Mayo, Day Sixteen

The world’s full of drama outside the windows. Wild wicked wind that howls as it whips the trees and sends the fountain water spewing sideways. 

It whistles, sings, with thunder occasionally rumbling to add some fierce. BW spots a woman walking one of the paths who holds her umbrella horizontally toward the water.

I think, however she aims it, it’ll not do much good out there.

From inside,  cozy, dry and warm, it’s a terrific show.

The dry view. Photo by BW

Our plan for the day is to burrow inside. 

I pay a visit to JK&G’s room to see the progress on Kat’s painting. She’s adding falcons!

I don’t know if my snap of the progress shows the beginnings of them—in white on the sky—but her greenery’s taking shape.

This serves as today’s #randomkatness. Photo by Nora

This is going to be fabulous when finished, as it already is.

Kat, Griffin and I go up to the boutique. Stairs! Joy for the boy.

Inside the lovely little shop, he makes friends with some ladies. And I spot a scarf boasting one of those gorgeous falcons. How can I walk away from that?

I don’t.

Why not have a nice, leisurely lunch while the rain lashes at the windows?

We have a table right by those windows, so have our show while we eat.

Rain! Photo by Kat

Griffin and I share an enormous toasted ham and cheese sandwich on a baguette. He is a serious fan, sits on my lap and chows down on the bites I break off for him. Even with his help—and he gave me plenty—I couldn’t finish it.

Nap time for the boy after a bit of a walk around. BW has his book, and I decide to take a couple of these stormy hours to write. I hit the point I wanted to hit, start to pack it up, and here comes Griffin, fresh from his nap. And with him, the sun.

We won’t waste it.

The outdoors! Yay! Photo by Kat

We gear up, and all head out to the walled garden. Griffin meets young Rory and Shane on the way, makes more pals. The air’s daisy fresh now, the wind quiet. The storm blew in some warm, so it’s a lovely walk to a lovely spot.

Kat and Jason scout around—the boy wants some gravel and dirt—and they set up our traditional pano.

Soo..maybe not THIS much gravel, Mom? Photo by Kat
Yes! Flowers! Photo by Kat

It works, first take! Great fun for us.

Pano – Walled garden edition. Photo by j a-b

We take the long way home in the warm and fresh, the quiet light. See Cullen as we go by the falconry school. They’re about to fly one of their ladies so she can hunt for her supper.

Fortunately we don’t have to hunt for our own. When our walk’s done, we head down for dinner. The fish I choose is as fresh as the evening.

BW and cap off the evening streaming The Quiet Man. 

Soft and quiet to start the morning. Misty and calm, all grays and greens. With my workout done, the boy having his post-breakfast nap—after a quick visit to climb our stairs—the wind kicks up again.

We plan to go out, see more of the area, but we’ll wait for Griffin to rouse, and hopefully, the day to settle down a bit.


9 thoughts on “Mayo, Day Sixteen”

  1. Looks like the ghost of a falcon in Kat’s painting, very cool!

  2. I can’t wait to read whichever story you are working on, because it’s going to have to have elements of this trip in it. The pictures you paint with your words take us all to a very special place.
    Griffin is adorable.

  3. My kind of quiet indoor day. Can’t wait to see Kat’s finished painting. Your scarf sounds beautiful, would love to see a picture..

    Looking forward to your next adventurous day!

  4. My kind of day. I love me a mean Autumn day with all the works. so ready for Autumn ?
    Griffin is a ? and smiles magnet ?

  5. Yes, Flowers…what a beautiful baby boy!
    Painting progress, thumbs up!

  6. Griffin’s fascination with stone makes me wonder if there’s a sculptor hiding behind those twinkling eyes. What a beautiful – if wet – day. Glad you snuggled in. I couldn’t get the pano to enlarge, but the colors in it looked so rich. Thanks!

  7. I love the way you describe the weather and air in colors .I too love scarves- i’ve stopped collecting them, because i rarely wear them. You look like you are always wearing one.

  8. Another lovely day. I love the pano. Griffin’s photos are priceless – such a joy he is to you. Kat’s painting is still beautiful, and will be fabulous when she’s done. Thank you for sharing another day of your vacation.

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