Apprentice in Death discussion thread

Apprentice in Death coverToday’s the big day — Apprentice in Death is available in stores and on e-platforms.

This is the discussion thread for any and all things Apprentice in Death, so spoilers are very much allowed.

So did you find the various teasers I shared?  Did they make more sense to you as you read the book?

Share in the comments.  Enjoy!


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  1. Just started Apprentice in Death last night as soon as it showed up on my device. So good. Am thrilled to see the return of characters like Lowenbaum (a la Delusion in Death) and Banner!!
    Yay! Loving every page so far…..

    1. I’m only in Chapter 3 and finding myself wondering why someone using a laser weapon would need to worry about wind. Hopefully, my question will be answered later.

      1. I know Nora did a lot of research on this. From my own very cursory google search, thermal blooming is a problem with lasers over long distance.

        Wikipedia describes thermal blooming as an atmospheric effect that is the result of the nonlinear interaction of laser radiation with the propagation medium, usually air, which is heated by the absorption of a fraction of the radiation. The amount of energy absorbed is a function of the laser wavelength.

        For the quick shots described in Apprentice this would be a factor.

        Plus it’s a fictional world 45 years in the future.


        1. Here’s a better link, as it explains why thermal blooming would be an issue in the winter: SciFi/LaserDeathRay/ThermalBlooming.html

          TL/dr version – heated air around the beam plus a cold breeze creates a lens effect that will “bend” the beam.

          Yes, I was wondering the same, and hope that it is touched on as I get deeper into the story. Otherwise, it’s going to stick out as a major error, even though it isnt.

      2. The laser just spots the subject. It doesn’t adjust the bullet for wind direction and speed or humidity. Those adjustments must be made by the shooter. That is the reason for the spotter when a sniper is shooting.

  2. I had another book come out today that I am reading first. It will be later today before I start.

  3. Finished it at 1:30 this morning! Loved it!!! Didn’t read any of the teasers before I got the book since I wouldn’t have been able to patiently wait for the book to get here.

    1. I skipped the teasers also. I bought my book and had to eek out reading over the last 3 days. Moving cows and other farm work is first. I loved the book, just as I love all the series. Now to somehow wait for the next!

  4. New here, maybe this is normal and I don’t know, but I didn’t preorder my kindle copy – went to get it this morning and it’s “currently unavailable”. Amazon says that’s the publisher’s decision… What gives? I can go to the bookstore and buy a hardcover copy but can’t download the ebook?

    1. Hi Sue.

      Amazon blamed the publisher, the publisher told me it was a Kindle problem. Just checked on Amazon and it looks to be fixed now.


  5. I finished the book some days ago not sure why i got it earlier then the actuall publish date but i didnt mind at all. I read it cover to cover in about 18 hours i dont think i would have been able to put it down if not for my kids ?. I loved it just like all other books in the series i have them all and im sure ill re-read them a couple times befor the next one comes out.

    All i can say is great job and cant wait for the next one.

  6. I am in the middle of a book in a series. I have one more before the series is finished. Then I will read Apprentice.

  7. Finished the first read. Terrific book. Lowenbaum has developed into one of my favorite characters. I was thrilled to finally learn his first name (Mitchell), and even more thrilled he wasn’t killed. I was really worried that would happen, especially when it was revealed he had been the father’s previous LT. I don’t really care about the specifics on the laser rifle, this is a great story.

    Another excellent one Nora! Now I’m off to read it again.

    1. i am so glad that there is someone else who finishes, then starts again. i have read some of the books 5 or 6 times and still find things that i missed the first reading. the characters have become my “in Print” friends, and i love to find out each book what they have been doing between. keep the good stuff coming, you just keep getting better and better.

  8. Great read as usual. A real treat as I’m suffering with a cold. I too loved the “Dallas Palace” line and can’t wait for Eve’s co-workers reaction to the new office. I have to say I loved the interaction between Roark, Summerset and Eve after the killing at the Gardens. Perfect reaction. I also loved Bella’s birthday party.

    1. Bella’s reaction to her dollhouse is one of my favs, I’ve reade it at least twice! Loved the Dallas Palace line also.

      1. I have those parts marked. Each book has several bookmarks in them for scenes/lines that hit me in the heart. The scene with Bella’s dollhouse had me in tears, especially when she shared with the other little girl. I also love that Eve made a choice to go back to the party for Bella.

        1. Eve going back to the party got me right in the feels!!! How far she has come since Naked in Death!!

          1. I guess when you think about it, we all change over the years. Now, with Eve, she had a lot of changing to do – with Roarke and love, the house, Sommerset, and other things. I guess the only thing that hasn’t changed much is her job.

            I really enjoy going back through the books, starting from the beginning and going through them all. I am going through our books and donating them to the gift shop at the hospital I go to, who gives the proceeds to breast cancer. They take all kinds of books – hardback, paperback, CDs, MP3s – you name it. The only books I am NOT giving away are the Nora Robers (most of them) and I am keeping all of the “In Death” books. I’ve decided the Janet Evanovich and the Sue Grafton books can go because I won’t listen to those again. Then there are the stragglers I’ve bought over the years that I am donating. Don’t anyone dare touch my J.D. Robb books!

          2. I agree…it was a tell that she chose her “family” over just her and Roarke…and even more that he, too, was okay with it. I again repeat…this is the genius of Nora/JD…her characters grow in such easily conceivable ways.

  9. Forgot to put it on hold at the library as early as I usually do for all Nora’s books. I now have to wait for others to finish it and return it. I’m lucky as the New York Public Library ordered 181 copies , so after all that have been picked up already or are on hold shelves I am number 46. I hope that those before me read it fast and make a point of returning it early like I do so others don’t have to wait as long. Waiting in anticipation for my turn 🙂

    1. I hear you Ana,
      I always make it a point to return my books as soon as I finish. I never want another bookworm like me to suffer. Hopefully they won’t let others suffer either. Hope you get your turn soon.

  10. I also have it on hold at the library but I forget how far down the list. I know I am at least in the first 20. I can not wait since I too read it & return it quickly . I do not want to hold any one up on the list. I also put a put a note in the flap saying something like enjoy it is a good book or a very good book. ? I did sample the first few chapters I am hooked.

  11. Awesome as expected!! Delighted to see Lowenbaum back…and enjoyed the build and the final resolution. Another hard one with the killer being young…but eerily realistic. Loved that Whitney went to the Times Square Scene and the toss away comment about wanting a DLE car as well.

    I also enjoyed how we have an update on Eve’s space so we have new images for future scenes. I also appreciated the possible changes coming to the bedroom and the reference to the Galahad story “making the rounds” when it happened.

    Really a lot of fun to see Shelby coming in and doing better and thoroughly appreciated the moments with Summerset.

    Thanks for the beautiful balance on such a tough one with the delightful birthday party at the end.

    Cannot wait for more!

  12. As usual, a great story! I absolutely loved the birthday scene with Bella. I too an glad Lowenbaum was not hurt or killed. Well, time to start my second listening of Apprentice in Death. ? How long til the next book? ?

    1. It is amazing how these books just circle through. When I’m reading a new one, sometimes I’m like “why is her arm twinging?” But when I do my complete rereads, it all just flows beautifully. Nora rocks! That is all!

  13. I loved when Summerset referred to Dallas as “our lieutenant”. And Bellas birthday. Loved it

  14. I’m about 50 pages into my first reread and loving little bits I missed by zooming through it the first time.

    At the risk of causing mob violence, I want to thank you Nora for keeping the Bella/birthday scene to a minimum. More than enough for me.

    I sure hope Lowenbaum returns, and possibly becomes a regular character. He’s, umm…very interesting!

  15. Enjoyed meeting Nadine’s (Lois) new man.

    Quick question: what book is Laurel Esty in?

    Great book. Thanks so much.

    1. Brotherhood in death. She described the painting that Charity Downing did. The devil men painting and the five conspirators.

      1. Thanks. I hadn’t re-read Brotherhood again. I’d forgotten details. Almost finished the re-read of Brotherhood.

  16. I pre ordered over a month ago, but can’t get the book to dl to my Kendal Fire. Had no problem getting the sample to dl on my Kendal but the full book is a different story.

    1. Danette,

      You’re going to have to contact Amazon on this. The book is available for download (did it onto my Kindle yesterday). Some readers have reported going into their account and manually downloading from the list of purchased items. Hope that’s a fix for you.


      1. I’m one of the ones who had to download from my kindle manager. It never would deliver to my kindle although it said it did. I had to download it on my PC. It’s more convenient on my kindle since I can take it anywhere to listen, but I don’t care as long as I have the book in some form to read! Loving it so far, only up to chapter 5.

  17. I really enjoyed the new book. Nora has such a wonderful ability to bring a character to life with just a few sentences. I was happy to find out not only Lowenbaum’s first name, but also Yancey’s first name. I do have a name question, though. What is the name of Det. Carmichael’s partner? His name alternates between Sanchez and Santiago in every book he appears in.

  18. Enjoying the book. Sorry to say Lownbaum is away going to be Lowenbrau to me. It was my Dad’s beer of choice.Mentally I”m saying Lowenbrau sd I read. I have to smile every time I read it.

  19. Just finished and loved the book…great pacing and great personal scenes as well. This will definitely be in my must reread often pile.

    Thank you!

  20. Loved, loved, loved this book! My favorite books are the ones that feature more of Roarke . I’m now going to check out the audio version from my library so I can experience the book in a different manner.

  21. I finished Apprentice about 6:00pm, NY DST. Thank you again for giving a most enjoyable read! As usual, I was right along with Wve, Roarke and Peabody fighting the bad guys, cheering when Eve put cuffs on, hurting when she hurt. Unfortunately, I’m experiencing major back nd leg pains, so I really felt that every one of Eve’s pains were mine.
    I enjoyed the interplay with Nadine. Eve’s right about Friendship Rules. When my best friend and I were working at the same company, I did my best to avoid putting her in a compromising position, especially as I was a superior grade.
    The Epilogue was beautifully written. You hit every note!! .
    Nora/JD, I swear you’re getting better with each book! Tomorrow I will start my slow first re-read, to see if there were little points in the plot I missed.
    Thank you again for a great read and Laura, thanks from another Laura, for all the the little hints abdcstuff this last week.

  22. Absolutely LOVED it, as usual 🙂 Counting the days till the next one. Specially loved how fast paced this one was, as I’m partial to the manhunt style cases. Just one gripe though, that I’ve never seen Eve/Feeney call Dickhead Berenski in the earlier books? Just pulled me out whenever that happened. And yeah, same question about Carmichael’s partner’s name? On a side note, I already love Shelby, can’t wait to see more of her. Love you as always Nora!

  23. Lost a lot of sleep over this one — a WOWSER! I will give it a couple of weeks before I do my slow re-read. Loved Bella’s birthday party scene — and that they went back to the party!!! This story was really rich in character — but I have only one little question for Nora, which she, of course, is free to ignore. Could we please have victims we don’t really like instead of ones we regret and, silly though it is, feel grief for and for their families?
    Loved the interactions with Lowenbaum — he’s a great character — and looking forward to Eve’s interactions with her new technology!
    Probably a lot more after the re-read — can’t pay too much attention to some details while racing to the next page! Fascinating that in Nora’s books the pages “seem to turn themselves!”

  24. It was waiting for me yesterday when I got home from work and I finished it this afternoon at 2. Loved it. Feel sorry for Willow’s mom tho’. New member of the family Shelby will be a good one. Is there anywhere I can get a list of all of Eve’s squad members with 1st and last names?

  25. I just got the new book today, and once again the shower temperature thing arises. What is it with this? If it’s the Celcius scale, 100 degrees is the boiling point of water–which is roughly equivalent to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, no one can take exposure to boiling water w/o 3rd degree burns, and 100 degrees Fahrenheit isn’t even the temp of a good hot tub! Soaking pools are AT LEAST 110 degrees. So why is everyone always commenting on how *hot* Eve likes her water? She’s never been parboiled that I know of, and 101 F is barely over blood heat. Would someone please explain this to me? (or the editors???)

    1. 104º is about the maximum for hot tubs. 101º is too hot for me. I keep my hot tub on 99-100º and no one complains that it’s not hot enough.

  26. Loved seeing that Eve’s grown enough that she puts on the hat, gloves and scarf without being told to – shows strength and a great sense of self. Of course Galahad’s story made the rounds in the cop shop – cops are notorious for gossip, at least any I’ve ever known. The person who asked JDR not to kill off nice people needs to realize that is life – very few people aren’t mourned by someone somewhere. Bella’s party was great, and a total hoot, but for me the best part was Eve electing to go back voluntarily. Hers’ and Roarke’s personal growth have been a huge part of what keeps me coming back for more of the story. My favorite quote was early in the story:

    “You and Roarke can play with all the shoot-it, stab-it and blow-the-crap-out-of-it toys later. Right now….” Thanks Nora, for a great laugh and for a most excellent book.

  27. Just finished this latest masterpiece and thoroughly enjoyed it but there was one thing missing, in my opinion……I kept waiting for Eve to realize that Willow would have somehow been the one who pushed Susanne into traffic. It never came to light, that was a very big omission by Nora as it would have fit Williw’s profile perfectly!

    1. I wondered the same but I guess the timing meant she was in school. And she might not have known about the doctor appt
      I think she probably would have done something eventually but she was probably thinking she lucked out. Still, willow is creepy scary for sure.

    2. I thought it was going to come to light that she was responsible for her death too. Yes, she was pretending to like her, but Susanne took all her dad’s attention from Willow so naturally she would have to go, plus Susanne was going to give him the son he always wanted so he would have no use for Willow once he had his precious son!

        1. I don’t let plot twists slip by me. Having Willow cause Susann’s death didn’t fit the structure or the core theme.

          It was an accident, and that was the point. For me, as the writer, a really major point as it was an accident used as an excuse to kill dozens and dozens of innocent people.

          An accident with witnesses. Witnesses who saw Susann run into the street–not get pushed into it, not stumble into it, but run into it.

          If anyone was to blame, it was Susann for being careless. She wasn’t a victim, but careless and flighty.

          And that, imo, equals more impact.

          1. Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend with my comments. You obviously know what you’re doing when you write a story! ? It just seemed like it was the obvious direction for Willow to have gone in when Susanne became pregnant and I was surprised when it didn’t go there.

    3. Linda, I was thinking she had to have done it, too, but they did re-creation and everything involved. The explanation of how it must have happened made sense to me.

        1. I admit, I never thought about Willow killing Susanne at that point, but I figured if Susanne hadn’t been killed, Willow would have killed her & the youngling once she realized how much of her father’s attention was pulled away, esp after the birth of the son he’d always wanted. Definitely a little self-focused. Glad we don’t have to worry about her again! (unless they have a major breakout at Omega, & she & that psychotic little girl manage to get back to Earth!)

      1. Obvious directions aren’t twists. When I considered it, because it was obvious, I discarded it as it lowered the impact. I think about these things quite a bit.

        1. Good point! The obvious isn’t a twist. Maybe I’m just a little miffed that I wasn’t able to guess the direction of it. ?

          1. Good point! The obvious isn’t a twist. Maybe I’m just a little miffed that I wasn’t able to guess the direction of it. ? But also (just one more thought then I’m done, promise) it was a little bit of a disappointment – I had a few scenes in mind and was so looking forward to them, the scene where Dallas was the one to figure out that Willow had somehow caused Susann to run out into the street causing her death and the scene where Dallas lays that on Willow’s father thereby causing him to realize just what his daughter truly was and that his rationale for all that revenge had gone up in smoke. He would have seen her betrayal and that would have been worse for him to live with than the prison time.

          2. Linda, if you try to write the book, play out potential scenes in your mind, you’re always going to be disappointed because I’m writing it.

            It might be more satisfying to just go along for the ride.

          3. You’re right of course and I do, I’ve read most of your books and all of the Eve Dallas ones and I always do enjoy the ride! I only wish someone would turn Eve and Roark into an onscreen movie couple. Maybe some day someone will.

          4. It might end up like the Stephanie Plum movie. I thought it was very good but most people thought the books were better.
            I’m not sure it could be better than the reel inside my brain.
            Route,is so well written, there couldn’t be a real man to compare. Lol

          5. You may be right about that, both those rolls would be hard to caste correctly! I used to see Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo in the roles but now they would both be a little too old for the parts. ?

          6. Linda J. I totally agree with you on Pierce Brosnan to play Roarke – too bad he’s 30+ years too old. I think the actress who plays Rizolli on Rizolli and Isles would make a great Eve.

    4. I agree. With all of the venom Willow was carrying for all human kind, it would seem like something she would do.

  28. Oh boy, I love my library. As soon as it came up on the catalogue I requested it in regular book form then it came up on the digital step and I requested it there. A few days later it came up again in large print and cd. I put my name on the list for LP also. I had to cover my bases.
    I would have preferred the LP but the regular print version was on the holds shelf Tuesday! I just finished. Now I will read the kindle book when it comes up probably in a week or so.
    Dallas never disappoints. I liked the line about hold your water and her saying why not just say what you mean.[paraphrased]
    And of course, little Bella “Cak Cak Cak. Lol
    If I new how to do one of those timers like Rothstein, I would use it for Echoes. Ggrr [sigh]

  29. As a huge science fiction nerd, the laser rifle struck me wrong from the start. It seemed to me that she took the attributes of a modern sniper rifle and just relabeled it as a laser rifle. Talking about the sniper adjusting for the time to impact was especially jarring.

    But other than that I loved the story, as usual.

  30. Just finished and let me say…WOW! I didn’t expect to like this book as much as I did. I’m not really a fan of tactical and sniper type stories, but this one? Oh yeah, it was excellent. Willow is such a dark character and she’s so psychologically twisted. The scariest part of this? There are probably real people in our world who are like her. On the lighter side, I loved Bella’s reaction to her gift from Roarke and Dallas. It gave me goosebumps and made me cry a little. Thank you for all you do.

  31. I find myself crying as I read the stories of the victims. So well written with an edge to Dallas much fiercer than usual. Can’t wait to get more into the story.

  32. loved loved loved this book again a fantastic story that although heavy had so many light touches to balance really love the summerset/roarke pull and tug at the concert and of course bella’s birthday laughed till i cried at the opening of the present and her reaction with her friend more more more well done nora

  33. How does Nora do it? Over 40 books. Has there ever been such a successful series? The writing is strong in every one and I bow down to her ability to keep us invested in a couple after 40+ books. Thank you Nora, from the bottom of my book loving heart.

    Giggle moment for me? When Roarke was pleased to be doing more than one B&E on the same day. He just tickles me when he fondly remembers his less than legal days.

  34. I really enjoyed this one. One of the best parts for me is getting a quick peek at people from previous books. Dallas’s circle has certainly grown and it’s nice to know they are doing well when they pop up here and there. Thank you for another great read. Looking forward to February and the next installment.

  35. Finished Apprentice in Death – way to go all policemen – our heroes!!! I really enjoyed that the Commander now wants a DLE after his ride with Eve, heehee. I enjoyed the action and even enjoyed the decorating decisions – I want to see that new bed with the Celtic designs. Sounds amazing. I teared up after Bella’s gift when she hugged Das and said Ove you – and then invited her friend to play with her. Thank you for the action, the drama, the humor, and the tender moments with all the characters. Best of luck in all things.

    1. Ditto on all that. I love when she finds out Rourke named coffee after her and bought an ice cream shop in her name???☕?

  36. Willow is a scary kid . Just imagine she and Raylene get together wherever they are , 2 evil kids get their head together and planning some revenge against Eve .

    1. Yes, a lot of similarities between those two characters. I thought of Raylene as soon as we started learning Willow’s true nature, lol

      1. I think they are so alike they couldn’t get along. They would constantly compete to see who could cause the most damage to those in their way or who offended them

  37. Just finished Apprentice this morning. What a GREAT read!!!! Enjoyed every chapter, every word. Loved the fast past manhunt, but literally everything series fans could possibly want in this book is here! So many previous story-line details have been included I can’t mention just one. THANK YOU NORA!!!
    Looking forward to Echoes!

  38. Another great Dallas adventure! I have to say I enjoyed all the parts that everyone else has mentioned, but one of my favorite parts, which no one else has mentioned, was the scene where Eve is interviewing Susanne’s boss. I don’t know if it was what she was saying or the way Susan Erickson read it but she was hysterical, had me laughing out loud the way she was crying and whining about how she had to write Susanne up a lot!

  39. Where was Peabody? I didn’t love this book as much as I usually do. Eve seemed more sanctimonious than was necessary.
    I am wondering if Peabody will be phased out in favor of the new uniform who was featured. I would hate that, because I feel Peabody has yet to Mature into a detective who can be on her own.

    There were some nice touches, but not one of my favorites.

    1. I agree, Eve wasn’t as likable in this one and Peabody was barely in it, it was the Eve Show and while I think it was a great read it did suffer because of it.

      1. You don’t see everybody you know everyday, do you? We didn’t see Charles or Louise either but I’m sure they’ll be back

        1. Peabody is the partner. She was off canvas for almost the entire book, and had virtually no part whatsoever in solving the mystery and in investigating. I’ve been noticing this in the last couple books, and that despite the fact that Eve is such a great teacher, Peabody still almost never has a clue and is almost always surprised when Eve starts figuring things out. I would like to see Peabody come into a bit of her own.

          1. While we have been reading the series for somewhere around 21 years, time within the series passes much slower. Only about 3 years have elapsed between the first book and the current. I wouldn’t expect Peabody to be on a par with Dallas at this point. She’s only had her shield a couple of years at this point. Added to that, she isn’t cut from the same cloth as Eve. She’s a good cop, certainly, and she’s earning her chops. But Peabody had an identity prior to and aside from the job. The job is what ultimately gave Eve her identity, so it’s different for her. We’ve watched each of the characters evolve as the series has progressed, even peripheral characters like Dickie Berenski have grown and changed. Peabody will “come into her own” if and when the time is right. Nora writes the stories. She has to go in the direction her characters take her. And, for that reason, the plots and characters aren’t always going to make sense to us at that moment. But Nora rarely ever leaves a storyline or event dangling, and when she does, it’s for good reason. As readers, it’s our job to read the story and enjoy it…. Or not. But it’s not our job to try to convince the writer to take their characters in a direction that is contrary to their vision. But that’s just my own humble opinion….

          2. I don’t think anyone is telling her how to write the story, just voicing opinions and observations.

            You bring up a great point though in that time isn’t progressing in real time which is something I always forget.

          3. Sonia, I agree, no one is trying to tell her how to write the stories, just making observations and voicing opinions – I assumed that was the purpose of creating this kind of forum in the first place – if we all should only read it and enjoy it, then why even come up with something like this forum? Much praise and many compliments given to the author, and rightly so, well deserved, but I don’t see anything wrong with sharing opinions and making observations that might have a slightly less gushing tone to them. Isn’t that just being honest?

          4. That part of my comment was basically a blanket statement. There were a couple of posts above where it was asserted that Nora “missed a plot twist” or some such nonsense. And I agree, that it is easy to forget that sometimes as little as a few days pass in between books. But, thankfully, it does pass slowly, or else Eve would be nearing retirement age by now! And that just wouldn’t do, because I am addicted to my twice-yearly dose of Dallas!

          5. I understand the timeline. I have read these books many many times. Nora Roberts has been my favorite author since the late eighties comma when I first started reading adult books.

            While I totally agree that Peabody can’t be the cop that even more should she be, I still maintain that after working with her for almost 3 years she should be a little more astute than she is. I would never want Peabody to actually be another Eve, because then she wouldn’t be Peabody. However, my opinion is still that it seems like people shouldn’t always be so completely far behind Eve. What actually spawned this comment initially, as I previously stated, concern that officer Shelby might take Peabody spot and we may not get to see her grow more. I really like to shop character, and the canvas has to grow in order to keep the series fresh, but again I was stating my opinion that I would like to see Peabody start to be more of a partner and not relegated to the back burner.

          6. I’ll add this to my much longer comment at the end of the current thread.

            Peabody has been Eve’s partner for a bit more than a year in book time. Before that she was in uniform–plucked basically off the beat by Eve, brought into homicide to be her aide.

            Peabody is in her 20s. Eve’s in her 30s. Eve’s been a cop for a dozen years–and a boss for the last few of them. Peabody’s been a cop for less than half that time and earned her gold shield only a little more than a year ago.

            She certain has more than a clue, and had a vital part in working this case. If she hadn’t taken on some of the necessary routine and often tedious cop work, the team–as it was absolutely teamwork in this case–wouldn’t have taken down the killer.

            Do recall Peabody literally crawling through the smoke to try to help her partner, to do her job during the takedown? To me, that’s the mark of a damn good cop.

            I’m pretty sure Eve would disagree with you, and tell you with some pride, Peabody’s already come into her own in a lot of ways.

    2. Peabody isn’t going to be phased out. Naturally, not every book in the series will be one of every readers’ favorites.

      1. I am happy to hear that, even with the few items I didn’t enjoy, I found it to be a great story.

      2. Apprentice was again, masterful…Besides your remarkable skill as a writer…Your genius is so evident when we readers can see how your characters grow, advance and mature from book to book.
        Eve and Roarke’s relationship has deepened and means more and more to them and to their friends/family with each new “…in Death”. IMHO this is one of your greatest talents…along with how I can laugh out loud at Eve’s turns of phrase (and one digression back to Brotherhood…when Eve and Peabody entered the doll room…I can SEE it, and feel the same way) and how Roarke finds her logic endlessly fascinating. Can hardly wait until Feb…and Echoes.

  40. Got it yesterday and finished this morning. Great read and fast paced. I love the fact that Willow wasn’t looked at as a victim, children can very cruel so seeing that was refreshing.

    I do have a question/gripe, I have noticed that Eve increasingly has issues understanding and/or using idioms. I may be wrong but I don’t remember this happening until recently and I just find it out of character. She’s not a foreign speaker, she grew up speaking and listening to English speakers and would have come across many of these idioms even in foster care. Why the change? I feel it dumbs her down rather than adding comedic relief.

    1. She’s had that quirk throughout the series. And my opinion is that she does it more as a “where did these crazy expressions come from” than an actual, “I don’t get it.”

      1. Hmm maybe I just missed it but I honestly don’t remember it. And I have noticed both, the where does it come from and then others she gets wrong and has to be corrected to say the right one, that to me is the “I don’t get it ones”

    2. Roarke addressed this in one of the books, but I cannot recall which one. He basically got you to admit that a lot of the times she just does that on purpose for fun.

      1. Oh ok I seriously don’t recall the quirk until the last 10 or so books so I am actually going back and re-reading again because I wonder what else I have missed!

        1. Remember, also, that Eve didn’t grow up in a normal household for any length of time where she would have heard these sayings. Or… she could be like my brother was as a kid and get things mixed up, as in “Ah, now the shoe’s on the other horse!”

  41. There were a couple of things during the book that I wanted an answer to: one of which was what happened to the woman Summerset was working on who rushed back in to surgery? Since the body count never went up after that, I assume she made it. I have a soft spot for him and I think it would have mattered a lot to him whether she made it.

    1. As I wrote the book more than a year ago, I may be hazy on some small details, but I believe I had Eve find out about the woman Summerset was treating when she and Roarke arrive on scene. Just a quick line in there.

      1. I find it amazing that after a year, you can remember that much. I know these books so well because in addition to my hard copies, I have all of them on my nook on my phone. I usually only have 5-10 minutes to read unless I plan in time for a new book. This series is my “revolving read” for those quick snatches. The fascination stems from the wonderful character development, plus the combo of my three favorite genres.

  42. A couple of comments from this end. At first I thought Willow might have been behind the stepmother’s accident too. But as the story unfolded and it was pretty clear she was a nice lady but really ditzy, it seemed less likely Willow was responsible and more likely it was a genuine accident. Then when the attorney friend told about the pro bono work I thought jeesh Mackie was killing people who tried to help him – what a jerk. And at that point (at least for me) Willow not having anything to do with her stepmother’s accident made more sense to me.

    Next thought, I really enjoy how these characters and their relationships have evolved over time. Sometimes I have to just virtually hug Eve or Roark or Peabody or Mavis or . . . . . . well, you get the idea. I like the series for a lot of reasons not the least of which is I feel like I get to catch up with old friends twice a year. Anyone else feel that way?

    1. I love catching up with with the fam its like a reunion and I get to find out how everyone is doing and though its been only a few weeks in the storyline it is still fun. I enjoy seeing what serial killer is on deck in each one.

  43. I just read all the comments by people who had completed Apprentice. What’s amazing is how involved we all have become in these characters. How much they’ve touched our hearts and minds.
    Probably has had her gold shield only a little more than a year. She has still a lot to learn, before she can be in charge of an investigation of this level, but that’s to be expected. Her upbringing left her with the belief in the goodness of people. Eve has put holes in that over the last 2 years, but she still has that underlying softness that Ece has never had, since she woke up in the hospital in Dallas.
    Several people mentioned the “Idiom” thing. Eve, like myself, is very literal. Spoken words needs to make sense or you can see why the expression is used. I HATE idioms &I am not a dumb woman! Many make no sense. When my granddaughter waa about 4yrs old, she too was bothered by Indians. I found a series of amusing childrens books on idioms, and when you saw a picture of what the expression literally meant, you could see why kids, are confused or even scared sometimes. I think Eve is pointing out they make no sense to her and why don’t people just say what they mean.
    Bella Eve’s birthday party was so beautifully written. Her greeting them, then later the gift reveal and her thanking them, had my crying. Nora’s love and connection to her grandchildren showed in every line!
    I’ve completed my re-read , but sometime this week I will skim the book looking for and marking with post-it tabs, sections I like to re-read by themselves.

  44. Let me express an opinion of my own. There’s nothing wrong, at all, with finding a book or some part of a book didn’t work for you as a reader. Nothing wrong, at all, with expressing what and why something didn’t work for you.

    That’s entirely different than saying the writer should have written it this way, or done this instead of that, or opining the writer made a mistake because he or she didn’t follow the storyline the way the particular reader wanted or imagined.

    If and when a reader expresses an opinion on what and how I should’ve written a story or an element therein, either Laura or I will likely respond–politely and as clearly as possible. It seems to me if a reader feels free to suggest how I should write a story, I should be free to tell them why that’s not the case.

    While we hope this forum provides a happy space, no one expects or demands nothing but praise and raves and hugs and kisses.

    1. Thank you, Nora, for so eloquently expressing the point I was trying to make. I had considered making a follow-up comment in an attempt to be more concise, but it appeared a donnybrook might be brewing, so I backed off. There have been times, through the years, when plotlines—by other writers as well— didn’t head in the direction I thought they would or wanted them to go. But, in almost all cases, especially with trilogies and series, the end result came together perfectly. For example, I was rooting—for a brief moment—for Eve and Roarke to foster or adopt Nixie. But seeing how Nixie helped Richard and Elizabeth heal, and vice versa, made me glad that they didn’t! And the resulting effect on Eve, the connection and relationship with Nixie, paved the way for her to be able to open her heart to Bella. Sometimes we don’t like or see the reason why storylines go in the direction that they do, but we just have to trust that the writer knows the characters much more intimately than we do, and that the story and characters will go in the direction they’re meant to.

    2. I am assuming this is more towards the plot line regarding Willow not killing her stepmother? I haven’t voiced my opinion on that but I preferred it that way as it relates to to her dad. Often times there isn’t anyone to blame except maybe the victim themselves. However, a death can touch someone so deeply that they can’t accept that so they look to spread the blame where there is none and that’s what I feel happened to Mack. He couldn’t accept that she was the cause of the accident because then he would have no one to take his anger out on. If Willow had killed her then I feel that he would have cause to be angry, she was murdered, but an accident makes everything else that much more tragic.

    3. Nora, well stated, thank you for the clarification and I apologize for the way I originally phrased my opinion about Willow not being the cause of Susann’s death. 🙂

  45. Well said Alicia and Nora. I think too sometimes some readers get so involved in all the characters they forget who the main character is. The story is about, at the core, Eve and as she is the center of the series it would not feel right to have Peabody surpass Dallas and be the better cop. I would lose interest fast if Peabody started solving the cases and Dallas was relegated to observer and “helper” in this. Plus as many have said, time-wise Peabody has not been a detective that long and for that matter has not been a cop that long so she is still learning.

  46. Boy, oh boy. Let me address other matters before this gets out of hand.

    In this book Eve enlists other members of her squad to search for the sniper’s nest. They have a lot of ground to cover. She actually gives Peabody the autonomy to do this on her own–which seems to me to say Eve considers Peabody a very capable detective. As Eve is the central character, and there is limited space and no NEED to show Peabody’s steps, we see Eve’s. But the point is Eve has her partner off doing exactly what she herself is doing, not just tagging with her.

    She also regularly–in this book and others–gives Peabody solo assignments, doing runs, checking alibis, talking to witnesses.

    So I fail to see why anyone would consider I as the writer, or Eve as the character, perceives Peabody as under-developed as a detective. I feel pretty precisely the opposite as both I and the character of Eve trust Peabody to carry out her duties and assignments without anyone looking over her shoulder. And three years ago, in book time, she was in uniform. I think she’s come a long way.

    And still, EVE is the central character. Peabody gets more page time than any other character but Roarke in most books, because she’s Eve’s partner. But there will be books where she doesn’t get as much, books when she gets more.

    Because–as I seem to need to point out routinely–it all depends on the storyline. All depends on that.

    And readers may be unhappy or dissatisfied with a book or parts of it–that’s the reality of being a writer. But readers WILL be unhappy and dissatisfied if they go into a book or come out of it having decided the writer just isn’t doing it their way, or the way they wish.

    Conversely, those same readers may be delighted and more than satisfied with another book where it happened the storyline and elements therein met their particular wants–and other readers will be unhappy and dissatisfied because that same book didn’t meet theirs.

    A writer can’t win this one. Ever.

    So, I write and will continue to write, the books and characters as it works for me–because–for one reason– it’s simply not possible to write what will work for all readers. And for the other, most important reason? I must be happy and satisfied with what I write, or I’ll end up writing poorly.

    1. Brava, Nora! You have the gift not only of being such a prolific writer but of putting your readers into the stories and caring about your characters. . . I suspect that is why many of these same readers are expressing certain opinions. Thank you for sharing your gifts! By the way, I enjoy the blog as well and your obvious love for your family and friends.

    2. Nora, no disrespect was intended. My understanding was this would be a good forum in which to discuss and debate, which I don’t get a chance to do typically. Debate is part of the fun, for me at least. It looks like that’s not quite the vibe here, which is fine. I will always be a first day reader of your books, as I have been my entire adulthood.

      1. Debate about what? Seriously, you made statements about your feelings re how Peabody is being written/handled, and I explained–in some depth why I disagree. I even took the time to offer specifics.

        But debate? The book’s written, printed, published. It can’t be changed, and as I explained–again in some detail–I have to write the books and develop the characters as I see it and them–not as a particular reader sees them.

        Because, as I tried to explain, for every reader who thinks A, another reader thinks B. So I can’t write with a reader debating how I write.

        I’m sorry you don’t like how the character of Peabody is being developed or used, but I have to stay true to my vision of the series and the characters.

        Certainly, as I adore her character, I feel she’s turning into a pretty terrific detective, and has Eve’s respect.

        1. I thought the same thing Nora! There is nothing to debate, the book is written.

          This is a place to share how you felt about the book or parts of the book whether they are positive comments or not. Nora is gracious in that she doesn’t sensor our conversation when we say we don’t like parts of the book.

          I am grateful for Nora (and Laura) responding to questions when people are not clear about something but debating about what should and shouldn’t be in a book or how it should be written by someone else is in my opinion rude.

    3. I’ve never read anything that makes me think that Peabody isn’t valued, liked and, frankly, loved by Eve…I think they are almost like sisters…the older one forging the way…yet teaching and clarifying and mentoring and encouraging the “younger” one…I love their dynamic…maybe because I have a younger sister who I love, encourage and often despair of when she gets too self-deprecating.
      I can only throw bouquets…

    4. Wasn’t that covered in Celebrity in Death when Katie had that same reaction playing the part of Peabody?

  47. Just finished the book . It’s a pleasant surprise to see Crack again . Really like that guy . A touching moment when Bella said love you to Eve , melt my heart .

  48. Great…. kudos to Nora. I also had to reread earlier books. Looking forward to echo…do we have a title for the finished on vacation? Wonder if the publisher change will influence e availability? Keep up the good work!

  49. I have a question for Nora/Laura regarding the bed Roarke bought for the new bedroom remodel. What was the significance of the bed or what made Roarke buy it (besides the Celtic designs)? I understood the story behind it but it really didn’t relate to Eve and Roarke in the sense that they didn’t start out as friends then fall in love like the original owner. I am not in any way criticizing or saying it should have been written another way, just trying understand the meaning behind it as sometimes I misinterpret them,lol

    1. He bought it because it’s beautiful, and has a romantic story attached–which leads to it being a lucky bed for lovers.

      It’s just that simple.

      I really think readers often overthink when they’re really invested in characters, and hunt for deeper meanings when it’s usually fairly simple.

      Beautiful bed, lovely legeng, luck.


      1. Thank you for replying so quickly and in my case I definitely tend to overtone on more than just books! Lol

  50. Ms. Roberts ,I just want to say that I have read several of the books in this series and have liked them all.But I LOVED this one ! I couldn’t wait to tell you how awesome I thought this book was. I admire your talent very much. After the whole scene at Bella’s birthday party, i began to think what if in 17-20 years Bella follows in Eve’s footsteps (becoming a police officer/ detective) and ends up tracking down Raylene and Willow after their inevitable escape from Riekers. My reasoning for that is , you portrayed her as being very astute for a 1 year old. I will wait and see what you do next. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world 🙂

  51. Nora/JD I loved this book, the pace, storyline and characters were perfect in my humble opinion. I read the book over a few evenings trying to draw out the experience, since the next new book isn’t out until February.

    I endeavor to read the books for pure enjoyment and with the mindset to take the book as it comes. I don’t develop opinions as to how the plot lines should flow. I’m not the author and I have no standing to dictate to the author how to write the book.

    For all that have expressed their negative comments about plot direction. Get over yourself, making multiple comments about your opinion on plot or character development is insulting to our wonderful author Nora Roberts/JD Robb.

    Anxiously awaiting February for Echoes. Nora I loved all of your comments in the discussion stream. I am glad that there were no comments on Eve and Roarke having a child. Perhaps the last Nora statement on the child issue has finally stopped those comments.

    1. Jean, seriously?
      “For all that have expressed their negative comments about plot direction. Get over yourself, making multiple comments about your opinion on plot or character development is insulting to our wonderful author Nora Roberts/JD Robb.”.

      So, what you’re really saying is that this forum was created for positive comments only? I originally worded my opinion in a poorly chosen way, in an unnecessarily challenging tone, and have since apologized for it. However, it still is my opinion and shouldn’t just be dismissed out of hand as having no merit. (Likewise with some comments from others that might not meet your approval for a complimentary tone.) People are all different, with varying thoughts and ideas on all manner of things. There’s no question that Nora has a huge amount of talent and is one of the best writers out there, but…. She’s just a human being like the rest of us and though she deserves admiration for her talent, she doesn’t deserve worship! No human being does, so maybe you should wipe the brown off your nose and let people have the liberty of voicing their opinions, even though they might not be up to your standards for approval!

      1. I think maybe you need to step back and take a breath.

        You did apologize for your wording, and I appreciate it. It does seem you might be a bit annoyed, however, as your response here was pretty over-the top. Worship, brown nosing? The key words I took away from the response you object to was ‘multiple times’.

        Some readers claim they’re just expressing an opinion when, in reality they’re complaining some aspect in a book didn’t suit their particular wants or individual expectations. Often if another reader or the writer herself points this out, the first reader restates their complaint (making it multiple) and often proceeds to explain to the writer why she should have written the book, the scene, the character in another way.

        This goes beyond opinion, in MY opinion, and ekes over to telling someone how to do their job.

        Which is why I suggested before, and will again, it might be more enjoyable just to go along for the ride.

        I’d like to add, to all, that while it’s lovely when readers enjoy a book and take the time to say so, and it’s understandable when a book doesn’t hit all the notes—or any of them for a particular reader–it’s still a story, and the story comes from the writer. It just doesn’t come from the readers. It can’t.
        So maybe anyone who’s upset could take that step back, try to remember the purpose of this blog is for enjoyment and community. And the books I write are meant for entertainment and, hopefully, enjoyment.

        1. Ok, breath taken…..I feel calm and will make one last attempt to clarify and explain ? Then I’m out.
          First of all, and you may not believe this but it’s the truth, I never felt that I was trying to tell you how to do your job. Now, it may have come across that way but that was never my intention, just my lack of skill in expressing my thoughts in a clear manner. Second, I made multiple comments because I felt I was being misunderstood and my intentions misjudged so I felt that I needed to try and clarify what I was so poorly saying. This obviously didn’t work but the attempt was made. And finally, I don’t think my response to Jean was over the top, I do feel that she was wandering into the hero-worship zone and doing a little brown nosing, which I felt justified in calling her on since she felt it was ok to use the phrase “get over yourselves” aimed myself and a few others on this forum. (And by the way, I think that may be what the “multiple comments” referred to, multiple people making them.) it was never my intention to hijack this forum with negative comments and I’m sorry it was perceived that way. I have read very close to all of your books, except perhaps a few of the earliest ones and have loved every one of them, including this latest one! I do read them with pure pleasure and just go along for the ride each and every time! I have never before even had a passing thought of, “oh, I wish she had written that this or that way instead”, never before in any of your stories has that happened. I mistakenly thought feedback from your readers would be seen as a useful tool, not taken as someone trying to tell you how to write. I understand your explanation of why it was taken that way and don’t hold that against you, hence the apology, I didn’t think it through, didn’t word it well and didn’t have the necessary insight to know how it would sound to someone who has to deal with some very negative, nasty types on a regular basis I’m sure. I mistakenly thought this forum was a used as a feedback tool and a place for fans of your books to share all impressions and thoughts, both positive and not so positive. As I said, this was the first time I had anything even close to a negative about any of your books. I’ve learned my lesson and will keep those thoughts to myself going forward. I’m looking forward to your next book and Hope you keep writing new ones for many years to come so we can all enjoy them! Now I’m out.

  52. I love this book series. My husband, mom, and I all three read it, and when a new book comes out we all read it immediately. We love to share our theories as the story plays out, and then discuss our favorite parts and characters.

    The most appealing aspect of this series to me is that no two cases are the same. I enjoyed the discussion of Willow’s age in this book, and how it influenced the actions and reactions of those involved in the case – whether they wanted it to be an influence or not. I work with juvenile delinquents in foster care, and I frequently see instances where someone cuts a kid a break because they’re young, and it comes back to bite later. I thought Apprentice addressed that struggle realistically.

    I loved, loved, loved the scene between Eve, Roarke, and Summerset after the Garden incident. Moved me to tears.

    And, well, I always love seeing some Baxter, just because I love me some David Baxter.

    Can’t wait for Echoes!

  53. I loved loved loved this book. I’ve been reading these books since college, and am currently on my 4th reread of the series. It never gets old. This book kept me on my toes the entire time (something I love about all of your books, Nora.. You never cease to find ways to surprise me!). I loved when you told willow to keep an eye out for Rayleen. So. Good. Made me want to stand up and cheer. Thank you for giving us two of these books to look forward to every year!!! ❤️

  54. I have read all of the books in this series. One thing I love is how Nora connects the storyline from book to book. She doesn’t retell Eve & Roarke’s past the same way each time. She works in pieces of it here & there to catch up a reader who started mid-series without dragging it out for readers who already know. It’s worked in so well that it’s still interesting to me, even though I know the whole back story. The cases themselves are always perfectly plotted out. Aside from the police work, I also enjoy just as much, if not more, the side stories about everyone’s personal lives. I think it’s just as important to relate to a book’s characters as it is to enjoy the storyline & find out “who done it”. I started reading this series years ago & just got back into it. I went back to the first book & I am now caught up in a matter of months. Waiting for the next book, I now know how my friends feel waiting for the next season of their favorite TV show! Come on February!!!

  55. What an awesome book! Favorite scenes were definitely Bella’s party, the Commander wanting a DLE, the new office, and of course Roarke’s fantasy. Lol. The plot, characters, everything was so well-written. But I have a question for Nora, what gives you the inspiration behind all of the technological advances in the books? I know it’s years into the future, but with the new iPhone updates and apple watches and tablets, I think it’s so cool you had this sort of technology in your books from the beginning! Kudos, Nora, all around xxx

  56. I’ve been a fan and reading your books since your days with Silhouette. I started reading the In Death series many many years ago on a recommendation from a friend, before it was announced that JD Robb was Nora Roberts. After all my years of reading Nora and JD, and them being my 2 favorite authors…finding out it was the same person was a real treat. Your talent, drive, imagination and dedication to your work are amazing. I loved this book just as it is. Can’t wait for the next one.

  57. Just a comment Roark bought the Boston Celtics & not the Knicks , Boston & NY have team rivalries . I would think being a New Yorker he would go for the Knicks being Irish he goes for theCeltics we could use some more Celtic Champion Banners in the newBoston Garden

  58. I enjoyed Apprentice in Death the most of recent ID books, and really appreciate Zoe Younger’s comment about wanting to work: “I loved my baby, but I needed to be a person as well as a mother, a wife.” Yes, yes, a thousand times Yes!!!

    And I’ve always loved the concept of a professional mother. So smart (don’t some Scandinavian countries have something like this already?)

  59. Does anyone else think we will find out eve is pregnant in the next book (echos in death #44)? She said a few times in Apprentice that she felt off, she cried during sex, and had all those warm and fuzzy thoughts about bella and nature/nurture stuff at the party. Made me think a baby might be on the way…

    1. I thought this as well, glad to see otherwise! ! I just finished the book and was noticing the potential signs too

  60. I loved the book. Being a Who Done It fan forever, i try to figure it out as i read. And many times my first impressions of Who Done It are wrong and change during the reading. Willow did’nt push her stepmother, but she pushed her father to begin the killings. So she was worse than i thought. I also like the research about the weapons used and i think it enriches the story. I will be waiting for the next book and all the ones after.

  61. Finished the book around 1 am last night & loved it. Although we knew who the killers were it didn’t take away from the story in any way. Thanks Nora for another winner. As others have said, I don’t know were you get your ideas but keep the books coming please.

  62. I have re-read the book in its entirety 3× and skipped around to sections I really, really liked (the 2 takedowns, Eve’s discovery of her new command center, Bella Eve’s birthday gift Thank You to Eve and Roarke.
    As Nora and Laura stated several times, EVE is the star of the books, Roarke slightly less, and everyone else supporting characters! I have been reading these books 21 years, since the very first one. Sometimes you forget that in book time, it’s only 3 years and you’d wish the story had moved more. The last 3 books combined only cover the winter of 2060.
    Though I sometimes wish a supporting character had been given more face time, knowing 2 published authors well (my niece and one of my best friends), I know Nora has a plot line already planned for the next 10-20 books, or in her case… probably out to the end of the series. Different characters are given face-time depending if their talents or expertise are required to move the story along. I think Peabody has grown from her time as a uniform officer. Eve trained her and sees no reason to double-check her work or findings. She relys on her to hand out assignments to other detectives and the uniforms, bring them up to date on the latest developments, and Peabody has reported directly to Whitney, the status of a case. As a former Senior Director at the NYSE, the only way you can grow a person’s skills AND confidence, is to train them to the best of your combined ability, support them/back them up when they first start flying solo, then kick them out of the nest/their comfort zone and let them take responsibility for their actions, learn how to deal with the upper echelon, the press, their peers, your peers. Eve has done and is doing ALL this with Peabody. She’s overseeing Baxter’s bringing Trueheart along, gives him chance to broach his ideas or thoughts, doesn’t shut him down, neither does Baxter, who always gives his young partner credit for ideas or a new slant that he comes up with. That’s the sign of a good trainer. His ego isn’t so weak, he has to take credit for everything, even ideas his trainee originated.
    I think we fans are wrong to tell Nora how to write her books. We may see we had expected to see some character, or missed another. But to tell Nora she was wrong for not giving them face-time is wrong! She, her editor, maybe BW & Laura are the only ones who know where the overall plot line will lead us over the next 15 years or so. There’s a rhyme and reason for each character’s appearance or non-appearance. Yes, I would like to know how the romance between the IA guy and Roarke’s Chief of Police is going. But, would it have moved this story along? NO! So they didn’t appear. Same with Peabody’s parents, Roarke’s family, Mr. Mira, Morris’ healing, Trueheart and his girlfriend, even learn more about his mother, etc., bit none of these sub-plots would have moved the story along. Bringing Lowenbau from the Red Horse horror in, gave some insight to another character we only glancingly met in the other book. During the course of her work as a murder cop, Eve probably has contact with cops in every section of Cop Central and in other precincts as well. You never know where a murder may lead you.
    If any of you are upset about why, how, who Nora is writing, not writing about, maybe you need to step back and realize that these books are fiction, not true crime reports. I myself made an unflattering comments when New York to Dallas came out. Nora was kind enough to reply to my comments and put me in my place. I had actually forgotten that it wasn’t a true procedural, was set 50+ years in the future, and was fiction! I had gotten do caught up in my love of the characters, I had let my statement go overboard into being rude! That was wrong! We don’t have to worship at her feet, we all have our own opinions and are entitled to them. That doesn’t give us the right to be rude or crass.
    Thanks Nira for giving us another good read. Cannot wait until February 7, 2017 for the next book, my early birthday present. I already pre-ordered.

    1. Boy do I agree!!! I don’t think any fan has the right to tell Nora what to write — some people may like one story better than another — for instance, I’m happier when I don’t like the victim — but that doesn’t mean Nora shouldn’t write victims we will be sad about — (I really was sad when Catiana (sp?) Dubois was murdered by that horrible woman in Festive.) — It’s part of Nora’s magic that she makes her readers care so passionately about the characters in her books! What we readers have to remember is that they are characters born in her imagination, and only she can know what their lives and futures should be.
      Pre-ordered Echoes in June, and can hardly wait — it looks so good! I will lay one crime at Nora’s door — she is guilty of making me wish my life away!!! Roll on February!

  63. I’m waiting for the audio from my library ~ hopefully will get it very soon!

    In the meantime, I watched the JonBenet Ramsey report on TV and the first thing I thought was “if only Eve had been given that case, we’d know who killed that sweet little girl.” Eve is so real to me.

  64. I pre-ordered this book and waited almost impatiently for it. Once I got it, I couldn’t get enough! The books is brilliant and I read the whole thing in one week. I can’t wait for the next!

  65. Wow! Reading all these comments was almost as good as reading a book you wouldn’t want to put down. I loved the newest book, as usual, and can’t wait until Feb. I think I’ll go back as I can find time and read all the ‘discussions’ on the previous books. I think if they’re as lively as this one it will help me bide my time between books! Great book, Nora. Look forward to every one and never disappointed. My only problem is my sister so far behind in reading them I don’t get to discuss and them as soon as I’d like. PLEASE NEVER STOP!

  66. The only thing I didn’t care for in this book is that we find out “who dunnit” early on in the book. Other than that, up to par for a J.D. Robb book and enjoyed it very much.

    1. To me, one of the things I enjoy is sometimes it’s the who, and it’s always the final capture…both are always well crafted.

  67. Finished Apprentice yesterday. It was hard to put down, but I forced myself to take it slowly and read every word! So good. What an amazing writer you are Nora. You bring every character and scene to life so vividly I feel I am watching a movie, not reading. As to some of the comments here, I am gobsmacked, especially at the suggestion that Willow should have pushed Susann into traffic! No, of course not. How clever of Nora to make what was a careless action by a character the reason for murder! Looking forward to the next JD Robb!

  68. Great, great story! Anyone else bawl like a baby over Bella’s reaction to her doll house?? So sweet!!

  69. It’s 1:42 am-just finished the book-in 1 sitting. Every few years I start with Naked and work my way through the series because the characters are just so fantastic. This latest installment is certainly no different. Love these people like family. My only complaint is that I have to work tomorrow (later today!) and won’t be able to re-read until tomorrow night! Thanks for another great story Nora, looks like it’s back to Naked for me!

  70. I am constantly fascinated that even after 40 books Nora is able to come up with unique plots and character development in each book. I’m really glad that I re-read the entire series (in order) before this book came out. It made it easier to “fall” into the story as if no time had passed.

    Willow and Rayleen: two psychopaths that Eve has encountered roughly one year apart. It always makes her wonder if her life could’ve gone another way. Mira has always debated with Eve about nurture vs nature or a combination of both. The first time they discussed it in Rapture in Death, Eve didn’t like Mira’s response. Now she’s a lot more accepting of it.

    I did notice a typo in the hardcover, p75, where Eve refers to Peabody as “Officer”. It’s when they’re about to interview Marta Beck. My only thought was: Darn, can’t catch them all. ?

  71. It’s always amazing to me when I am on my third read of a book that my eye will finally notice an editing oops. Doesn’t take away any enjoyment of the story rather just surprises me that I didn’t notice it previously. When Eve and Peabody first go to Dr. Michaelson’s office, Eve introduces Peabody as “Officer.”. Then a page later as “Detective Peabody.”. Unless it was intentional as she is still an Officer of the Law in any case!

  72. Loved Apprentice in Death but I really tried to space it out so I could savour the story. So just finished it tonight and hubby asked me what will I read tomorrow lol. So I told him I had reread all the books in the lead up to the latest release so I guess I’ll start Apprentice again to pick up anything I had missed lol! Really love these books and can’t wait for the next one.

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  74. Please disregard my question about the relationship between ‘Nadine and Charlie’s. What a dummy. It’s Louise and Charles. And (I hope) they are still together.

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