Objects Hidden behind the Echoes In Death cover

Did you know the US hardcover edition of Echoes in Death has a surprise on the inside of the jacket?  It’s an amazing poster of the night around the Flatiron Building.  Did you also know that St. Martin’s Press thought it would fun to give readers a little extra with a hidden object game in that poster?

Here’s the key and some visual clues.

J.D. Robb in the window



Devil mask

Macmillan logo

Wine bottle


Chalk outline


Snowflake hat

Computer screen



Clock set to 10:10 for Nora’s birthday

Some Cranky Publicist notes:

  1. Except for JD Robb, all the objects are symbols, not exact representation of the items.  For instance — the snowflake hat is blue in the books, but blue wouldn’t show up in such a dark picture.  Please go with the flow on this.
  2.  Somewhere down the road, St. Martin’s Press may provide a digital image for all readers, but for now, the only physical place for the hidden object poster is on the inside of the hardcover jacket — US edition.



22 thoughts on “Objects Hidden behind the Echoes In Death cover”

  1. ah well, I get that they’re having fun with this, new author, major author, 1st release with them, etc, but I don’t buy hardbacks anymore; partially because the hands don’t like holding them (danged arthritis) and because I like reading on my Kindle more than hdbk or pbk. Sure hope they can figure out how to do this in ebk!

  2. Any idea why the new publisher appears to favor physical copy readers over digital copy readers? It’s rather a bummer that those of us that don’t but a physical copy for whatever reason don’t get to join in the fun. Thanks!!

    1. I figure they’re having trouble getting it to work in digital, esp. since the formats don’t all work the same way. Much easier to do in print format; it’s a one size fits all type of thing in print.

    2. They don’t. Publishers want to sell books in any and all forms. They did a physical cover–you have physical covers on physical books, and inside that cover is the poster.

      It’s a cool thing, a fun little extra. It’s also a physical, paper thing, so it’s on the physical, paper book.

      A reader gets to choose which form of a book they buy/read. You’re entitled to your choice and your preference, and I’m grateful, SMP is grateful.

      1. We’re grateful too for the stuff SMP has done and for your prolific talent.. Just wish us eBook readers had a cool extra too. Its disappointing but then again, I guess that’s how the overseas fans felt about the Christmas card from Dallas & Roarke.

        1. And just realId after posting that might have sounded snarky. It wasn’t intended as such. Thanks again.

      2. My last post or reply looked indented and I wanted to make sure this was seen. The reply I made that mentioned the card might have sounded snarky. It was not intended as such. Thanks again! :-).

      3. But only US editions so even if I had brought the hardback I wouldn’t get it here in New Zealand.

      4. I love all of Nora’s books Jd i have all of them no one has mentioned the one thing i found in the poster i will wait awhile before i say what it is

  3. Well, I’m one of the last holdouts. Like Roarke, i like my books in the print version. Even trying to read the words on my android cell in the sunlight, is very difficult. I won’t have time to search for the clues till next week. But it’s like our own “where’s waldo.”. I’m looking forward to it.

  4. Awwww, don’t be cranky! Thanks for all the fun! I really hope they publish a poster later. For me, it’s because I’m an audiobook fan, but its also a very cool poster that I’d love to have.

  5. Sounds like a fun challenge to search.

    I haven’t purchased the hardcover yet though I will at some point. I read the ePub version.

  6. It is also available on the hardcover books in Canada. So lets call it the North America edition :). I also like my books in real book format, but Nora/ JD is one of very few that I purchase in hard cover. They are very expensive, especially at the Canadian price which is even worse then the exchange rate, and take up a lot of my limited book space.

  7. As a reader from Australia we unfortunately miss out on the competitions. So I was very happy to have purchased the US edition Hardcopy. It was a great surprise, so thanks to all. I was short finding 4 now can’t find the handcuffs!!

  8. This book cover is SO COOL!!! Great idea! Please, please let me know when the poster is available. I plan to frame it. It’s so pretty!

  9. I loved every about this book SMP made it even better! Congratulations Nora and SMP!!! Looking forward to more surprises I. Secrets!!!

  10. I’ve just finished re-reading all your ” In Death” books. Most are paperback, but I have four in hardback and the latest two, 2017 and 2018, are on my to buy list.

    I discovered the poster thanks to a cat I rescued two years ago. She is very affectionate and fights to get between the book I’m reading and me – the cover on Echos In Death was suffering as a result, so I rescued it, and “WaLa” New York was revealed. What fun. I noticed a number of things right off as I grew up in Jersey went to NYC often. It was easy to see things weren’t quite right though.

    Thank you for many, many hours of reading joy. LT. Dallas , Eve, Roark and the rest of the cast brightened many dark days, by filling hundreds of hours with their fascinating tales.

    You’re one hell of a writer.

    Kitty and me.

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