Snow Day This and That

When you only get one big storm in a season, the snowsteria can overwhelm.  Monday is my regular grocery day so I was a bit impatient with the crowd at the store frantically stocking up everything from cookies to milk to Easter candy (just in case).  And I mentally rolled my eyes at the person in front of me in line who had two huge bunches of green bananas in her order.  Spring will be here before they are ripe.

But the hysteria did give me an opportunity to post this on social media:

Yes, they are all books scheduled for release later this year.  Yes, it’s a tease.  Yes, I know, I’m a meanypants.

And yes, I loved them all.

This year’s Home Alone time was a two-parter for Nora and BW is off to parts unknown for a few more days.  Since I’m a sensible meanypants and never poke hibernating bears, I’ve left Nora in her Fortress of Solitude.  Pretty sure she’s deep in the current WIP (work in progress) but taking regular trips to Poop City with Atticus.

Finally, St. Martin’s Press never stops!  The team created this short video to continue the excitement about Echoes in Death.  Enjoy!

The snow is pretty much done in Maryland and it’s just after noon on Tuesday so I suppose I need to get my workout in by shoveling.  I hope everyone north of us is getting through the storm in good shape and that storm provisions hold up well.


16 thoughts on “Snow Day This and That”

  1. You can be a meanypants if you want to. I was a crabby abby since Saturday. Friday is a blur but expected since I was diagnosed with the flu. The first year I didn’t get my flu shot and its hit hard.
    Lucky you. Nora books and wine. Don’t over do it shoveling. Hugs!

  2. You’re the Queen of Meanypants! Can we at least see the front of the books if we whine long enough? Loved the video, but confused why it gave the date span to 2063 – is there going to be a quantum jump in the timeline?

    1. That completely went past the SMP team in production. And I was so intrigued I didn’t catch it. Will see if we can get it corrected and posted again. For the time being, it will stay up.


      1. Whew! Glad to hear it. Have really loved the back-to-back times of the books and really hoped that wasn’t changing.

  3. You are cute and funny, as well as a meanie. You know we are all green with envy. Can we at least have a small secrets spoiler, to make us less green?

  4. Snow done here in Philly. Used to meanypants teasing! Glad you enjoyed them. Got 6 inches of snow. Roads are clearing, and since dh doesn’t want what I planned for dinner, (I had pizza ordered in for the staff last night, I don’t want pizza tonight), he’s taking me out. I did check and our restuarant of choice is open.

    Plan on contuining to whittle away my TBR pile tonight.

  5. Lol over the banana.. in Montreal here and since it was a slow day at work i was able to leave a bit before lunch and way before it got bad…it’s really bad now, i must have met the banana lady’s sister at costco her basket was so FULL it will probably take her 3trips to the car befor she has everything in?..why does bad weather turn people into lunatics?

  6. I really feel bad for all of you having the bad weather. Here in Utah it’s about 74 – unseasonably high for March. But after the snow we had last Monday, I’m not complaining. It’s absolutely gorgeous here. So, dear NR and Laura fans – hunker down, stay warm and read something fabulous.

  7. We love our meany pants! Thanks Laura. Just high wind and rain here in Southern Delaware, re-reading Chesapeake Bay saga (Inner Harbor) in preparation for crab season and in honor of my newest clients husband – a true waterman from Princess Anne, whose wife will now be reading this series. (It’s like drugs – first one is free, evil chuckle). I love Atticus – darling boy ? .

  8. No worries, Meanypants, I just reread Nora’s books to tide me over until the next one arrives. I save the trilogies until I have all three, then I dive in. Enjoy Spring!

  9. Hi Ms. Roberts I so enjoy your novels and have read many several time you’re by far my favorite author. For several year I have received a magnet listing the new books coming out but didn’t get one this year. I did move at the end of the year . I’m not sure if this is right method to give you my address but I have listed my e-mail so please let me know. I’m behind in my reading of “in death” series so I didn’t know about Baxter being the “candy thief” I have a lots to catch up on Please keep writing and I’ll keep reading

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