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Charity Hat Auction

Remember Nora’s posts about her whole house purge and the brand new closet?  Not only did it make Nora very happy, it brought to life an idea to benefit others.

Nora generously shphoto (57)ares recaps of her trips to the Kentucky Derby — one of her favorite annual events.  (Click the links to refresh your memory of the  2013 and 2014 races. )   Many years she’s worn gorgeous, custom-made hats by Penny Rieck that add even more flair and elegance to the experience.

As she cleared out and moved her closet, Nora realized that her collection of Derby Hats was just too big for the space and thought it might be fun to raise some money for charity by auctioning them off.  Over the next week or so she is partnering with Turn the Page Bookstore on eight ebay auctions of the hats to benefit the Shepherdstown (WV) Public Library.

Ever dreamed about owning a fabulous hat?  Well now here’s your chance.  The first two hats are up and bidding is open! Click here to see all 8 hats.  And if you win, we’ll want photos!



Social media round up – March 24

It’s been quiet here as Nora’s thrown herself into the first draft of next year’s hardcover.  I’ll share here what little I know: there’s a heroine and there’s a hero.  For some reason that’s all Nora’s willing to share at this point.  But since that’s all I knew about The Liar this time last year and now it’s one of my favorite of Nora’s books (and topping The Witness is very very hard) I’m pretty confident she’ll expand on that heroine and hero to give us a fabulous read in the spring of 2016.

What have I been doing as Nora writes in her office sanctuary?  Well I’ve been leading some discussions about trilogies on the Nora Roberts Facebook page.  Last week was The Circle Trilogy.

mc cover dotg cover vos cover

The questions were:

~ Which couple comes to mind first when you think of this series?  (Cian/Moira by a landslide.)

~ Since The Circle Trilogy’s Larkin and Blair (Dance of the Gods) got so little love in the last post, I’m going to start with them. I loved how they both knew exactly who and what they were — the fun was seeing how each realized the other complemented them in life and on the quest. What are your thoughts?

~ Let’s talk about the brothers — Hoyt and Cian. Judging from the majority of comments Cian is many readers’ favorite character in the series. Each has more than his fair share of arrogance, their faces are mirrors, but Cian keeps winning out. Is it the difference between a rule follower and a rule breaker? Studious v. sociable? I’m so very curious, so please share in the comments.

~ Day 4 of the Circle Trilogy and the question is about the women. Glenna, Blair and Moira — witch, warrior and scholar — all brought strengths that were honed and weaknesses that were shored up to the preparations. I think their bond was cemented when they helped Glenna choose a wedding dress. What other pockets of normalcy stuck with you?

~ We all trust Nora implicitly but let’s be honest: could you see your way to happy ever after for all of the six as Valley of Silence — The Circle trilogy book 3 (this is the Portuguese edition) — drew to a close?

The posts on the JD Robb Facebook page are coming at a slower pace now that Obsession in Death is in stores.  (The 40 days leading to the 40th book are a bit of a blur now.)

But on St. Patrick’s Day I did ask everyone to share their favorite Roarke scenes or quotes.

Leading directly from that discussion I asked:  1) do you find more In Death readers to chat with online or in your real life? And 2) have you ever had an online friendship start because of books?

And on Friday last I shared this: 23 Struggles Only Book Nerds will Understand.

Share any and all thoughts in the comments!



Social media round up

Things are pretty much up to date here on the blog in terms of Nora’s thoughts (social media is still abuzz after the Bite Me post) and the big news (Cousins O’Dwyer series).  But there are a couple of things that have only appeared on Facebook. Maybe it was too much for Instagram, or too complicated, that’s why some people better go off and buy Instagram likes.

First, I’ve been posting the original covers of the In Deaths since January 1 — as that was 40 days until the Obsession in Death (book 40) release date of February 10.  Today’s post was Imitation.

Nora’s publisher teamed with several blogs for rereads of three In Death books.  All the details are on the USA Today Happy Ever After blog.  There are prizes involved so make sure you visit Happy Ever After and the other blogs in the next few weeks.

Speaking of Obsession, I plan to have a teaser post starting February 3 here on the blog so stay tuned.

On the Nora Facebook page, I mentioned how excited Nora and I are that Sarah Addison Allen is among the writers scheduled to appear at the Turn the Page Bookstore event on February 7. Just before Nora left on vacation in 2010, I handed her Sarah’s Garden Spells and told her it was the perfect book for a vacation. Nora loved it and promptly read the rest of Sarah’s backlist.  If you’re looking for magical reads this winter, you can’t go wrong with Sarah’s books.   The authors rounding out the line up on February 7 are Nora’s dear pal Ruth Langan who has a new series out under her RC Ryan pen name, Sarah MacLean, Kristen Proby, Teri Wilson and children’s author Tara Bell.

Finally, I’m having a bit of knee surgery at the end of January and asked for advice on what to read during recovery (I’ll be leaning/sitting on a stool at the February 7 event). If you have any thoughts, please share in the comments.