

3 QQ for Victoria Dahl

3QQ is an ongoing blog feature in which we ask authors joining Nora for an upcoming Turn the Page Bookstore signing some questions about their current release, upcoming books and anything else that strikes our fancy

This Saturday, October 26, from noon – 2 pm Turn the Page will be lit up with love and magic.  Nora is signing Dark Witch, the first book in her brand new Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy.  And she’ll be surrounded by magickal writers, including Victoria Dahl who brings her own brand of small town magic and love to contemporary romance.

VictoriaDahl15percentVictoria will be flying in for the signing from her home in Utah to sign copies of her books, including So Tough to Tame the third book in her Jackson Hole, Wyoming trilogy.  In So Tough to Tame, Charlie Allington is supposed to be on the fast track to the top—a small-town girl who was making it big in her career. Instead, she’s reeling from a scandal that’s pretty much burned all her bridges. Now, out of options, she needs a place to lick her wounds and figure out her future. True, working at a ski resort in rugged Jackson Hole, Wyoming, isn’t her dream job. But if there’s one perk to coming back, it’s a certain sexy hometown boy who knows how to make a girl feel welcome. 

Walker Pearce never expected a grown-up Charlie to be temptation in tight jeans. She’s smart and successful—way out of league for a man like him. But he’s not about to let that, or his secrets, get in the way of their blazing-hot attraction. Yet when passion turns to something more, will the truth—about both of them—send her out of his life for good…or into his arms forever?

Victoria was willing to answer the 3 QQ’s plus a bonus!

1. Like a certain other author who’ll be at this signing, you write trilogies — most recently the third book in The Jackson Trilogy — So Tough to Tame.  What appeals to you about telling individual stories linked by an overall arc?


Trilogy writing feels very natural to me, but I’m not sure why. I really enjoy writing secondary characters, and connected books are a great way to flesh out characters that even I don’t know much about when I first start writing. It’s also fun to get a perspective on a new couple from someone you already know from a previous book. But my short attention span and terrible memory mean I could never pull off one of those epic fifteen-book series that some authors write. I would forget SO many things! 🙂 

 2. You capture small towns so well — do you live in a place where everyone knows everyone else or do you just like to imagine them?

I was actually raised in cities. Minneapolis, Dallas, Tulsa, Denver. But my family is from a very small town in Minnesota. There are about 2000 people total, and I lived there during the summers with my grandparents. My experience with that, and the perspective I think I bring to it, is that there are good and bad people in any community, whether you live in a small town or a city. And even though you might think you know everyone else when you live in a small town, people still have secrets. Big secrets.  

Small towns can be charming and sweet and cozy, but they can also be claustrophobic and unforgiving. I like to be fairly realistic about that. 

All that said, I live in a fairly small town right now. It’s hard to run to the grocery store with unwashed hair. You’re guaranteed to run in to someone you know. 


3.  What’s your favorite part about meeting up with readers?

It’s like a party! I’m very much an introvert, with all the awkwardness that entails, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve kind of given up on that. Instead of worrying that I’ll say the wrong thing, I just treat everyone like I already know them. After all, at a book signing, we’re almost all introverts, but we all have something great to talk about. Books!

Bonus Q — What’s your favorite Halloween candy?
Almond Joy! And my kids HATE them! Yaaaaay!

Even if you can’t make it to the signing, you can take advantage of Turn the Page’s Virtual Signing feature by ordering a book and having your favorite author personalize it for you before the event is finished.

Where else can you find Victoria?  Word is that she posts on her Facebook page when she can but Victoria rolls right along on her Twitter feed and her Tumblr.



A wedding at Nora’s

The Bride Quartet resonated with so many readers for a variety of reasons, mainly for how four women pooled their talents and friendship into a business meant to make wedding dreams come true.   To all the wedding suppliers, coordinators, florists, photographers and bakers out there – our hats are off to you!  The bywords of a wedding day for the behind-the-scene planners is organization and stamina.  And I say this with all the admiration and respect in the world.

Two years ago, Nora, her son Jason, daughter-in-law Kat, our good friend Sarah and I teamed up with some fabulous contractors to help create a picture perfect wedding for Nora’s older son Dan at Inn BoonsBoro.  Last Saturday, the team was back in action, this time for a backyard wedding for Sarah and her new husband Jack.  And it was a lovely family affair.

Invitation created by Kathryn Pong

Nora and Bruce hosted the ceremony and reception up at their house. Nora worked with Sarah on the flowers; Jason handled the layout, tent, lighting and sound design; Kat hand-crafted the invitations, made candles, made bows, decorated the tent and came up with so many small touches to make the day lovely.  In the larger scheme of things, I had a small role – officiating the ceremony and doing the bride’s makeup.

Since there were no expectations of an impossible perfection, the day — the whole weekend — just ended up being perfect for them.

Set-up was scheduled for the Thursday and Friday.  The tent arrived early Thursday morning and Kat set about hanging tulle, fairy lights and the first of her ribbons and bows inside the perimeter.

Sarah washed all the pumpkins and Nora tied fabric ribbons around the stems.  The pumpkins lined the driveway wall, candles (mason jars filled the water/food color, olive oil and wicks) were added on Friday and flowers were added on Saturday.  Here’s the completed look.driveway

Thursday night was about Kat making bows from her bag of every single orange and hot pink ribbon in all the land.  The rest of us drank some champagne while watching in awe.

Friday morning Kat and Sarah had mani/pedis, Nora (who was getting over a bad, post September signing illness) worked out and then got the house and the yard ready for the rehearsal dinner.  Jason began hooking up the lights and the sound system, while I finished up writing the ceremony.

By 5 pm,  the lights were pretty much done to Jason’s satisfaction, the father of the bride was tying more ribbons and my daughter was enlisted to do the same. Here’s everyone at work.IMG_1504

After some get-to-know-you time, we had two rehearsals.  Homer (Nora and Bruce’s older yellow lab) decided the best place for him was lying in the aisle so Sarah had to step over him both times (I was afraid she would impale him since she rehearsed in her wedding shoes).  Pancho had a ball.  He dropped it whenever he could.

Here’s a glimpse of Homer and Pancho doing their thing on Saturday morning.the dogs

And here are the wedding shoes – the reason why I was afraid she’d impale Homer — B Brian Atwood ‘Baccina‘.DSCN0233

We had a nice dinner under the tent, simple food and lots of relaxed conversation as the day drifted into night.  Here’s what the tent, set up for the ceremony, looked like in the early evening.


Saturday morning dawned early.  I took Sarah to get her hair done, while Nora, Kat and Jason worked with the florists, put linens on the tables and finished the many small tasks left before the 2 pm ceremony.  By the time we got to Nora’s house, the florists were just about finishing up.  Sarah had chosen hot pink and orange as her colors and Kat’s brilliance showed them to their best advantage.


The bride remained calm throughout the day.  We’d done a trial run of the makeup on Friday so it went smoothly on Saturday.  IMG_1523Here’s how she looked 30 minutes before the ceremony, even with a minor crisis when Nora helped her into the dress which no longer had an eye for the hook above the zipper.  The bridal shop had forgotten it after some final alteration, but Nora and Kat solved the crisis within minutes.

Photos were pre-wedding so the bride and groom could move quickly to the party – and to respect that Sarah’s soon-to-be stepson is four and that early photos would be best.  By the time the ceremony started, we were all more than ready to celebrate the new family.

We kept it to a sweet minimum, vows for the bride and groom, rings for each and then a small ceremony with the groom’s son, LJ, in which they all promised to be good to each other as they formed a new team, then Sarah put a Green Lantern ring on LJ’s finger.

A quick benediction and then one hell of a kiss were all that were left before I introduced the couple and son.

The kiss2

Then the party started.  The groom and his band recorded a song for Sarah that was the first dance, then he had Sarah come up and duet on The Cure’s “Love Song.”

We danced and hung out as the sun went down on a truly lovely day. When it was time for the town car service in Houston Texas to drive our lovely newly weds home, everyone was in a blissful mood.


The only thing we didn’t cover were photos of the team.  As soon as I get some from Sarah, I’ll post them as well.

Questions?  Comments?


Dark Witch, an excerpt


Dark Witch, book 1 of The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy, will be in stores on October 29.  Just four short weeks!

I had a chance to read Dark Witch over a couple of rainy August days.  The dark skies certainly set the tone and I loved the first meeting of the cousins.  Nora created such vivid images I wanted to throw on a heavy sweater, then set out in the cold and wet to find a cozy pub.

Of course, it was 90 degrees in North Carolina so I had to imagine the sweater and the firelit pub, but it was a lovely daydream.

Here, to set your own imagination on fire, is an excerpt: DW excerpt.

If you haven’t already done so, you can pre-order Dark Witch from many places, including Turn the Page Bookstore.