Of Blood & Bone discussion thread

So many questions get answers starting today.  Here’s the place to discuss all things Of Blood and Bone, the second book in Nora’s Chronicles of The One.

The book description:

They look like an everyday family living an ordinary life. But beyond the edges of this peaceful farm, unimaginable forces of light and dark have been unleashed.

Fallon Swift, approaching her thirteenth birthday, barely knows the world that existed before―the city where her parents lived, now in ruins and reclaimed by nature since the Doom sickened and killed billions. Traveling anywhere is a danger, as vicious gangs of Raiders and fanatics called Purity Warriors search for their next victim. Those like Fallon, in possession of gifts, are hunted―and the time is coming when her true nature, her identity as The One, can no longer be hidden.

In a mysterious shelter in the forest, her training is about to begin under the guidance of Mallick, whose skills have been honed over centuries. She will learn the old ways of healing; study and spar; encounter faeries and elves and shifters; and find powers within herself she never imagined. And when the time is right, she will take up the sword, and fight. For until she grows into the woman she was born to be, the world outside will never be whole again.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  Remember, spoilers very much ahead.


65 thoughts on “Of Blood & Bone discussion thread”

  1. Maybe Santa brings me the grown-up-pants I need to read this 😉
    Enjoy the Q & A and the excitement that means for Nora fans and readers ❤️

  2. Mine should be in my mailbox today when I get home from work!!! Then, I’m calling in sick tomorrow! 🙂 Soooo excited!

  3. Was just as good as year one gutted I got mine early as want to read it again already but my mum reads it after me and passed on already, well done Nora don’t know how I’m gonna Wait a year for the next one so if you want to put a rush on it I’d be so happy lol

    1. Me either!!!! My daughter auditions for theater this weekend at Otterbein so I have to wait !!!!! I’m so EXCITED!!!

  4. Got the kindle edition so I wouldn’t have to wait, & it was there when I woke up this morning! Started it, and I’m already finding it hard to put down (which was expected!).

    1. How did you get an early copy?! So jealous, I’m clearing my evening for OB&B, this is my Christmas!

  5. Last night at 12:05 am I was haunting my Kindle Library looking for OB&B, but it hadn’t loaded yet, so I abandoned my plan to sneak in a few chapters before bed. I did consider calling in sick today to read but I finally slogged to work instead of celebrating Dec 4 like the Total Nora Holiday it should be. I’ve never had a book impact me like Year One. I haven’t reread a book cover to cover since I was a kid. Only 4 hours to go before I get to read the book I’ve been waiting for nearly a year. Thank you Nora for these wonderful characters and for this amazing book, the wait was worth it!

  6. Got the English ebook today and just finished it. I am a quick reader even though English is my second language. Could’t wait for the Dutch translation. I loved it!!!!

  7. I just got my hot little hands on it…dinner ate… make up off….fluffy to be on…wine poured…see ya later…..

    1. Honestly, I’m hazy as I wrote the book nearly two years ago. But she’d be 17 or 18 at the end.

      1. Are you *sure* this will only be a trilogy? I feel like there are so many characters I want to explore more than just one more book will allow. I love this series, this world, watching it get re-built and the dark and light…. Obviously written by a master of her art. ❤️
        Between this book, work and a sick kid, I’m totally sleep deprived right now.

    2. She turned 16 a little before they left the farm, so still only 16 at the end of the book, I think.

  8. I got lost at the end of the book with the journey to New Hope in terms of months. How old is Fallon at the end of this new book?

  9. I ordered the print copy and had to wait until the UPS truck came this afternoon. I think I will order the Kindle version next year. It is after midnight, so I have too stop reading and go to bed. I love the book.

  10. Received my copy yesterday and finished it another big thankyou to Nora thoroughly enjoyed it even more so than Year One,only complaint is I’ve got wait 12 months for final book

  11. I was shocked who Petra was, did not see that coming.
    I thought the struggles Fallon had with being homesick and wanting to be back on the farm were very realistic.
    Lots of surprises In the book.
    Great read!

  12. My sister and I order all of Nora’s books early and share the joy. We were actually plotting to stay up late and read and lamenting trying to drag ourselves into work when the National Day of Mourning was announced & since we work for tge Government we get to read (absolutely no disrespect to President Bush intended but we love her books)

  13. My kindle says I’ve read about 40%, and have shed about 80% tears. So many beautiful, moving passages that leave me beyond verklempt. So cinematic, powerful moments, each reveal about my beloved New Hope tribe makes me wanna join up to protect that little village. Can’t wait to finish work and settle in with my Kindle!

    1. Cinematic is a great word to describe Nora’s writing. You can seenit in the books and the travelogues. You think you were there andnyou want to know these people. Even the bad ones. 🙂Waiting patiently for my copy which my niece has probably read in one day and will bring to me later today so I can also devour it in a day.

  14. I am really loving this new series. Love Fallon and her relationship with her dads. It was nice to see the reunion of Lana and the residents of New Hope. So true that no matter what we can always trust people to be assholes. 😂. I enjoyed watching Duncan and Fallons relationship develop. When can we expect an excerpt for the final book??

    Also, as this series is a departure from your usual one couple hea for one book, do you think you will revisit this world? Or will the final book of The One be the last we see of this world?

  15. Got my e-book yesterday morning. Made myself be a grown up (67) went to exercise class to grocery store, paid bills, and fixed supper before I started to read. Started reading around 6:30 didn’t put it down till I finished at 12:45am. I am a fast reader. Loved the book. It wasn’t as intense as the first one. It didn’t need to be. Instead it let us see Fallon , a child turning into a woman. It answered a lot of questions I had after the first book and left me with more to be answered in the next one. A year is a long time to wait but I know I will spend it rereading both books. Thank you Nora for writing books I love to reread, not all authors can do that.

  16. Omgoodness! Nora you are awesome! Bought the book yesterday and I just finished it! Your talent amazes me!

  17. I am really loving this new series. I know it’s not the normal romance but I am really enjoying this new direction. Fallons relationship with her dads and lanas reunion with the new hope crew were highlights of the book. Fallon and Duncan’s developing relationship also was something I’m very anxious to read about in the final book. When can we expect an excerpt????

    I was wondering, as this is a departure from your usual one couple hea per book, Nora, if you have any thoughts about returning to this world in the future.

    Loved it and can’t wait for the final one next year!

  18. My library goofed and I got it the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Finished by Monday. Now buying on my Nook on my phone so I can reread. Nora is the only author now living that I stay up late reading. Loved the book, but can’t wait for the last. Sigh. On to the next JD Robb in February.

  19. Wonderful book! Loved it great writing. Lots of tears on many well written parts. Thank you so much

  20. I finished rhw audio version today. Wonderful story and I cant wait for the next and final book! Jill Whelan (?) did another Amazing job narrating.

  21. The second book, following Year One just came in the mail today. I am so excited to start reading it. But I will wait a bit. Because like every book that excites me, once I start then I know soon I will reach the end. And when you love a story, immerse yourself in it, you never want it to end. I have read so many of your series. But this one was so entirely different. I love it. Thank you. A reader whose childhood was made bearable by the stories in books.

  22. Great follow up to the first book! It seriously exceeded my expectations. Wasn’t sure what the timeline of the book would be. It was fast paced but also covered so much detail and time. I’m going to have to re-read it again more slowly and write down all the characters to keep everyone straight.

    Now I’m trying to find out when the next book will be released!! I’m really hoping it’s not a year again!

    Also – how many books will there be? I feel like this can easily be 5 or more books!

  23. Went to a local store to get it yesterday and found another lady looking for it too. We ended up having 3 staff members looking for it in the stock room. Luckily they found it. Now I’m finished and I honestly thought it was even better than the first. The development of Fallon’s character was excellent. I loved that she’s not depicted as the perfect saviour but a real, multidimensional person.
    The ending surprised me too, which is always a good thing because that means I was caught up in the story, not thinking about where it was going.
    I can’t wait for the next one.

  24. Enjoying this new book! I’m about halfway through. I’m trying not to rush it! Lol! Not reading spoilers yet!

  25. Got my copy last night, finished reading it today. Brilliant. Can not wait for the next one… Guessing another year? Anyone know when book 3 will be out? Still waiting for Diana Gabaldon to release book 9 so I’m just over here twiddling my thumbs… 🙂 Enjoy everyone! This is by far, my favorite Nora Roberts series to date (and I have literally read them all!)

    1. I’ve been reading the Outlander series since it started in 1991. The time frame between books is painful! But so worth the wait. At least we only have a year between NR’s! I’m loving the direction of this new series.

  26. Wowie!
    Nora, this is so wonderful! I’ve loved every minute of this story. Trying to go slow and savor it because 3rd book is 11 months away…very sad face 🙁 to have to have patience. Not a strong point of mine.
    Enjoy all, its Noratastic!!!

  27. I got my book Tuesday, and finished it today!
    All I can say is WOW! I finished it 5 minutes ago, and I can still feel it in my soul.

  28. This book was Amazing!!! I loved it!!! Usually I wait, for all books in the trilogy to be out before I read them. But read Year One last year, and after rereading it again, before OB&B, it’s cemented it’s place as one of the best books I’ve read, now Of Blood and Bone is up there too. Everything you write, Nora is amazing. Thank you for everything you give to the reader.

  29. Looking forward to sleeping tonight – just finished reading the kindle edition. Loved it! Really pulls you in and you feel so connected with the characters’ journey. Need to stop reading Nora on the train as this one had me in tears a few times! What an amazing gift to move so many people through what you write.

  30. Loved it so much! Just finished reading it this morning (had to re-read Year One before I started OB&B). Do we have a title for Book 3? I’m wanting to pre-order it on Amazon ASAP so that I get it the moment it’s out, like I did this one.

  31. The inside cover artwork is BEAUTIFUL!
    I just started reading last night. I’m pretty sure I’ll put everything on the back burner tonight and tomorrow so I can finish it ASAP!!!!!

  32. I got my book can wait start reading it page 231 in the page was ripped in half not have to wait for the new book to arrive because I ordered it online I’m very upset. Also I’m not happy to see that it’s going to be another year before number 3 comes out

  33. I read Year One again to refresh my memory…gosh Max gets me chocked up. Finished Blood and Bone today. Excellent book…loved it!! Super excited for the third book. Thank you Nora for sharing your wonderful gift!!! ♥

  34. I love it more than Year One. Oh my gosh, I love it. Savoring it like good chocolate, hoping it won’t end. Already my heart has filled and tears have spilled and Fallon is still learning.

  35. Love the book; that’s a given. I was just curious about why you turned a certain thing to glass. Did you know about vitrification or was it just serendipity? Regardless, it was a brilliant detail.

  36. Read it in two evenings….many thanks for such reading pleasure! Nora never disappoints!! We have another In Death coming in February which should ease the pain of the long wait until we read what happens to Fallon…and the world!

  37. I loved this book so much and year one! I can’t believe that I have to wait a year to read the last one.
    But I do have a question and to spoil anything. But what happened to the baby Lana was pregnant with before Fallon left the farm? It never mentions it again in the book.

  38. What a great read!!!!! I re-read the first one in anticipation of this one and was glad I did. One of the things I like about all of the books written by Nora Roberts (including JD Robb) is that she makes the impossible seem perfectly normal! The stories about the elves and fairies and witches and everyone else don’t seem too outlandish. Waiting another whole year for the last of the series is going to be painful but, I am sure, totally worth the wait!

  39. All I can say is that it was amazing…the writing , the character development and interactions. Amazing flow of the events. Dialogue that made me feel the connection between the characters…and we get to see Fallon become who she was meant to be…with two fathers who have supported and loved her through it all, and she gets to see her powerful mother fight along side of her. Nora never disappoints…such a great story.

  40. My mother introduced me to NR/JDR in the 90’s. I have not missed any of her books. Last December when Year One came out, my mother was sick, so we were able to read it right away. In January we found out she was terminal. I finished Year One by my mothers bedside on the day she died. This year, when the Book 2 came, i hesitated reading it. I finally went back and read book 1 then plunged head first into book 2. This story is something so different, but so familiar. NR books will always have a special meaning for me. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us.

  41. I so enjoyed this book. The characters jump off the page and I see them so clearly. My favourite from this book is Mallick. Teaching his young student all of the mystical craft and rounding out her education with history, math, geography etc reminded me of Summerset doing similar with Roarke. Although the ‘craft’ in that case was a different sort. Thank you Nora for so many hours of delicious reading.

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