The Rise of Magicks

Happy New Year — here’s something to help with your plans: The Rise of Magicks is in stores November 26, 2019 (a little earlier than we originally announced). Details, excerpts, conversations to come but in the meantime you can slot that in for 329 days from now.

Here are some of the early pre-order links. I’ll add more once St. Martin’s Press reopens for business.

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27 thoughts on “The Rise of Magicks”

  1. I’ve decided I’m not going to buy any more of your trilogies until all 3 are out. I can’t take the suspense. I still haven’t read the third one in the last trilogy. Love your books, just can’t stand the wait.

    1. I say that every time too. Sadly I am weak. I end up buying each one as they are released and reread the first right before the second is released. Then I reread one and two just before the third comes out. Still they are always fun and always a good read so I figure weak or not, I enjoy them.

  2. I agree with Judy Mathison….I am buying the the The One trilogy in full before I even read it. Too far inbetween for me to wait. I have found that my patience is gone the older I get, esp when it comes to my Nora Roberts addiction.

  3. Hot dang. Great cover and boy, what fun will be the lead-up. Moving to St. Martin’s sure has upped the pre-pub date anticipation! These folks who can wait until the trilogy’s completely out are a mystery to me. I had great time re-reading Year One to prep for Of Blood and Bone. I’ll be doing the same for the final book and as always, will be amazed at all I didn’t catch the first time. Happy New Year to both Nora and Laura and your families!

  4. I haven’t much cared for your latest trilogy but I’ve read the first two, purchased the first one in paperback and will read and purchase the final two in paperback. Don’t have to like ’em but I must read ’em since after all: Nora Roberts. However, I am looking forward to your next trilogy! Singles! JD Robbs! I will read in hardback from the library and then purchase and read the paperbacks as they’re published. You are one author I read and reread (and replace the paperback when it falls apart!).

  5. I’m so excited to read The Rise Of Magicks! The first two books were so excellent. I’m sure I will continue to enjoy them for years to come. It is not yet available for preorder on the nook, but as soon as it is, it will be on my Nora bookshelf waiting for me. Thank you Nora for taking this reader, and my husband, and my best friend on this interesting journey as you delve into this new writing adventure. Wishing a very Happy New Year to Nora and her family, as well as Laura and her family. And a Happy New Year to all Nora and J.D. Robb fans, too!

  6. Thanks for a look at the great cover. I know it is a while to wait, but I have to read the book when it comes out, and I reread it when the second comes out. Then I read all three when the third comes out. As Paula said, I catch new things each time I read the book. As tight as my budget is, Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb books are the books I buy as soon as they come out and in hardcover. They are my “treats” to myself, they give me great pleasure, and I always reread them. Happy New Year Nora, Laura and all.

  7. The best news ever for the New Year! Okay, but it’s not out til November so I’ll just have to be patient and console myself with Nora’s other releases that are earlier in the year. 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  8. I ordered a signed copy from TTP for the fun of it. Looking forward to reading it later this year.

  9. I can’t wait to read Rise of Magicks. I’ve read the first two twice already and have a feeling I will be reading them in sequence waiting for the third the come out. I can’t seem to get enough of your books. Thank you for writing! I love the JDRobb series as well.

  10. Thanks so much for sharing Laura, what a beautiful cover! I did have a question though – the cover itself says ‘The Rise of the Magicks’ but you and all the pre-order links have written the title as ‘The Rise of Magicks’. Which is correct??

  11. I am looking forward to it. I started this year off right. I finished of Blood and Bone on New Year’s Eve. I am looking forward to the Rise of Magicks too. This is one of your best works. I am really enjoying this trilogy. I can’t wait.

  12. Of Blood and Bone is still on my to be read list, the first book was so intense that I have put this one off until I have recovered from the Christmas holidays. Hopefully soon.

  13. y New Year to all. I am like the rest of the people that have posted. As soon as a new Nora book becomes available I buy and read. My favorites are usually the trilogies. I had a hard time getting through the first book because of all the scary and sad instances. The second book was a rebirth filled joy but with the knowledge bad things are coming. I can’t believe I have to wait until November for the third. It is worth it because nobody writes books as interesting and full of wonderful characters as Nora. Thanks for all the wonderful hours spent reading your books.

  14. My newest way to wait in between reading your books. I now will also listen to them on tape. I always find I miss something when I hear them after reading them. It also helps me to listen to them on tape just before the next one comes out to remind myself what was going on.

  15. Can’t wait !!! Just finished reading Of Blood and Bone and if I could have, I would have read it straight through. What a great read…..thank YOU, Nora !!!

  16. I have read and listened to the first two in this trilogy and love them! I have both the audible and books on my Kindle. Love the covers of all three and can hardly wait for number three to be available in both formats. Thanks to Nora for all the hours of pleasure in all of her books, including the J. D. Robb books!

  17. Nora, Thank You so Very Much for the much needed break from my real life. Your talent takes me places I would love to go. I have all of your JD Robb books and most of your others. All are fantastic and have been read numerous times through the years. I look forward to the third book in this series and of course will purchase it the day it comes out. Just wish it wasn’t so far down the road. Thank you again for your talent and imagination. Happy 2019.

  18. I’m so excited for the 3d book! I just finished the second and I cant wait for it! I love this series Nora.
    Yaaaahooooo hehe antisipation!!!!

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