Apprentice in Death teasers

We’re a week out from the September 6 release date, so I thought I’d share some teasers.  As always, these are not spoilers that reveal major plot points, but some nuggets to look out for as you race through the book.

Apprentice in Death cover

If you need a refresher, you can read the prologue here and the first chapter here.

I’ll update for at least four days this week, maybe five, maybe not.

Monday, August 29:
In a busy Chapter 2 we have:
– A little joke that goes wide of the mark
– Office designs that may or may not suck
– Some major e-geekiness from Roarke, plus he gets to act out a fantasy

Tuesday, August 30
– Some decorating decisions are made.
– Much geek joy results from Roarke’s chapter 2 work, Peabody describes it best.
– Someone gets a ride in the DLE and wants one when they are available.

Wednesday, August 31
– There’s a quiet Eve & Roarke moment amid the chaos of the case in Chapter 8 that offers a little glimpse of a younger Eve.
– Marriage proposals can happen anywhere/anytime.  And don’t involve characters we know.

Thursday, September 1
– It seems Nadine may like rock ‘n roll.
– Roarke feels torn by connections
– Mira misinterprets Eve’s term for an energy boost shake.  To Eve’s embarrassment.

Friday, September 2
– Roarke’s Christmas gift pays off
– Birthday party, Mavis style.

Thanks for playing along.  Curious to see what you all think when you see the teasers in context.  Because honestly?  Most of the guesses are way off.  But that only makes it more fun.  Back on Tuesday to open the discussion thread.





53 thoughts on “Apprentice in Death teasers”

  1. Uh-oh, Eve must have lost a bet involving costumes – lol. Looking forward to next week!

  2. E-geekiness!!! I cannot wait for that one…..and Rourke’s fantasy….OMG

  3. Now you’ve done it- My imagination is gonna go crazy, with which fantasy re Roarke you are referring to. I’m counting the days.Thanks

  4. Love the teasers can’t wait for the new book new office furniture and roarke fantasy!!!!

  5. Really looking forward to seeing Eve’s new at-home Command Center. As for Roark’s fantasy role play, is there sex-wear in Eve’s future?
    Thanks for the Teasers (this is the first time that I heard about this); this makes the days leading up to the release a bit celebratory.

  6. OMG – please do not use “act out fantasy” and Roarke in the same sentence. I will have to double up on my blood pressure meds! Glad everyone is safely home and back to creating fantastic gourmet food – and books – really, is there anything else worth doing? Yay Nora ❤️.

  7. I agree, acting out fantasy and Roarke in the same sentence can be hazardous to the mind!? I am so excited for this new book! Yay!

  8. Is someone going to be brave or stupid enough to play a joke on Eve? Will the joke fail to get Eve and get Peabody instead? Roarke and fantasy. Come on Sept 6.

  9. I love these books and the story lines. Read the book and then listen to the audio. Please don’t ever chand who does the audio, she is awesome. Can hardly wait for next week.

  10. You’re cruel, so cruel to tease us this much and I say “bring it on”! I need more please. This was just enough to drag me back in and to get me hooked again. Please, please, please give us more so I don’t have to go through Dallas withdrawal again 🙂 Love, love, love this books!

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Just a few lines – and we are all gagging to know how Eve,Roarke & role playing sex will work out. Talk about voyuerism!!!! Thank God it’s alive & well lol. ???

  12. Excited! Can’t wait for Eve’s new command center. I’ve been counting months,weeks and now days! Yay

  13. Umm, Tuesday’s teasers; my guesses: Eve makes the decisions but they all relate to function, not beauty;
    Peabody describes McNab’s reaction to the cool geek toys in Eve’s new CC.
    And, drawing a blank at the third one (the DLE is her tricked out, but ugly official car, right?). This may relate to Feeney.

    1. I’m thinking Feeney or Trueheart. I can’t remember if Feeney has ridden in her car yet, but I’m pretty sure Trueheart hasn’t 🙂

      1. Trueheart’s got a few years before he can even think about getting his own car.

        1. True, but I’m thinking everyone else has called her car ugly, LOL. Can’t wait until Tuesday!!!

  14. A memory from her days at the police academy or when she was a beat cop? Whatever it is, I hope that it is a fond memory. From all that we have learned about her past, the only bright spots were Feeney and Mavis.

  15. LOVE these teasers! I can hardly wait to get my hands on the book and audio version…..this is going to be a great read; I can already tell!!!!!


  16. I am having so much fun with these teasers; will be interesting to see if any of my guesses are correct.
    For today’s teasers, I think that the first one has something to do with Nadine and Mavis. Roark may be torn by connections of the law and order variety with the slightly shady. As for the last one, I’ll bet the mix-up is sexual in nature. It is so funny how Eve is always a bit embarrassed about sexual matters in public when she is the complete opposite in private.

  17. I am so counting the days to read this book. I have been like this since my first JD Robb book. Before I even knew Nora and JD were the same person. I love all the characters she has introduced over the years. My favorite is still Mavis. Amazon can not get here quick enough. I know what I am doing Tuesday night!! 🙂 Will have to totally DVR America’s Got Talent.

  18. Doin’ the Happy Happy Joy Joy Dance, waiting for the book! Teasers are only making the dance more manic.

  19. Oh boy! Friday’s are the best teasers yet! SO looking forward to this book. Thanks, Laura!

  20. I’m guessing the christmas gift that paid off will be the martial arts room Roarke built her..
    Either in a way to keep calm at the birthday party, or against someone in her job..

  21. I saw it as referring to Eve’s gift to Roarke and his magic coat saves his life. Guess we’ll all find out soon.

  22. I think the gift is the dojo with lessons from a master and Eve using the skills in a fight.

    Finally, Bella’s 1st Birthday party, which I am sure will be a glammed up affair as only Mavis can deliver.

    1. They are in the body of the post above. I added some every day this week. They aren’t direct passages from the book but are just things to look for.


  23. I cannot wait for September 6th! My plans for the day had to be changed, so I’n going to start reading as soon as my NOOK copy is downloaded around 6:00am, then after I get my granddaughter going on her project, I can read until I have to make lunch. Once my daughter picks her up around 2:00pm, it’s straight reading until I finish the book.
    She starts 4th grade the next day, so I have to be there, but if I haven’t finished the book, I will as soon as I get back home.
    Thanks for all the tips. They wet my appetite!

  24. I pre-ordered the hardcover edition (I have a shelf that holds a copy of each book in the series, from the days when they were only available in paperback through the hardcover days) which will not reach me until about 3-5 days after the release. Even though I have quite a number of E-readers, I prefer the sensory experience of reading physical books. My plan is to spend the weekend savoring each page and laughing at the things that I guessed incorrectly.

  25. I very much enjoyed this book. I listened to it on Audible while I waited for my husband to come out of surgery. So thank you for giving me a way to pass the time! My only comment – in the audio – the vet that helps was a corpsman. It is pronounced “core-man,” not a corpseman. lol. Sorry, we’re a military family. 🙂

    … kate

  26. I think Eve will find out she’s pregnant or think she is, and she and Roarke will have to deal with the issue of possibly bringing a child into the world, and it scares the hell out of them. I say this because a few times towards the end of Apprentice, she says she feels off, not herself. Could be wrong, but I found that possibility exciting!!

      1. That’s your opinion, however, you are not Nora Roberts, either. Anything is possible.

        1. It’s very true that I’m not Nora, but I do speak for her a lot and that isn’t my opinion. I put together the Index o’Answers a while back to showcase Nora’s thoughts on the subject.


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