38 thoughts on “Apprentice in Death excerpt”

  1. Wow there’s me thinking apprentice as in a brand new detective like Trueheart! Did not see that coming!
    More please x

  2. I didn’t believe the anticipation could be worse, but this did it. I too didn’t think of an apprentice assassin. So scary. How will I stay calm until September?

  3. Ahhh, joy ahead! Must call my local bookstore to be sure my reservation is on the list. Thanks and a great summer to all.

  4. Normally the excerpt is a bit longer, right? This one’s may three pages long !! 🙁 not nearly enough !!

      1. Thank you for this much! Anything you give us is welcome and this is enough to get us excited for September

    1. That was just the prologue. We usually get the first chapter.

      1. Just enough of a cliffhanger to make us want to read more. That’s all that’s needed at this point.

  5. This excerpt sounds as if the book was inspired by the DC Sniper. JD/Nora lives close enough to have heard about it and they were picked up at a rest stop on the way to Frederick,MD…just sayin’? !

  6. I just read the Prologue — looks like we’ll be devastated by the “targets” killed, but glued to the page while Eve chases the murderers down. I am a fan who thinks people who presume to tell Nora/JD what she ought to write are crazy — but I do have one little wish — an In Death where the victims are all people we wouldn’t care about.

    1. She’s done that before. In Witness, Celebrity, Festive and Memory.

  7. Now I have listen to the 42 books and I’m looking forward to the next. Thanks for these thrilling stories.

  8. I always buy a book with the name JD Robb on it. The excerpt is nice, but not needed. I know this book will not disappoint. It never does.

  9. As a figure skating coach & Nora fan…can’t wait to find out what happens next!

  10. Anticipation is making me wait. It’s great to have this small excerpt. The idea of a scope and rifle that hits it’s target from a mile away- is terrifying. Do they have this technology today?

  11. I wish I had NEVER read this now I am going to wish away my whole summer just to get to this book!

  12. I’m so excited, I can’t wait! At least Bay of Sighs comes out (checks calendar), what, 14 days?

  13. As always, this little tidbit, will have me wishing the summer away. Will be a long wait till September!

  14. I figured the apprentice would be an apprentice killer. Resisted reading the excerpt with the newsletter, but couldn’t hold out when I saw it posted here.

    Now I need to go reread about the cooking with Kayla so I’m not so sad.

  15. Love when the September book comes out! Always around my birthday and is an excuse to cop a day all to myself to read and enjoy! Can’t wait!

  16. Thàt was excellent! Great job of building up the student’s feelings about his hits! Can’t wait to read the book!

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