A spring evening

Turn the Page Bookstore took part in the spring edition of Girls’ Night Out in Boonsboro last Thursday.  I drove up to meet Nora and our pal Sarah for the event.  The weather was perfect, everyone was in a wonderful mood and conversation flowed on any and all subjects.  Here are a couple of photos:

IMG_1047 The Nora Room at Turn the Page.

IMG_1044Some of the crowd around the front door.

IMG_1052  What else do girls do on a a night out but show off their “guns”? (That’s Sarah, Nora and me, Laura.)


IMG_1051 For some people, the best part of the evening was running into Nora.

Here’s the question of the day:  If you ran into Nora on the street, what would you say/ask?



52 thoughts on “A spring evening”

  1. I would probably only be able to get out hi from being so starstruck and all. 🙂

  2. If I ran into Nora on the street….I would thank her for all of her amazing work! I’m on the last of the JD Robb In Death series and would tell her how amazing she is! I started reading the series last December and have not read anything else! I can’t! But when this is done, I have a few other Nora books to read before the new JD Robb comes out!!

  3. I would 1st thank her for all the hours of enjoyment she has given to me and then I would ask her if any of the descendants from her Nora books might show up in the J.D. books. (Something like Roarke and Eve visit the Gallagher’s pub on a trip to Ireland, or a Stanislavsky shows up a a cop in New York.)

  4. I would be awestruck I’m sure. But if I got up the nerve, I would thank her for all the wonderful hours of escape I have found in her books. I haven’t been able to find another author I enjoy nearly as much.

  5. First, I would thank her for writing her books and giving me hours of joy and how she is one of my favorite authors. Then, probably ask for her autograph and a picture. I wouldn’t be able to resist it.

  6. I’m sure I would be totally dumbfounded. Hopefully I would at least say the words “Love your books !”.

  7. I’ve met her several times & have the annoying problem of getting tongue tied. I never run out of things to say so this really bugs me. She is one of the romance writers who got me started on romance and writing it so I hate being so flustered.

    If I can do a hello without babbling, I’m happy.

    Really, though, I need to tell her thanks for writing about Ireland… It inspired me to go, years ago. We’ve only been able go to once but it was so amazing.

  8. Well, after I stopped babbling like an idiot because I would be so excited to see/meet her, I would ask her if I could be her adopted sister :))!! Then, I would thank her sooooo much for her wonderful books, and tell her how much they mean to me and the many hours of enjoyment they have provided. I would tell her they are the only books I reread over and over. Finally, I would ask to have a picture taken with her and get her autograph. There is so much more I would want to ask, but you get the idea! Maybe someday it will happen!!

  9. I would be awestruck and then ask her for her autograph. I would also want to know when she is going to write more of the macgregors since there are still two or three more grandkids to write about and at least write a follow up to all the other macgregors.

  10. First i think I would be stunned, then I believe I would hopefully say, hello, how are you? It is a beautiful day. And then I would say thank you for your writing and helping me turn into a reader again! I know I would be so excited to meet Nora and probably be awestruck, but I couldn’t ignore saying hello to anyone that may be with her too…..

  11. After I got over my shock of coming face to face with my favorite author, I would thank her for all of the wonderful hours of reading she has given me and the rest of her fans.

  12. I would say, after the exciting gaps and uncontrollable weird laugh and smile:
    Hello Nora, so nice to finally meet you. My name is Ange and you are one of my top 10 favourite people in the world. Could I have your autograph in this book ( I’ll carry one if I know I’ll run into her).

    I’m in Canada, so likelihood of me running into Nora are slim, but thanks for asking.

  13. Thank you, Thank you. I just love getting lost in your books. I reread so many of them because they are like old friends and I don’t want to say goodbye…

  14. I would be amazed, and I’d want to tell her how much I love the stories she writes. I would ask her how she gets her ideas on how she places ghosts, and witches into the stories, these books are so juicy and interesting, that you just can’t get enough.

  15. Based on past experiences, I’d be starstruck, tell her I was a big fan and then almost cry. If I were lucky enough to meet her again, I’d be more normal and able to think of something more appropriate to ask.

  16. After I untie my tongue I would ask whats next….it would be a perfect world if I could get a new J.D.Robb or Nora Roberts every week. :0)

  17. I would thank her for providing the countless hours of enjoyment and inspiration she has given me. I would tell her how her stories and characters have inspired me, and how reading them during difficult times in my life has helped me escape for short periods of time! I would ask her how I could get a job with her, helping to proof read her stories. Since I have re read so many if her books, because of my love for the stories and characters, sometimes I find typos and inconsistency in some of the details if the story. I do some proof reading in my regular job, but to work for my favorite author in some capacity would be a dream come true!!

  18. The one thing that I really want to know is if there is any chance that the “In Death” series will become a movie series? I know that television series are “the thing”, but TV doesn’t do justice to Nora’s work. I was disappointed in all of her “made for TV” movies. I picture something like the old “Thin Man” movies. Some smart producer could make a fortune with that project, and all of Nora/Eve’s fans would have something to look forward to for years to come. It doesn’t seem fair that they keep making James Bond movies, but not even one Eve Dallas movie for the rest of us. This blog proves that if men will just try Eve’s stories, they get hooked just like the women do.

  19. I would say, “Thank you for all the hours spent reading your creations!”

  20. I would also, say thank you for all the pleasure you have given me. Can we expect another book set in my favorite spot Ireland???//

  21. I live in a small town in northern British Columbia, Canada, so the chances are slim to none to run into her on the street. HOWEVER the invitation is life long to come to Smithers, BC 🙂 I’ll be the silly looking one standing there with a mile wide smile. If I could actually speak I would thank her for the Three Sisters Trilogy as that was my introduction to her writing, and some years and many books later I discovered Carolina Moon which inspired me to start writing. I would like to tell Nora that her novels have been an escape and an inspiration!

  22. I met her at a book signing in Boonsboro. I’m one of those dopey fans that say stupid things and then after think man I’m dumb. She was very gracoius tho. (Hint fan from Utah with triplets) Although my friends still get a kick out of my experience. I have read everyone one of her books at least twice, if not more. I even have passages marked to turn to depending on my mood. I have never had a “bucket list” but my one goal was to meet Nora. Thanks for all the hours of entertainment. Love your work.

  23. Not very certain I’d say something… I think I’d watch her go and watch some details – her walking, who she’d stop to talk to… what she was watching at the windows shops and then let her go her way… weird, I know.
    But what do you say to a person you admired all your (adult) life, that you think you know from the recurrence some aspects happen in her books…? I wouldn’t certainly talk with her about her books or characters (she’s “been” with them enough to write it and then moved on) all the rest – even the photos you so generously shared – belongs to her personal life.
    You are, Laura, lucky for having her in your life. Not only your Friend is THE Nora Roberts but she seems to consider your bond beyond the professional scope. It’s good to have friends. To have Friends that like us – Best Think Ever.
    Enjoy and once again THANK YOU for sharing.

  24. I would probably tell her thank you for providing me with many wonderful hours of relaxation from my former career of teaching high school foreign languages, & my current state of retirement! I have loved her “3 Sisters/In the Garden/Brides” novels, as I’ve felt transported right into the action through her vivid character development. I just finished “Whiskey Beach”, & loved it! I would probably be talking too fast, because I’ve never met anyone famous!!

  25. I would be probably grin from ear to ear and pull out the Nora book I have in my purse (I always have one!) and ask her to sign it. And I would thank her for years and years of literary enjoyment. No author writes the way she does and I would be thrilled to meet her!

  26. I think I would be very nervous and end up saying something rambling and fangirlish. I would hope I would be able to tell her thank you for all the hours of reading enjoyment she’s given me over the years.

  27. After all of the sputtering?

    Probably ask her the most inane question I’ve ever had about anything 🙂

  28. I would tell her that my mother-in-law’s name was Eleanor Robertson. Then I would tell her how much I enjoy her novels. And that I write Romantic Suspense, too, and her writing has helped me be better at my craft.

  29. I can’t imagine being able to think of a thing to say – would be too ‘star struck’!! Like everyone else, I would hope I would be able to say Thank You!

  30. I would thank her for all the books she has written and that I have greatly enjoyed! I would ask for a picture with her and to autograph on of her books that I have. One of the best writers out there!

  31. would give thanks for giving us so many wonderful stories and so much joy that I have caused her books.
    Here I give you this video about eve and Roarke hope you like

    le daria las gracias por darnos tantas maravillosas historias y tantas alegrias que me han causado sus libros.
    aca les dejo este video sobre eve y roarke espero les guste

  32. Ummm… As proven by the only time I met Nora, at the signing in Anaheim last summer, I embarrass myself in champion fashion! I can’t imagine a second encounter being any different. My husband (yet again) would have to nudge me, remind me to breathe, & tell me to focus. I would attempt to show some decorum this time, though. I’d like to tell her that every single page I turn as I read her books is a treat. I’d like to thank her for sharing her gift with us. Words cannot adequately express what reading does for my soul, & her books have brought me nothing but joy. And it’s still a dream of mine to visit Inn Boonsboro & the town that is so dear to her heart.
    And I’d love to thank her for hiring you, Laura! I LOVE what you do & the way you make us feel connected! And hopefully this time I can speak without making a fool of myself!

  33. I don’t think I’d say or ask her anything other than hi. I have met her quite a few times. Have had pics taken with her and attended almost all of the TTP anniversaries and brunches along with helping make many JDRobb raffle baskets for her charity. I am sure she’d recognize me but can’t think of anything I’d say/ask. Once we discussed pedi’s we both had and after the signing all from our group plus Nora put out a sandaled pedi ‘d and painted set of toes for a pic. We discussed both of our blue painted toes and she said, “isn’t it fun?” She is a great sport. We all chuckled over the absurdity of it all. I feel honored to have met, know and admire her.

  34. Hello, I’m so glad to meet you! My name is Tinna, 1. May I ask you a few questions? 2. Does it bother you that people reconize you & wish to speak with you a few minutes? You were recently at the Ky Derby. 3. Do you plan to write another book about horses & the derby? 4th question. What’s your favorite flower? Then I would thank her for even speaking to me, & for writing books. Final question would be May I please have my picture taken with my 1st favorite author?!

  35. I think it would depend on the situation, and the street. LOL If Nora looked rushed, distracted, tired, or anything other than happy to stop and chat, I’d prolly just wave and/or give her a hug, say ‘so nice to see you again,’ and move along.

    If she had the time, I’d chat with her about what brought her to the street, the family, compare notes about mutual friends, future vacation plans, and whatever other fun stuff came up. Maybe over a drink, if she had the time and inclination. And if she was going power shopping, I’d ask to be her shadow (snort — as if I could keep up!) and watch her in action for awhile. It’s not every day one sees Olympic-level shopping! 😉

    Diane 🙂

  36. First of all I live in Mexico, so I think my chances of ever seeing her are really, really slim. Although she was in Ireland at the same time I was over there for my honeymoon. But if I ever met her, I’d thank her for being an inspiration because of her amazing stories and because I read somewhere that she got turned down several times before she got published, so as someone who likes to write and one day hopes to publish something, I’d thank her for never giving up.
    I guess I’d also thank her for her Ireland stories because it was because of those stories that I had to go to Ireland! And I’d probably ask her please come visit Mexico and maybe write a story about it je. Oh yes, and I’d ask her for a picture and an autograph. 🙂

  37. I would be sooooo excited to meet her and thank her for many hours of great reading!! 🙂

  38. I would thank her for all the hours of entertainment and inspiration she has provided for me and countless others with her writing talent . I would ask her what her favorite book of all her titles was and why. I would ask her where she would like to travel that she hasn’t already visited. I would ask her if she has ever had a ghostly experience like the one all the characters in the Inn Boonsboro series experience. I would love to hear about how Bruce came to start Turn the Page and his experiences with a rural Appalachian bookstore (my husband and I had one for ten years also). This is all a pipe dream, of course. Nora is a very important and furiously busy lady and can’t have time for every fan who wants a conversation with her. But I can dream! I am looking forward to coming to the Writing Institute in August.

  39. Thank her for the wonderful books. Ask her what she likes to read. And, having just re-read the Key Trilogy….The last book totally leaves room for future books with the final sentence being “For Now…”. Can we have more please?

  40. I think if I ran into Nora I would absolutely be awestruck. I love everything she has ever written so I would have to thank her for that. She has given me many hours of enjoyment and I so love getting wrapped up in her characters. I think what I would love to know the most is what is her inspiration. She is so great at creating these characters and they are all so different. I don’t know how she does it time and time again but I am so thankful she does and I look forward to each and every one of them.

  41. I would thank her for the many many hours of enjoyment she has provided for me in her novels. I would ask her to write more Irish stories, as I love those. I would tell her what a beautiful soul she is. I would probably cry as I would be in awe of her.

  42. Probably something along the lines of ‘Can I take you home with me? I’d love to hear about all the stories you have in your head’ or ‘Are those men you describe really out there and if so, where can I find mine?’

  43. Well it turns out she filmed several of her movies here in Calgary, Canada. I didn’t find this out until after the fact. I could of passed her on the street and not known it.
    If I met her I would say thank you for the great novels and thank you for helping get me through years of illness and rough times. I reread her books all the time. They are like old, dear friends I love visiting. All her books have a special place in my heart. Her books has rekindled my passion for reading. And I read every day again!

  44. Of course like everyone, after I got my tongue working, I would thank her for all the wonderful hours of enjoyment I’ve experienced while reading her books. I would also tell her how much I admire her talent and work ethic which allow her to be such a prolific and successful writer. She is an example of how talent and hard work can truly pay off with a job she loves!!

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