Year One discussion thread

Today’s the day!  Year One is finally here — in stores or on your ereader.   A little over a year ago, Nora shared the new direction in which this trilogy — The Chronicles of The One — would go.  Now you get to start the journey.

I simply devoured Year One when I had the chance to read the ARC in the spring.  I truly believe that the direction may be different, but this is a Nora book filled with relationships, evocative imagery, great dialogue and people you will love.

This is the place to discuss Year One, so be ware: spoilers ahead.


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  1. Almost finished. Library released early. Honestly at the start, I had to walk away to clear the dread. The book is so visually descriptive that I was afraid it would give me nightmares. Not a complaint, that is just how well Nora writes. The bad are really bad and the good are really good. Light and dark, black and white, good and bad. A masterful mix and looking forward to the next round. I loved this book.

    1. Good to hear. Thanks.

      Purchased and have just flipped through. Is it as heavy on dialogue as it appears? Prefer a heavier weight on descriptive passages, with inner thoughts explored and settings described. Heavy dialogue just wears me out.

        1. It’s so disappointing to have to wait 9 months for the next book in the series. I realize you have other books to write and that waiting appears to be a marketing ploy, but truly, do you think we don’t imagine that the next two books are already written? Personally I will wait until you publish all three titles to buy the books as it appears to be very good. But you know you’re competing with other authors whose books and marketing strategies are better for people like me. Wish you the best and see you in two to three years!

          1. The timing of this trilogy is not a marketing ploy. Nora stopped writing trilogies back to back over a dozen years ago due to scheduling the other books she writes each year. This trilogy is not finished by any means. And the fact that the books are longer than trilogies in the past means Nora needs the time to write them. In the meantime, she will meet the contractual obligation to write two In Deaths and a hardcover romantic suspense besides the books in the Chronicle of the One. One author — four long books a year? That’s productivity unlike any other author I know.


          2. I agree. Nora’s output is phenomenal. If she was just writing the trilogy, she most likely could do all three in one year; but she’s not. I’m just happy that she manages two In Death books a year. I love her romantic suspense, too. I understand the disappointment we readers experience when authors don’t write faster, but they are only human. At least, we have the option of reading different books while waiting for the next installment from one of our favorite authors.

          3. Tell Nora her ability to write books in the time span she does….is remarkable!!
            I will wait however long it takes!!
            Good things are worth the wait!!!


          4. I personally love re-reading the first book again a few weeks before the second comes out. And then re-reading the 1st and 2nd books again when the third comes out! It’s a long wait, but worth it!!

          5. First, the next two books of this trilogy aren’t already written. Why? Because I’m not a machine. These books are longer and more complicated to write than any trilogy I’ve done before. Writing them is both satisfying and exhausting.

            And in addition to writing the trilogy, I DO have other books to write. Needing a reasonable amount of time to write, to produce the best books I can, takes that time and considerable effort.

            I can’t help what’s better for people like you, or readers who want this or that or something else entirely. I have to focus on what’s best for the story, while balancing the work with having an actual life.

            When I do that I’m much more likely to write books that keep readers happy.

            When and if you do read the trilogy, I hope you enjoy it, and at least on some level appreciate that time and effort.

          6. You tell’em, Nora! Just finished the re-read, taking more time, and I’m still stunned, breathless, amazed. I recall when you first blogged about it filling your mind, and small wonder that it had to come out! To imagine, and then describe in such detail, such devastation and hope; such hatred and love, all of it – must have had your head in a whirl. I would think you’d need to step back – way back – and breathe after getting that all out. As a fan of both J.D. and Nora, I am always happy to see what’s come out of that awesome imagination of yours and frankly I’m glad when you ‘change it up’ and keep things fresh. This went way beyond fresh! I will read Year One again before the second book comes out, and likely both one and two when number three comes out. That’s just fine. Diving into your worlds is a privilege, and I treasure it. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and just enjoy your winter burrow time.

          7. I would hate to see you rush any book, let alone a trilogy. I’m as anxious as everyone else for the next instalment bit it looks like it will be well worth the wait. Personally I think this was one of the best books you’ve written even without the expected HEA. Thank you for taking a chance and going in a new direction.

          8. I agree that waiting for the next book in a series in hard but it is Always worth the wait! I would rather wait than risk Nora’s exceptional quality suffer, and burnout is real. Sometimes we forget that writers are not just writers, but also Spouses, parents, grandparents, and just people who have other interests and passions besides their craft! Year One was a risk for Nora but she pulled it off in her usual style, leaving the readers longing for more! Congratulations on your outstanding achievement and I am so excited for Dark in Death to come out next year! Every book is an adventure and keeps us going until the next!

          9. I love nora’s work and could care less about how long between books in a series, as long as she keeps writing that’s all that matters. Creative genius just doesn’t spit out whenever you feel like it, it takes time and nurturing to craft a piece that one is happy with.
            it’s ok to wish that you could read the story in its entirety, but insulting to the writer to call them out as a marking ploy because it’s inconvient to your personal preferences.

          10. I so agree with you. It’s so annoying when the energy and the story are so fresh and I am engaged 100%. Bam, dead stop and wait. Marketing, marketing, marketing in the way of a wonderful and compelling story.

          11. Since I absolutely loved this book, I too wish books 2 and 3 were coming out tomorrow, lol. But I do understand and realize that Ms. Roberts is only human and has a life as well as other obligations. I am appreciative and very grateful for her hard work and wonderful imagination and will wait (im)patiently for the next two!

          12. Wow. I don’t ever, nor will I probably ever again, comment on blogs like this, but this woman’s vitriol was too much to overlook. I came to this site, because like many others, I am greedy for the next installment, or at least details of when to expect it! But to throw out aspersions about “marketing ploys” and “books already written”…seriously? Shame on you…are you one of the “Dark Uncanny”…or just a nasty human being, in general? (Sorry, couldn’t resist the parallel.) Take a note from the book, fictional though it is…enjoy what you have and look to the gifts of the future (books, food, electricity, health, safety….you understand my point.) Nora, thank you for giving me distraction from my everyday life…you, and many others like you, are a gift to be welcomed and cherished!

          13. Not sure what your point would be and why you would post it here, but ok. I hear you. Feel better? Last I checked this was a blog to discuss a book and not a forum for complaints but hey, I’m wrong a lot.

          14. And by “obviously” in case you’re not bright enough to understand…you ARE wrong. i was NOT complaining, merely commenting on SOMEONE ELSES complaints. Really, not your business to object to…because, as you stated so non-elquently, this blog is about the book and the author, which I believe I addressed. So in answer to you’re other question, yes I am happy… thanks so much for asking. And , again, as always, thank you, Nora.

          1. No, Chris. Writing, process, creativity being the whole of it. It. Takes. Freaking. Time. To write a book, and a hell of a lot of time to write a trilogy.

            When you sit down and write some 1200-1500 pages of a three part saga in a fingersnap of time, please let me know. Until then just cut it out.

            Marketing, my ass. And I’ll take whatever time I need to take to craft a trilogy I’m satisfied is the best I can offer to the reader.

            Do you work in publishing? Are you a writer struggling to tell a story well? If not, why do you think you know so much about it?

            I’m well and truly sick of this sort of comment. You don’t KNOW me, you don’t know how I work, how my editor works, howmy publisher works, but you come on my blog and make insulting statements.

            Bite me.

            Seriously, just bite me. Find someone else to read and whine about.

          2. Well said Nora!
            We’ll wait for The One, together all around the world!

        2. Nora has always had a way of blending the light and dark but just like Eve and Roarke the characters are what always draw me back and all I can say is for the first time in a long time I want to see all years of these characters in year one to be told, but I will take what i can get, perhaps keep in mind that not all your books need to be trilogies, perhaps consider making this another long running series like in Death

    2. i have just finished this great book. i can never say enought in praise of ms Roberts creative skills. just bloody awesome. i have every single book you have written. i have re read series many times. just love your work.

    3. Enjoyed the book, the personalities, the story. I’m guessing we’ll meet up with the New Hope people again and watch their society take shape, resolve issues, and, hopefully prosper and grow…. looking forward to Fallon hooking up with Duncan and maybe his sister to fight the dark forces and save the light-third book should have an epic battle with strategies leading up to it . I surely hope there isn’t a ‘purge’ to kill all the girl babies who might be The One. That’s a too much like the Ten Commandants!

  2. Yay, it’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! Can’t wait to snuggle in and read it! However, seeing as I have to adult today and go to work, I think I may hold off and start it Saturday so I can dedicate the whole day to delving in! 🙂 Thanks for yet another wonderful excursion, Nora!

    1. Oh my gosh, finished this within 24hrs of starting, it was so good! I really like the new turn Nora has taken! But my heart aches for some of the characters and I cringe at the meanness of some and the unfortunate parallel to our current US situations. Thanks for a great read, Nora!!

  3. The preview of the first chapter was awesome! So excited to read the whole book when it arrives today! Thank you, Nora, for another exciting escape.

  4. I bought my copy on Audible so I can listen during my commute to and from work. So excited. I love all of Nora Roberts books.

  5. I won the ARC a couple of weeks ago! Nora slipped into this new genre like she’d been doing it all along! This story has been percolating in her mind for some time. Great, rounded characters. What an awesome read and Now of course, can’t wait for the next one. 😐

  6. Thanks for becoming an author. I don’t know what I’d do without your books now that I have gotten to know them. Looking forward to reading “Year One”.

  7. Thanks to the wonders of ereaders I was able to start reading at midnight. Big mistake of course as “just one more chapter” itis got a hold of me but I managed to stop at chapter 4 at 2am. I made no other plans for today and my “real” copy just arrived. Bonus it is raining !!! AWESOME afternoon for me. Thanks Nora

  8. I know it is on the way today, very anxious to have it in my hands and can stat the journey…thank you Nora.

  9. Ditto from Janet’s response. I read the ARC – thank you Goodreads! 🙂 I gobbled it up in 24 hrs – what a roller coaster ride – thank you Nora for an awesome story. Now about Book 2?!? Just kidding (sort of – LOL) For those in the beginning of the story – hold onto your hats!! I think Year One rates as my top fav read – ever!

  10. I was one of the fortunate ones to receive my ARC on Nora’s birthday. Might I say, WOW. I dived right in and have already reread it. I love everything about this book. It has been so hard to keep my fingers quiet about this fabulous book. It soared to the top of my NR favorites. Thank you for the hundreds of hours of enjoyment your books have given.

    1. Loved this book! So scary at times. Full of hartwarming moments and so very sad ones (Max, crying again). Are the people of New Hope returning? Can’t wait for Year Two.

      1. I enjoyed YEAR ONE also and I am looking forward to the second year. Surely the people of New Hope will return as we , the readers invested a lot of love and feelings for all of them. We want their story to turn out well as we do Lana’s and Simon’s and of course, THE ONE. Thank you Nora for many hours of reading entertainment. I am one of those who wish the writers could write faster but I understand good books take time to write. For myself a good book unfolds just like a movie in my mind and it is really frustrating to reach a point where the movie just shuts off. LOL. I suppose I could wait for all books in the Story to come out but that is no fun so I’ll read and enjoy YEAR ONE and wait for two and three. Merry Christmas Nora and your family.

  11. Just finished! Speechless! How long do we have to wait for book 2? Now I have to reread. I wasn’t sure I would like this new path of Nora’s, but loved the story. Overwhelming!

  12. I really enjoyed the book. Was only going to read a few chapters but ended up reading until 3am finishing it. But I am now so curious for the second. Are we going to see Fallon grow and what about Katie’s babies. Can we get some hints??

  13. Loved this new book. I am presuming it is the first of a trilogy. The format was different. Not so obvious 6 characters that become three couples. The storyline was compelling with a few twists and not so obvious future relationships. Her storytelling itself was outstanding. She hooked me in with the first two chapters and never let go. I thought Obsession was the best I had read of hers until this story. A great read!

  14. Just finished my copy of Year One. once again a masterful work. How long will we have to wait for the next installment?
    I am deffinently hooked.

  15. I absolutely loved Year One! I purchased the eBook yesterday morning and struggled to put it down, so I gave in and read until I finished it. I then had to read it a second time last night.

    I loved the story and the way magick weaved through it, the development of the characters and the vivid imagery that sparked both wonder and fear as I read.

    My only upset – and it was a little one – was that I would have liked to have seen more of New Hope after the events there, given I’d grown so attached to the characters. Maybe in the next book?

  16. Just finished— A story and characters that truly grabs your heart. My new favorite book! Can’t wait for the next one.

  17. Oh I just started it. Now, I have to get to bed before I go deeper. I hope to read more after work tomorrow. But I have to make sure I write my own words before I read the great Nora’s words. Love her books, have met her twice such a nice lady.
    Thank you Laura for sharing her with us.
    Thank you Nora for writing for us.
    Kathy Crouch

  18. Just finished the book. Its almost 4am in the morning. when I started it earlier this evening I promised myself that I wouldn’t read it in one sitting, well here I am hours later finished. I couldn’t stop reading. It was that good. Definitely different from other Roberts books, but character development just as good. I can’t wait to read book two and find out what happens to all the characters we met in book one.

    In one of the review someone mentioned that it reminded them of Stephen King’s The Stand, I disagree. The premise of a super cold wiping out the world and good versus evil may be the same but the arrival is different. The darkness is different and the light as well. The writing in King’s novel was very much based on religion and I think in Roberts book it’s based on magic with religious undertones. That’s just my opinion. Both books are very well written and The Stand is one of my favorites.

    Ms. Roberts, thanks for keeping me up all night.

    1. Melanie
      Just finished and now am reading th e blog comments.
      I’m w you. Similar to The Stand, but not the same. Nora’s underlying magick and spiritualty casts an entirely different context.

      She is such a fantastic story teller. The settings, the characters and then the story sucks you in….

      Oh my, next Fall for book2
      Nora is number 1 fir a reason!

      1. I read The Stand many, many years ago. It was honestly one of the scariest books I’ve read in my life ~ because it felt like it could happen. Nora’s has a different perspective, but is not less frightening. In the strange world we now live in with travel to everywhere, there are endless possibilities for contagious, infectious problems. Mixed in with the gov’t desire to control the narrative, it opens up all kinds of possibilities. I love the possibilities. I enjoyed the read and look forward to saving it to re-read as Book II comes out.

    2. I don’t read Stephen King, so cannot have an opinion on how it relates to The Stand. However, I did feel some similarity to The Passage Justin Cronin. I guess it’s the apocalypse comparison. I did have a moment of wanting to throw my Kindle at the wall (Max)…just as I did when I finished reading The Passage first time and didn’t know it was a trilogy LOL. I’m with everyone else on wanting some follow up on all the babies and people we’ve come to love in this one. I can’t imagine Nora would leave us hanging!

      1. The book YEAR ONE reminded me of was Robert McCammon’s SWAN SONG. One of the best books I’ve ever read and this new book by Nora’s is a match for that one.

    3. I too loved this book. I read it fast, so now I can go and re-read it slowly and savor it. It didn’t remind me so much of the The Stand as it did that TV show Revolution, which I also liked.

      No one writes like Nora Roberts. That is just the plain truth. She is fantastic. I love this new direction this trilogy is taking.

      How I can wait until 2018, I have no idea!!

  19. It was great! Going to start the re-read today. I’m hoping for New Hope stories in book 2. I kept waiting for an update on Katie and the babies, Rachel and Jonah, Fred, Arlys and all the rest.

  20. This book has all the elements I look for in a post-apocalyptic tale. It has the initial die-off (sorry but I can’t think of a better term), survivors trying to adjust to a dystopian world and survivors forming new societies and re-establishing a new life. Throw in a sprinkling of the paranormal and you have a ripping good story.
    I have often thought about what I would do if I awoke one day to find that the apocalypse had occurred. I know, my thoughts are not those of a normal human. A lot of the things I think about are very close to what happens in Year One. This book is very well written and very well thought out.

  21. Ordered it yesterday morning and it was all I could do not to read it at work. Got home from work at 5pm started reading and finished it at 10pm. It was SOOO good!!! I read through it so fast I’m going to have to go back and read it again, much slower this time to catch nuances I might have missed. I cannot wait for the next one!

    1. That’s exactly what I did too….first read I read very quickly, couldn’t wait to see what happened and how it ended. Second read, read for details!!
      Enjoyed it both times!!!

  22. I wish Nora’s books were released on Fridays instead of Tuesdays. I had to call in sick to work today because I was up all night reading ‘Year One.’ This happens every time she releases a new book!
    Another fabulous read from Nora Roberts. As always with Ms. Robert’s books, I felt I knew the people (not just as characters in a book) and rejoiced with their triumphs and felt sorrow with their pain.
    Will Katie’s twins study with Mallick when Fallon does? Will Fred and Starr end up together? President MacBride (Scottish background–maybe an Uncanny?) was mentioned a few times, so what role will she play with our groups?
    Do I really have to wait until November to find out??

  23. I read my first Nora when I was 17 I’m now nearly 48. I’ve got every book both Nora and JD Robb and have enjoyed them all.
    When I read that Year One was going to be a little different I’ll admit I was worried. Worried that it wouldn’t be the Nora I love and enjoy so much .
    I should have known after all these years that I not only wouldn’t be let down by Nora but completely blown away and left speechless. Loved it! Definitely in my top ten.

  24. What about everybody in New Hope that lived? Are we going to see them again? I felt more emotionally invested in them than I did Max. For example- Fred, Jonah, Eddie, Katie the babies. Will the next book be 13 years ahead or we will go back to New Hope?

    1. I agree, losing Max made me cry for Lana but I’m more emotionally invested in Rachel, Jonah, Katie, Arlys, Fred, Eddie, Kim and Poe, the babies. Lol it was hinted that there was an importance that Jonah, Rachel and the babies are connected, full circle, I need to see/read more.

  25. I just finished this in one sitting. I was first on my libraries hold list! It was a miracle. I did a little dance. Started it as soon as I got home. It was amazing. First part had my anxious. Made me feel sick to my stomach. I kept looking out my windows. Felt like there really was an epidemic going on. I enjoyed all the characters. Laughed and cried. I hate that we have to wait almost a year for the next installment. I have read every single story that N R has written. I believe this one is in my top 5 so far. I knew it was going to be a change but I was as excited about this one as I would have been any other. Keep up the great work and please give us something to get us through till the next installment. Going out tomorrow to add this to my collection.

  26. Anyone else having a problem reading this in their Nook or computer? I preordered, downloaded and the screen turns black every time i try to read the book. The only thing I can see, barely, are the page numbers at the bottom of the screen. I can read any other book or magazine except Year One. Mabe ot has been stricken with The Doom?!?

    1. Seems there has been a few problems with this book launch, between failed downloads and bad audiobooks. I couldnt read the book ob my e-readers or my laptop, but could see it on my cell phone. I took my Nook into the local Barnes and Noble yesterday and they couldn’t figure out the problem. When they tried to open the book on 3 of their own Nook devices, the book wouldn’t open. It wasnt until tech support deleted the book altogether and reinstalled it that it began to work on all devices/platforms.

  27. I have to say that I started reading I was a little apprehensive but also drawn from the start. Although it may be a slight departure from usual, it’s the rhythm and they way she tells a story that is pure Nora Roberts. It is visually descriptive, with characters that you become emotionally wrapped up in. It is a believable tale of black and white, good vs evil, life changing decisions. i did put it down at the end of the 2nd chapter because…just wow but the magic drew me back in. Great Read! As with any series I’m wishing the next book was already in my hands

  28. This was a good story but not epic like I expected it to be. And I really missed Nora Roberts’ rich flow of words, which made her books so special. One of the things I love best about her books is the beauty of the words crafted in such a way, they are a pleasure to read, like the Circle trilogy which was epic. I’m sorry to say that was missing in this book.
    I’m still going to wait for the next book in this trilogy.

  29. Amazing book. Totally different from Nora’s earlier work. Kept me guessing, didn’t see the Max twist coming.Thought the story would progress around New Hope and its inhabitants. Hope to meet Duncan and Antonia in next book.

  30. I don’t think read is the word to use; I inhaled it! Very, Very good! During the New York part, I kept thinking of that Will Smith movie where he’s trying to solve the disease & dealing with the horrors of what’s happening in NYC. Great film, but doubt I’ll ever watch it again. I cried too many times! I didn’t cry while reading this; but was shocked about Max!

    Honestly, didn’t feel it was all that different from her other paranormals. Maybe if the Uncanny’s hadn’t been in the book, it wouldn’t have felt so similar, but they were, and it did! The main difference for me; we don’t have a strong sense of 3 couples, 3 books, 3 stories, all combining into one main story. I hate that I have to wait a year for part 2; I’ll have to reread this one then, but shoot, I reread all the time, esp. NR’s, plus there’s always a JDRobb open at my place!

    Thanks for the great story, Nora…and the sleepless night…no sleeping while inhaling!

  31. Read it in 2 days even with having to work! WOW! What a ride. So sad about Max, though. Nora just keeps getting better. Couldn’t believe I got it from my elibrary on 1st day available.

  32. Awesome book!! Was truly shocked about Max; I figured he was going to be the main hero throughout the series. Can not wait until the second book comes out.

  33. Is there anything Nora can’t do? I listen to most of her masterpieces on Audible. (I’ve listened to Stars of Fortune more times than I’m prepared to admit!)

    And I only began Year One yesterday but I’m well into it now. That scene in the tunnels of the PATH! Wow. Nora has such a talent for turning words into worlds.

    Here’s my only problem… Usually I read (listen) to all three trilogies at once. Now, I actually have to practice patience while we wait for book two!! 😂

    Hehe- seriously love being transported to different places and times, as only our beloved Nora can do.

    I visited Ireland this past summer and roamed around Ashford Castle, hoping to spot a dark witch (lol). I’m glad I won’t be visiting the scary afterlife that exists in a Year One anytime soon! I’ll just enjoy this journey from the comfort of my home.

    If you read these comments, Nora, I hope you know your art is one of the most enjoyable little pockets of my life. THANK YOU. Year One is amazing.


  34. Laura, I’m not going to read the comments, because I’m not done reading/listening. Has someone already told you Chapter Six is missing from the audiobook of Year One? My audiobook arrived just as I brought the book home from the library, so was reading and listening at the same time. Seriously, a big gap.

    1. Hi Paula,

      No one has mentioned that. Have you read/heard reports from others? I have the CD but haven’t listened to it yet. Would like to point Brilliance in the right direction.

      1. Jacqueline,

        I’m sorry you ran into the same issue. Please call Brilliance at the number I gave Paula and they will help you immediately.


          1. Jacqueline – the people at Brilliance were awesome! They’ll need the ISBN number on the back of the disc holder and where you got it from, that’s all. No muss, no fuss. Thanks again, Laura!

          2. I did the same thing Paula, yesterday. They are sending me a new mp3. Thanks

  35. Loved it. I got it on release day and finished it that much at 1230pm. I will probably wait a few days and re-read slower. It was excellent and would make a great movie. The characters are so intriguing and some very good surprises. Never would have suspected Mac’s brother to be the bad guy.

  36. I just finished it and have to say WOW, JUST WOW!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! I’ve been a huge fan of Nora’s for years. I’ve read all her books at least twice and especially love the trilogies (and the bride quartet). They are like visiting old friends.
    I have always marveled at how she can write so many great books but this is by far her very best!! I can’t wait for book 2! Thank you Nora, for sharing your awesome talent with us!!

  37. And now no Chapter 12? Whoever does quality control for the audiobooks needs a stern talking to, Laura.

  38. And now Chapter 17 of the audiobook. I would have been seriously confused if I hadn’t had a copy of the book to read along with the audiobook.

    1. Paula,

      I need to know where you purchased your cd (if it’s not audible) so I can give Brilliance some direct information.


      1. Laura, I bought the MP3 CD from Amazon, which is the norm for me. I like to have the actual “book” on my shelf. Chapter 23 is also missing. Once I realized what was happening, then I noticed it went from Chapter 11 straight to 13, and so on, but I’m usually so wrapped up in the story I don’t register the chapter number. Very strange. Good luck! BTW – the story is absolutely awesome! Looking forward to the second book!

        1. Paula,

          This is what my contact at Brilliance said:

          I’m sorry that the reader is having trouble with her MP3-CD. Please have her contact our customer service department at 1-800-648-2312, and they will take care of a replacement right away.

          We have not heard of any other problems, but will check the recording master.

          Thanks for letting me know.


          1. Laura, thank you so much! I had no intention of you doing this for me, so very much appreciated. I had resigned myself to arguing with Amazon. I just had visions of hundreds of discs like this going out, since mass production makes the idea of mine being unique unlikely, and wanted to let you know. Once again, many thanks.

  39. Received Year One as a Birthday Gift the day it was released! Snuggled down with it for the night! What a fabulous journey Nora is taking all if us on! Looking so forward to the second book.

  40. Finished it last night. Awesome read. Really liked the character development. When I finished I decided I can’t wait for the second book, but, I had some unpleasant dreams overnight and now I not sure I will read the second one. My reading pattern with Nora’s series books are I read #1 when it comes out and when #2 is almost out I reread #1. I will keep to the pattern before #2 is out and decide then if I will get it.

  41. I listened to the Audible version and have to say she did such an amazing job that I felt like I was right there going through everything along with the characters. To me it was a marriage of J.D & Nora styles and I loved it. I will thank Nora for the warning ahead of time that it is not her “Usual” so that when Max died, although I felt the grief, I didn’t get angry at the Author. But then giving us Simon to make up for it… Love him as much as I loved Max. One of the things I love about Nora’s writing is her ability to write ensemble casts that we fall in love with. Each and every one. Was I the only one who felt the on air reporter could be Nadine’s Mama? LOL. I’m a sap so I would like to see more of Simon & Lana. I also wonder if Duncan will end up being Fallon’s destiny. He is from the beginning. I also hope Katie found love again.

      1. It kind of looks that way. I hope though that we see some of the other characters and there children. The twins had some powers of their own.

      2. I’m wondering if the second book goes back to New Hope, for the rebuilding after the attack. Lana was promised 13 years of peace for Fallon, so we might get a look or two at Fallon growing up, but New Hope got no promise and, like everyone else, I’m anxious to see how everyone’s doing.

  42. I have yet to read anything I dislike from NR. This of course is a bit different from her usual. Reminded me of The Stand by S. King. Certainly wish she would/could write faster, or I read slower. Looking forward to the second installation…..and more from Nora. Thank you to her for the many years of reading I have enjoyed.

  43. Just finished and love this book. It’s definitely a Nora Roberts story. My only complaint is having to wait so long for book 2 them 3. It would be nice if they came out a little closer together

  44. Brilliant, disturbing, grief-inducing; an EXCEPTIONAL book!! Only problem I have is waiting almost a year for Book 2 – groan – moan – whine – pout :). My FAVORITE author for more than 30 years. Thank You, Ms. Roberts for these many years of enjoyment.
    P. S. My personal wish – pie in the sky – is a new NR book every week :)! Wouldn’t that be great? Yeah – yeah I know; not “doable”, but, still…

  45. This book was phenomenal. I think Nora just gets better and better. It was very different to her other works but I loved it nonetheless. Obviously there was a little unexpected heartbreak which really did shock me. I did not see that coming for even a second. I think I can see where the storyline is going by the last couple of pages and I’m excited.

  46. When Nora announced last year she was going down a new path with this trilogy, I didn’t think I would want to read it but then she posted the first chapter and I read it. I was hooked and couldn’t wait for the book to be released. I downloaded it Tuesday and finished it last night. I despaired, I laughed, I cried and I ended on HOPE. I should have known after reading so many Nora books that I wouldn’t be disappointed. With this book, I am introducing friends to Nora.

  47. Absolutely wonderful. Dark and dystopian but unfortunately that is the world we live in. As with all of Nora’s books I read it in a day. It’s harder on my eyes in my 60’s but worth it. I can’t wait for the next one. I have read everything she has written and this is one of the best.

  48. I wish I had the fortitude to wait until all three were out to start to read but darn it I love her books and just can’t wait! So now I mumble and grumble until the next one is released! Book One is one of her best! I envy her command of the English language and her imagination is out of this world!

  49. I love 80% of the story but I can’t take it when Max died. Swift would have been a great character if Max was not introduced as our first hero.

    I don’t know if I’ll follow this trilogy. How I wished we also knew what happened to the rest of the characters introduced. I think that is why I am not happy when I finished the story.

  50. Wow! What a gripping story. I had to put it down several times when the action became too intense. Waiting for November with bated breath. Thanks for a wonderful ride.

  51. I’ve done again. I’ve read the first one and I’m hooked. Totally surprised by the new dinamic in which the story was developed. Why oh why just in the next late fall? Thank you Nora!

  52. Loved it. I don’t agree with the dystopian label, but then again, I don’t see any of Nora’s work fitting completely into any box so that’s just me. I loved the characters and the world building. I see this book as a book that could stand alone, but since I know it won’t, it makes me that much more interested in how this foundation develops. Someone asked if the next book would be set close in time or years later. I hope for years later.

    Oh, and Bygones? Anyone? Bygones? Store called Bygones? In Virginia? Dammit what book was that from?

      1. Can’t believe I forgot that. Thank you! Don’t you love how she gives us those little gifts from time to time?

        1. I completely missed that! I knew bygones sounded familiar but I couldn’t figure out why. Nora you devilish trickster you.

  53. *****The 5 stars is because Nora made me cry, and that hasn’t happened in a long time. I’d become so comfortable with her common formula of writing, become comfortable and maybe a little bored by the predictable plot lines. I remained faithful to this author who I think just gets me, gets what I need as a woman, a fan and someone who needs an escape now and then. This book is an abandonment of the comfortable, the predictable and the formula. She’s taken her magical world in a direction not on any map, and made it new. I loved this book and say so succinctly as a faithful fan of Nora, but also as what I like to think of a friend and fellow writer. She’s returned to the amazing, the bright, to a perfect fictional world that wrenches the soul and stirs the heart. For all the naysayers who were impatient with her last couple of books, they were but cobblestones leading to this one, and I’m so very glad I hung On!

  54. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!

    Also loved that Nora dedicated it to Logan 🙂

    Can’t wait for the next book and will be re-reading again and again. Definitely in my top 10 fav NR books/trilogy :).

  55. Devoured this book over one day and loved the new direction Nora has taken. I purposely did not read anything about it before I got the book and was immediately sucked in to the story. It’s scary parallels with where we are on Earth just now made it unputdownable (my new word!). Did not see Max’s demise coming and loved the depth of the characters as usual. So looking forward to the next book and hope we get to meet the New Hope residents again.

  56. Haven’t made up my mind about it yet. Read it but unfortunately sat there thinking “huh?” . It kind of got me like Morgana’s Cross did, Didn’t hate it but wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. I am reserving judgement as I ended up loving the other series.
    Don’t get me wrong I love Nora’s books and avidly wait for releases. Some people just don’t like certain books.

  57. I loved this book, personally think it’s one of the best starts to a trilogy by Nora. I got so much of a sense of Stephen Kings The Stand in it I was in love (makes sense he loved Nora’s books lol) I got an itch to watch the fill version. This is shown as black n white no grey areas…. and shows a true reaction on how the world would react …… simply amazing read

  58. This is not what I expected from NR. A big cardinal rule was broken at the end of Y1. After slipping through such horrid darkness in the first half of Y1, I had hoped to at least remain holding hands with the main characters at the end. What I had counted on was not there. I’m not saying the writing wasn’t brilliant but, to me, the sacrifice wasn’t worth it. I could have found this from other writers. I just didn’t want it from Nora.

    1. I think that is why they went to so much trouble to let us know this was a new direction. All the old rules are off. That made it a fun read for me.

    2. There aren’t cardinal rules writers must adhere to other than staying true to the story. But there are, absolutely, reader expectations. And that’s why I wrote an explanation early on that this would be a different direction.

  59. I’m not going to lie, I was divided between being skeptical with the change in pace and refreshed . I don’t normally post in these forums but after this book I feel I have to. It was amazing. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to muddle through waiting for the next one. 😉 It’s dark, it’s dread and it’s light and it’s hope. I finished it in two days because I just couldn’t put it down. I have always been a huge fan of your romance and always will but this? This is something you should continue without a doubt. I see major motion pictures or TV series in your future.

  60. With the connection to Remember When and the store Bygones, when is Year One set? I had thought fairly present time but now with the reference to Remember When (set in the future), I’m not sure.

  61. Got the audible version yesterday, loved it! Can I also say, I loved your choice of character names? Not that I’m biased in any way.. 🙂

  62. I wasn’t sure when I started this book that I was going to love it. About Chapter 5 I was hooked. There was enough light to overshadow the dark and now I’m counting the days down until Year Two. Nora never disappoints. Her books, unlike other top authors, are always a new story, without just changing the names. I’m so excited about this trilogy and I’m sure between now and the second book, I’ll re-read Year One at least twice. I do read the previous book over about one week before the next is released and the same applies to the third book in the series as with that I read the first two. Thank you Nora and I’ll do my best to be patient!

  63. I am listening to Year One for the second time. Thoroughly enjoying it. Has anyone else noticed that Lana’s baby is referred to as a savior and will be raised by a step father? Also, many are upset by how fast she falls for another man but considering the horrible times, I think it makes sense.

  64. LOVED IT 💜 my goodness that was amazing! pulled an all nighter, it was impossible to put down, cried, laughed, talked out loud at the scary parts.. “don’t go through the subway tunnel! “😂 thoroughly enjoyed every moment, excited to read the next, thank you Nora!!!

  65. Absolutely loved this book! We had no way of knowing (and still don’t) which direction the characters were going to take. In her usual trilogies, we see the heroes stop the evil BEFORE it takes over, not coming after. I finished it within two days, filled with hope and a lot of questions. What about New Hope? How are the babies? Will Fallon and Duncan meet and are they destined for each other? 🙂 When will the next book take place? In my mind, that is exactly how the first book of a series should leave you feeling. Thank you for another fantastic read!

  66. So anxious to read Year One…new books is like Christmas every time ! Keep up the awesome work Nora; you’ve given me many hours of “escape”, thank You!

  67. I devoured this audio book. Loved the narration. Finished the book yesterday and sitting here still thinking about it, so I think that speaks volumes for the storytelling as well.
    While I was disappointed that we didn’t get back to New Hope after the dreadful events, I get this story is about the chronicles of The One. Just really wished we had been able to clear up why Jonah didn’t see the deaths coming. That’s the nagging plot issue I keep revolving around in my head.

    1. Maybe because it was not disease that killed them? I never thought about it but you bring up a good question. I read the book but now I might have to buy the audio and listen to the book also.

  68. I enjoy this genre of book so when Nora said she was going to write one I was excited. The woman has a way with a story but my fear was that it would get too corny with the usual love story thrown in if that was what she might write. This isn’t ANYTHING like her usual and that isn’t bad. It just proves, as with her In Death series, that she can do more! It drew me in right from the start. It has the feeling of Stephen King’s book The Stand. I just wish it was one long book like that because I am selfish and don’t want to wait two more years to finish the trilogy! The only thing that I would criticize is that we don’t see any prospective from the dark side. I think it might make it a more well rounded story to explain WHY they’re hunting the baby. There are hints as to the fact that this baby is special and potentially a savior but no explaination. I was hoping by the end of book one Nora would have explained the prophecy that is alluded to. It makes me fear for the human race though because, magical or not, there is truth in this book. All in all I really enjoyed the book and will definitely read the rest. Nora, I’m volunteering right now to be a beta or ARC reader!

  69. I finished year one yesterday. WOW! just loved it. It’s a departure with less “romance” and more everything else. I don’t want to wait so long, but I will. Thanks Nora for a great read.

  70. Nora, I loved the book. I would like to know how do you decide to kill one of your main characters. I imagine you had the idea before writing the book. Did you debate with yourself about the idea of killing him. I really, really loved your book (still in shock, but loved it). Waiting for the next.

  71. It’s not really a matter of deciding, but of doing what the story needs. I didn’t debate–it was sad for me, too, but no debate. Max’s death, the time, the place, the method, stands as a turning point in the story, for Lana, and for New Hope. And yeah, it was meant to shock because we all cared about Max.

    I know another reader posted I’d broken a cardinal rule. No, I didn’t. If Year One had been conceived, written and marketed as Romance, yes. But it wasn’t. I did my best to let readers know this book was a new direction.

    Glad you enjoyed .

    1. I was truly sad when Max died and I admit I felt betrayed but after a lot of pondering I arrived to the conclusion that that’s how life works. Life isn’t fair sometimes and Max died a hero protecting his family (I’m trying not to cry writing this post). Thank you again for your wonderful books.

  72. Laura, major kudos to Brilliance – they’re sending a replacement audiobook right away! Thanks again for all your help.

  73. An absolutely marvelous book; I devoured it over a 2 day period. I will wait impatiently for the second (and third) in the trilogy.

  74. I am a devoted Nora fan–have read every book (most more than once). I love all the different directions that her books take…this new book–which I finished last night–was amazing. Nora has such an tremendous ability to write so that we can “see” the characters, the locations, etc. I am in awe of her abilities and can’t wait to see where the Chronicles go in the next book and beyond

  75. Nora – I once heard a writer comment that sometimes the characters in the book dictate what is to be said or done – that the characters became so real to him that he felt he almost didn’t have control – the characters controlled the story. Do you ever feel that way? I’m just curious. And also, this new venture is amazing. I’m afraid for them. I’m cheering for their strength and imagination. I’m crying for their pain. Remarkable new book. Thanks so much.

  76. What a beautiful masterpiece! I thoroughly enjoyed Year One, all of the twists and turns, the connections between the characters, the foreshadowing of what’s come, and I’m looking forward to book 2 in the series.
    For those that are upset about having to wait for the next book I encourage you to embrace and enjoy the anticipation of continuing the story. While I know everyone enjoys reading books differently, for me the wait and countdown for a new book or movie or season of a much loved series can be a huge part of the enjoyment. This week in my house is all about the countdown for the new Star Wars movie (anyone else??) My kids and I are approaching frenzy status (2 more days!!!) Just like I enjoy re-reading the first books in a trilogy when the new one comes out, we have re-watched The Force Awakens to get ready. It’s fun to pick up details I missed the first time or remember things I forgot and speculate how the story will develop in the next installment.
    Embrace and enjoy the anticipation of something. And meanwhile there are other books to be read and life to be lived.

  77. I think this was one of the best I have read from Nora EVER. I love the idea that no character was safe. I felt the writing here was also so immersive. More so than any recent novel I read. The scene with Arliss and Fred in the tunnel was just incredible.

  78. Absolutely love this book! I’m on my 2nd read of Year One!

    Nora has once again done a magnificent job writing this wonderful book.

    After reading the first book in a series no one wants to wait, but good things come to those who wait!

    I’m glad Nora told off those who aren’t being considerate of her!

    Once Again Absolutely An Amazing Adventure to Fall Into!

    Thank you Nora!!!

  79. I just finished listening to the audiobook. (I listen while I drive to prevent anxiety attacks driving on highways) All I can say is WOW. The amount of research it took to figure out how many people could die of the “doom” in the small amount of time, well it just boggles my brain. The story was/is amazing! Now I’ll have to find something else (many something else’s) to occupy me until the next one. Sigh… hmmm there’s a new In Death book out soon……lol

    Thank you Nora!!

  80. I just finished Year One and loved it. I can’t wait for the next one to come out. When is the next one going to come out and what are the names of the other books in this series?

  81. Dear Nora – I am sick of readers putting you or your In Death series into their own frame of reference. I have read your books for 2 decades now and can say that you are consistently the one of only a few authors whom I always buy the next book. I reread your books all the time. They are exciting, suspenseful, fun, romantic, magical, and filled with great insight.

    Year One is a wonderful book. It has a bit of Stephen King’s The Stand feel but at the same time is so different and so much more as we get to know these groups of characters. I cried, I laughed, I was charmed.

    Please keep writing just as you do. I think the new avenue you took with Year One is wonderful and you are one of the very few authors who can expand her world.

    Thank you!

    1. Hear hear! I promised myself I’d shut up and move on but I have to agree with you, both on the In Death comments and the Year One. I have read a little of a lot and a lot of a little and I believe Nora Roberts would be among the great no matter what genre she chose.

  82. I was not sure I would like this book, but I wound up absolutely LOVING IT! This book is, if not my favorite, very close to it. The heartbreak (Max), then the last several pages, writing at its finest. Cannot wait for book 2!

  83. I was consumed in the book from the moment I started it. Couldn’t put it down. It had so many twists that I was not expecting. When I got to page 368, I had to put it down for awhile. Such a shock. Wasn’t expecting that. Couldn’t finish reading until later in the day. Ms. Roberts is an amazing writer. Thank you for the thrills. I will be patient and wait for the 2nd book, because a new In Death is coming soon.

  84. Well year one certainly didn’t disappoint! I will admit I was apprehensive as I have loved all Nora’s books and the romance genre in general but this took my reading in a new direction too which I loved. The dark and light and the truly brilliant writing of describing the characters made me read it in a day and couldn’t put it down!! Can’t wait for the next ones, I personally love re reading just before the next one comes out so I remember what happens. As an aspiring author who has been writing their first novel for nearly three years I’m in awe of how quickly the books are released, looking forward to the next one. I found the direction of the book different but fundamentally still a Nora book that drags you on and leaves you wanting more! X

  85. Wow, I absolutely LOVE this departure from what I’m used to reading with Nora. I mean to say, I am a huge fan of previous trilogies as well as In Death, but the scope of this new story is just phenomenal. I’m a person that adores a big thick book that takes a while to read (classic King is also my jam). I thought about waiting a couple of years until all the books are out for this series, but I couldn’t help myself. Next fall I will re-read Book 1 right before Book 2, and the next year I will re-read both 1 and 2 right before 3. I can’t wait!

  86. Loved the book. Love Nora! Have already marked my calendar for the next one. Thank you Nora for being an incredible writer and person. See you in your next book!

  87. Just finished last night. What a terrific start to a new series
    Nora, thank you for the story and your skill at building a world filled with both pain and joy and hope.

  88. Love it. To the one who complain about waiting should try writing one themself. I’am surprised that she put out as many books as she does. Love all her books

  89. Year One. WOW!! Just WOW!! I know the second chapter is going to be WOW too. It comes out in the Fall, the beginning of my favorite time of year. Loved it!

  90. Like others, I found my reaction to “Year One” to be perplexing. The novel wasn’t formulaic, wasn’t a romance at its heart, wasn’t normal Nora. Which is probably a good thing for Ms. Roberts. Writers grow and develop, just as normal thinking humans. Writing or thinking the same way, over decades, can be boring.

    Reading most Nora books is mostly wonderfully escapist time. Some are the best in the genre and stay with me (Blood Brothers and MacGregors). Others have interesting characters that make me want to believe they exist somewhere (Mitch Dempsey, Aiden Gallagher, Park Jones). This novel was entirely different with very little froth or escapism but lots of dread. This is simply, a mainstream dystopian fiction.

    As such, this trilogy will stand or fall depending on non-Nora readers. Did it fill me with as much horror and dread as a King novel? No, disturbing but not horrific ~ excepting the terrific subway scene. Were the characters memorable and electrifying? No, they were ordinary people in extraordinary times reacting either with honor or cruelty. Their ordinariness might be deliberate by Ms. Roberts, a way for the reader to imagine themself in the situation. Did the novel have prose passages of surpassing beauty that burned into my soul? Alas, no. The writing was purposeful but not particularly memorable. Perhaps this is a direct result of Ms. Robert’s killer writing obligations. Must mean very little time for reflection and rewriting ~ just write as well in the moment as she can. Which is in all fairness, pretty well.

    Her magical touches are welcome and provide both the bits of froth and the dread. They also provide a helpful deus ex machina boost — let magic explain it rather than get bogged down in science.

    I hold out hope that as Ms. Roberts immerses herself into this new writing approach, the subsequent novels will have more depth, more nuances, more memorable segments. She’s a hell of a writer. Looking forward to see where she takes us on this journey. Next up, 13 year old Fallon?

    1. Wow I thought this book had a lot of depth and while it may be different from her other books it was fascinating and scary because the way ordinary people react is so real I felt she must have put a lot of time and research into this book. I cried when Max died because normally hero’s dont, however, I loved how the story progressed to the next hero, Swift I look forward to book two and Nora I love your trilogies

  91. As always, Bravo!, Ms. Roberts. I just finished Year One and know the story and these new characters will stay with me for a long time to come. I am looking forward to where the story takes us in the next installment.

    I have had a recurring nightmare about ‘the end of days’ since I was in the fifth grade and a well-meaning nun at my grade school tried to prepare us for what a nuclear war could bring. Stories like this always reignite that spark of fear in me about what it would be like to rebuild a life from scratch after the unspeakable loss of all I know and hold dear.

    Every time I read one of your book series, I feel like I am visiting friends again and rooting them on to victory. Your writing inspires me in every book. Take your time letting the story emerge. I’ll be here, pre-ordering, when it does.

    Your loyal reader and student.

  92. Loved it! I new anything NR writes I would enjoy. Can’t wait for the next one. But also missing Eve and Rourk

  93. all of the reasons i read nora roberts books religiously are again shown in Year One. a great story, wonderful characters that you cheer on or instantly despise, a “got you by the throat” ability to keep me up at night until i know what happens. she creates normal people put in crisis and then leads us on a breathtaking ride. there have been books i have liked better than others, but they all have characters that i would love to meet. that is my bottom line – do i want to meet these people. and nora does it with such style.

  94. I think i discovered nora roberts books 5 may be 6 years ago and I never stopped waiting for them since then, i’m from Egypt so it is not always easy to get them but i probably read more than 90% of her books.

    That said, Year one was every thing you could hope for in fiction at least for me, it makes you think, it makes you feel, it makes you hope, triumph and weep. And for me it shows one of the sad realities of life, that even whenthe world is going to hell when we probably need to band together and help each other, some people will never see beyond hate and prejudice, that they hate someone because they are different even when they are willing to give them a helping hand.
    I find myself thinking about Year one at random moments and I can still feel every emotion i felt when i was reading it, so thank you Ms. Roberts for such an amazing work and can’t wait to read your upcoming books

  95. Wow! You are one phenomenal lady and writer! With lots of class! I’ve been a fan since you started. Loved what you told that Chris to do! I think the amount of books you produce a year is awesome. I just got the limited collection of you “in Death” series ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love it!
    God bless and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  96. Just finished year one and absolutely loved it! My heart soared when Lana named the baby Fallon. My oldest daughter is Fallon. She is an avid reader like myself and I can’t wait to introduce her to your books when she’s older!!

  97. I’m in love! Absolutely enjoyed the entire book. I cannot wait to find out what happens in the next two books. I am so grateful that Nora decided to write this wonderful trilogy. The characters are intriguing and relatable. The magick of the book is so engrossing. I didn’t want to put it down. I didn’t want it to end. It took me a week to read since I had to stop multiple times to take care of my family. I plan to read it again. When Max died I was heartbroken but I am happy that Lana found Swift. I hate that people are so rude to Nora about her wanting to have a life.
    Nora is such an amazing storyteller. I am so happy I get to read what she wants to write.

  98. I loved it. I read the comments before the release and thought I might skip this one but I’m a Nora fan and I wanted to read the book that made her brain hurt. I started reading it about two minutes after it downloaded on my kindle and hardly put it down. I always feel like I don’t do a book justice when I read it in a few days but that’s OK, I’ll read it again ☺. When Max died I knew, well, no words…I thought ‘Well they said it wasn’t a romance but…Wow, he died? The witches don’t die!” So now I’m looking forward to the second book☺

  99. WOW!! Just finished it today and am blown away by the story, the characters, and the emotions! Amazing job and I can’t wait to see where you take this story next with book 2!! Thank you Nora!

  100. It took me two days to read this book. As usual, Nora hit a home run again. Loved this story and can not wait for book two. Cried and smiled with this book. Love the characters.

    I’ve read all of her books, most several times. My first book was Montana Sky. Just started rereading Jewels of Sun series. Never get tired of her stories

    I appreciate the effort and dedication it takes to write these stories, so thank you Nora Roberts, thank you

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